How to Clean Golf Shoes

Golf is an interesting sport that allows you to stay in the fresh air and enjoy the game. It is not physically demanding, and that’s why many prefer this type of playing. Of course, the professional golf requires a lot of skills and appropriate physical condition, however, amateurs do not need all the skills if […]

How to Clean Golf Club Grips

Golf is a very popular sport all over the world. Professional golfers are sportsmen with the highest salaries and incomes. Tiger Woods, for example, has earned over 1,8 billion of US dollar in his career. However, he is not an exception. There are also Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and others, who have also made fortunes […]

How to Get Good at Golf Fast

Golf is definitely an interesting sport that many people love. It is popular all over the world, and professional games are highly beneficial when it comes to financing. In the materialistic world, it only boosts the popularity further because young people typically dream about richness and fame. Golf can provide all that, however, it is […]

How to become a scratch golfer

How to Become A Scratch Golfer Do you want to become a scratch golfer, but don’t know how to make it happen? In this post, we will help you to become one effectively. Becoming a scratch golfer means you want to be those players that play into all or any rated golf courses on a […]

How to organize clubs in golf bag

A golf bag is required for anyone who wants to play 18 holes. If you don’t properly organize golf clubs in the bag, your golf bag can get very confusing. If you ignore to organize your golf clubs correctly, your golf clubs can even get damaged by clinking into one another while you are carrying […]

How to load a golf bag

Organizing a golf bag is the key to lessen its weight. The best way to keep it simple is by removing all the unwanted things from your golf bag. All that you need to keep is only the essentials and keep some urgent handy supplies. A golf bag can get disorderly with 14 golf clubs; […]

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