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What to look for when buying a balance board for kids

This cute little, but yet powerful toy can be a very useful mean of education. It can teach your kids or even you two basic things: to keep you balance or how to fall. Both of them can be really useful throughout one’s lifetime. Therefore, you could buy one for your kid, but what should you know before you buy it.

Another thing, balance boards are not just for kids. They are widely used in fitness training for adults. Try one, it will definitely shake you up and change your idea about training and fitness. You should as well think about the fact that your kids will grow up, but it is not certain if they will ever be enough with this funny and useful thingy.

There are different kinds of balance boards based on the fact that the fulcrum is attached to the board and the possible moving direction (only two ways or 360) but of course it all depends on your children’s age. Spooner board has no real fulcrum; it’s just the board with a bulge on the bottom. It is recommended for children older than 24 months. Balance is essential for children’s development, but it can be neglected sometimes during education or schooling. If you start them young they will always love this and always return to it.Rocking see saw is recommended for kids older than 3. It has a fulcrum attached to the board and it goes only in two directions. Perhaps the most fun to play would be wobble board, a kind that has its fulcrum, that is in the hemispheric shape, attached to the board and tilts 360 all around. Fun and laughter will be inevitable when you put you kid on this one. It is also used during aerobics or fitness training, so it does not necessarily needs to be just a kid’s toy.

Other types are said to be for children older than 13 and adults. Of course if you are an adult and want to get on this thing be careful about weight limit. Each one has its limit. It may be funny when you fall after losing balance, but it definitely will not be funny if you fall because you broke it.

Rocker-roller balance boards are really something special. They come in two forms: with the attached fulcrum and separate fulcrum. They are meant for 13 and older. The fulcrum comes in the shape of cylindrical roller attached to the board and moves in two directions. Boards come mainly made from plastics, but they can be made of wood as well.

Another, not so pleasant, but when it comes useful purpose is as aid to physical therapy after injuries. Working on one’s muscles helps they get repaired faster and you can return to your daily routine.

As far as the design goes it is completely matter of your choice. From lively and colorful children’s designs to serious and complex drawings that can be interesting at any age.

One thing you should know since falling is included: if you buy one for your children you should definitely consult your pediatrician and the experts will recommend you the most suitable board for your kid.

What are the benefits for a balance board 

​A balance board or more commonly known as wobble board are level platforms, that are set on mostly semi-spheres, that require constant muscle involvement in order for one to balance on them. They are prominently used for improving circus dexterity, recreation or for fun, balance practicing, athletic training, therapy, etc. On top of all this, the balance boards are beneficial for kids to improve their stability and confidence with the addition of fun and fitness. This is also an excellent form of therapy for children, who are suffering from "sensory processing disorder".

The different senses in our body supply data like vision, audition, tactile, olfactory, taste, proprioception, vestibular system, which are needed for proper functioning of the body. The "sensory processing disorder" can be defined as the difficulty in organizing the sensations coming from different parts of the body and not able to supply appropriate responses to the requirements of surroundings or environments. Good motor skills and working of the brain hemispheres depend on the vestibular system to a large extent. Playing done on balance boards helps to stir and power up the vestibular system which is necessary for equilibrium, movements, balance and spacial orientation in kids. Balance boards are a fun and healthy way to help the young ones, improve their balance, coordination, and movements.

They are also advantageous in building and promoting a stronger muscle development, that are necessary for everyday task and stability. Balancing activities help to create neural connections in the brain which ultimately helps in efficient studying and helps in the overall improvement of academics. The working of most boards is simple. The user stands on a kind of plate which is positioned on to a fulcrum which makes the balance board unstable. To balance properly, the user needs to shift their body weight and respond accordingly. The height of the fulcrum varies for each board. Higher the fulcrum, the more difficult it becomes to balance. The goal with the board is to move, wobble, tilt, rotate and finally trigger the act of balancing. The boards which are designed for small kids, usually have a low fulcrum height.

The top 3 kid's balance board review's

Spooner Board Freestyle Review

Spooner Board Freestyle for Kids

If your kid is a firecracker, constantly running around, playing outside, and looking for adventures, they may just find a best friend in the Spooner Board Freestyle. Made of high-grade plastic, the 24-inch curved balance board for kids can be used on any surface, in any conditions. Take it out to grass, sand, or snow, or keep it at home and enjoy it on wood floors and even carpet! It’s perfect for training your child’s balance, coordination, stability, and core strength. For your future snowboarders, surfers, and skaters, The Spooner is a great start.

Multi-functional design is great for anything

The Spooner’s construction may seem plain, being only a board with no special parts, but it still packs a punch. The unique concaved design makes it very versatile and responsive; reacting to a child’s every movement. This allows them to spin, slide, dance, twirl, rock, and what-have-you all on one toy. Wannabe surfers can practice their stance and balance when trying to keep the board steady. Future skateboarders can practice their flips and jumps. And aspiring snowboarders can train their stability as they slide down slopes. But The Spooner is not just for your little athletes. Its fun shape is also great for little dancers who want to experience twirling, and for kids (and kids-at-heart) who simply want to have fun wherever they may be.

Built with solid construction

This balance board for kids may only be made of plastic, but it can take a beating. It is light to carry, but The Spooner is made of high-quality materials which ensure that they are durable and long lasting. After all, kids are going to be jumping on them constantly, running around with them, throwing them on the ground and riding them. The Spooner has proven that it can keep up with a child’s boundless energy and does not lose its shape or break even after use and abuse. It is also solid enough to carry the weight of adults without getting disfigured. That means that when the kids are done, there is no harm for you to jump on it too!

Rave reviews all around

A total of 112 reviews on Amazon, 57% of which gave 5-star ratings, are proof of The Spooner’s success. An average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars show customer satisfaction and, ultimately, result in really happy kids everywhere. While it still has 1 and 2-star reviews, it is nothing more than 10% of the total, with 4 to 5-star reviews totaling 78% of the consumers. Some of the nay-sayers were disappointed that it didn’t captivate their kids more, stating that their kids played with it for a few hours then quickly forgot about it. Some also said that it didn’t work as well on some surfaces, and ultimately didn’t provide a smooth ride. Majority of the comments however were all for The Spooner. Many parents raved that their kids couldn’t be taken off the thing, spending hours on it jumping, spinning, and sliding, and having the time of their lives.


In the end, this seemingly simple toy provides a rich variation of activities for children. It is versatile and can be enjoyed virtually anywhere and anytime. It is also a great way to keep kids active indoors when the weather doesn’t permit playing outside. Not only does The Spooner help develop a child physically through core-strengthening and muscle training, but ultimately encourages them to use their imagination in dreaming of the possibilities.

Revolution 101 Balanced Board Trainer Review

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer Review

Ever wanted to show off skills in boardsports? Perhaps, want to flaunt a better and sexier you? Or rather, want to train for your next athletic competition? Never worry! Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer has got it all for you! With sleek details carefully designed to match your certain needs, Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer would just be the right balance board for you!

Whether new with this equipment or not, Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer can cater your every need. You have the most trusted name in the balance board industry to bring you the latest in technology to better equip you with the essentials of boardsports, fitness and athletics. Let us see more closely what else can the balance board offer you.

State of the Art Quality Finish and Design

​Balance Boards have been an essential tool for fitness enthusiasts, boardsports fans, and even professional athletes. With its numerous benefits and advantage, Balance boards operates in a simple mechanism. The see saw would probably comes first right into your mind. With that simple trick, balance boards can give you the hang of a number of circus skills and have been said to bring a lot of development and training, not only for the physical body but also with the mental health. The balance board usually works by keeping both ends balanced through on top of a fulcrum that also comes in different sizes and shapes. That is where the high quality finish and sleek design of the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer. The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer comes with the Dura-Soft traction top that gives ease to the user, whether wearing shoes or just baring foot. The Dura-Soft traction gives you not only the comfortable feeling, but the feeling satisfaction that it would look good on you. The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer comes with the 11-ply hardwood construction that makes it bombproof. Thus, with the trusted construction form and being made in USA, it can give you the assurance that never takes shortcuts.

​Efficient Rollers

​Need more impressive features from the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer? Never underestimate the optimized rollers that come with it. They make travelling easy, secured, and smooth. You never have to worry about going too far with the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer because of the efficient, portable, and built for endurance rollers. The compact design of the rollers help you manage the balance board at the pace and motion that you want. It gives you the freedom that every balance board trainee deserves.

​Reviews and Comments

​Out of 248 reviews of the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer in, 89% of the customers gave five-star rating as being satisfied and confident with the balance board. On the other hand, out of the 248 reviews, 2% have voted a one-star rating for the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer because of some minor issues especially about the balance board not having groves so they quickly fall of. Some even comment how it didn't work in a different surface like tile deck or a concrete floor. But with all the pros and cons in the comment section, a satisfactory review of the product has eventually prevailed.

Collectively, the balance board is indeed an excellent tool for fitness and training when you know how to use it properly. It does not only offers high quality finish but a challenge that helps you become better as you roll.

Diggin Woble Deck Review

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