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CW-X Conditioning Wear Men's Stabilyx Revolution Tights Review

CW-X Conditioning Wear Men's Stabilyx Revolution Tights

CW-X is a conditioning wear company with its anatomically engineered high quality and high performance sports wear products. Beside of all their high technology know how and proffesionality ,they also have the patent of the seamless support as well. One of the best apparel that CW-X provides is revolution tights. This high technology product serves to racers who are looking for tights with good features and for all weathers. Revolution tight is in blue/black color, with tapes on it for different benefits such as UVA protection, knee shock absorption and xcelerated recovery. At this point let’s talk about two most effective features that it has :

EXO-LITE Seamless Support Web follow hare down so far

In racing, muscle protection and calf support is so important. Revolution tights ,with its exo-lite seamless support web , support the medial head of gastrocnemius in the calf. It also helps your ligaments and muscles to bring into balance while being 14% lighter.

4 Way Stretch Body Fabric

Moving and stretching as much as possible with breathable fabric will give you chance to perform better. Otherwise too much moisture and wet fabric will prevent you to continue performing and irritate you all the time. So revolution tight has a solution for that problem. Their four way stretch fabric consists of 50% Coolmax nylon and 50% polyurethane. This means keeping your body cool and dry during your performance and carry moisture away from your body to the outside of tight.

In Amazon page of the revolution tight, the score is 4/5 rated by the users which also shows the performance of the product in a good way. There are 11 comments both good, average and bad points of the product. While searching, there was some common review that pointing out the features of revolution tights as smoothness and being lighter than others. Support of the tight in knee, core and hip was also mentioned. There are few bad reviews as well. Most of them are giving feedback about the high price of it.

But when we compare it with its great fabric, patented exo lite support web, 14% more lightweight than others, full core, knee and hip support and other tremendous features that guarantee your safety, it can be called as “value for money”. So it means that with its high quality it means safetyness and long term investment that will join you during your performance and do its best to support you in every way.

Sugoi MidZero Tights Review

Sugoi MidZero Tights

Made of stretchable fabric, the Sugoi MidZero Tights are a great option for they who want to look stylish without compromising with comfort. Skiing, cycling or running, the tights are apt for cold weather conditions.

Insulated layer fabric

Made by fabric engineering, the tights are adaptive to the conditions. Its material is designed so as to maintain the thermal balance between the body and the climate. It doesn't allow the body heat to escape. The material is breathable. It allows sweat to escape and dries very quickly. Is easy to maintain and is made of light weight fabric. By keeping themselves warm in cold conditions and preventing the heat from escaping from the garment, warmth is ensured to the users. Perspiration spreads out quickly across the garment and evaporates.

Comfortable Garment Designing

Special care has been taken with regards to the designing of the tights. It is stitched into 6 panels and is four way stretchable. “Flat-lock seams, a lined crotch gusset, and signature leg grips” are the major product designing specialties that make it popular especially among athletes and runners.


The reviews are mostly in favor of the product. People have liked it and found it very comfortable. Special mention by customers is that it is great for running. The reviews also suggest that the construction of the tights is proper and fits the customers really well.

39 people have reviewed the product. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 by the customers. And 67% of the customers have rated it a 5 star, which means the product is able to satisfy a large number of people. 26% have given it a four start while 2% have rated a 3, and 5% rated it as 2 star product.

However, there are some unhappy customers too. The reviews against the product were mainly regarding its size. Some found the legs too long while some found it suitable only for men with an athletic built. However, some also found the size smaller than usual. Thus, while going through the reviews, it was evident that mostly people found the product a value for money.


The review is based, not on personal use but on a judgment arrived at on reviews of the actual users. The review above can be used for quick reference to the nature and effectiveness of the product. The review can be useful to arrive at the purchasing decision. the review contains the product as well as popularity details.

Under Armour Women's UA Authentic ColdGear® Fitted Tight Review

Under Armour Women's UA Authentic ColdGear® Fitted Tight Review

Under Armour understands that women like to look good while they work out, even when it is freezing outside. Their Authentic ColdGear Fitted Tight will keep you warm through whatever Mother Nature throws at you this winter, and it doesn't sacrifice appearance to achieve that.

Locks Heat and Wicks Sweat

Under Armour's patented ColdGear technology consists of two layers, each with a crucial role to play. The brushed interior locks heat in, keeping you warm through your workout. The quick drying exterior helps repel water, preventing you from becoming damp and chilled, even in snow and sleet. But it isn't just exterior moisture that can lower your body temperature. Under Armour also uses their Moisture Transfer system to wick sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry inside and out.

Flattering Fit

The four-way stretch construction of these Fitted Tights allows you move freely, no matter what your exercise calls for. It also helps your leggings, and you, maintain your shape so that you look good from every angle. The extra wide waistband also contributes to a flattering silhouette, in addition to superior coverage. No chafing either- with their ergonomic flatlock seams, Under Armour has thought of everything to keep you comfortable and streamlined in your workout gear.

What People Are Saying

61 people have chimed in on Amazon to let us know what they think of Under Armour's Fitted Tight. With a score of 4.5 stars, the numbers speak for themselves. But before you rush out to buy a pair, let's take a look at some of the drawbacks pointed out in the reviews.

A common theme in the reviews is that when Under Armour says fitted, they mean fitted. Getting these tights on and off can be a bit of a challenge with the tight openings, both at the waist and the ankles. Of course, these are mean to fit tight to lock out the elements, but that won't save you from doing the jump-squat-wriggle to get them on. Other reviewers commented that these seem geared to taller women (over 5'4") due to the extra length at the ankles. Most agree, however, that the excess material doesn't get in the way and does help prevent cold air sneaking in above your socks.

Under Armour Women's UA Authentic ColdGear Fitted Tight uses all of the technology developed by Under Armour to seal in your heat and keep out the cold, with their waterproof, sweat-wicking design. They also make sure that you feel comfortable and look good with flat seams and four-way stretch material. While you might feel a little silly peeling these on and off, you're be grateful you did when you're outside warm and dry while others shiver.