How long do golf balls last

“The life of a Golf Ball” Imagine if nothing wears off until you lose them? Well, that is about what the good old saying goes for golf balls. The reason is that one keeps losing golf balls in the bushes, in the ponds or, among the trees. That pretty much defines the end of the […]

Best driver for 90 mph swing speed

Each year, there are many new drivers in the market given out by manufacturers and golf lovers. Every new product has better qualities and specifications. 90 mph is the mid-range swing speed that carries the distance of 200 to 240 yards, gives 10-12 degrees of loft and has a regular flex. The 90 mph swing […]

Best golf glove for sweaty hands

The primary reason why bikers, weightlifters and golfers wear gloves is grip. The fabric of the glove provides traction so much better than a bare hand. Besides a better grip, the gloves also protect the hands from calluses and provide warmth in the cold weather. A good quality glove also helps to keep the hands […]

Best Golf balls for 85mph swing speed

Golf balls play a significant role in putting your best game on the greens. It can improve or degrade the playing style of a golfer. Playing Golf requires a lot of accuracy, stability and of course skills. And with the right pieces of equipment, you get better control over your swing and target.Contrary to some […]

Best Golf Ball For Slice

The slice is a thing that many golfers encounter, even the most experienced ones. Some golfers are able to control the slice to direct the ball precisely where they need to. However, the slice is a mistake in most of the cases and should be dealt with.Picking the right golf ball for your round is […]

Best Cold Weather Golf Ball

A frosty weather would never scare off a dedicated golfer! Sure, golfing in the cold isn’t very pleasant, but it brings its own challenges. Needless to say, you need to dress warmer for a golf session on a cold day. However, there is something else that you could do to ensure an excellent play. A skilled golfer […]

Best Golf Grips for sweaty hands

To have and to own a golf club grip is a personal choice. People choose according to their own set of requirements, for what may seem comfortable to some may not necessarily be the same for others. Therefore, there are plenty of golfing grips available in the market today to help golfers with sweaty hands […]

Best golf ball for mid handicapper

If you are searching for a ball to help you go to the next level in terms of your playing skill, then it is important to search for the perfect ball. Many people try to spend their money on the most expensive golf clubs, especially when they are just starting out – but many forget […]

Best golf shafts for irons

Looking for a set of good iron shafts for your iron club head? Then maybe what we have here today will interest you! We have picked 3 sets to feature on our reviews of best golf shafts for irons. Each of them is quite unique, so maybe you’ll find something suitable for your play style. Shall we […]

Best Wedges For Average Golfer

There is no escape in owning a set of wedges if you are going to play golf.Irrespective of the golf course, one golf wedge is essential. It does not matter if youare a professional golfer or someone who is just trying to play. You need the right setof wedges to ace your shots. Below is our […]