Best Nike running shoes for men

Runners are of different categories including those that prefer shoes that offer immense support and protection, those searching for adaptability and buoyancy performance for strength enhancement. There are also those who are exploring for the best level of reaction and recovery. If you are type of runner who prefers the buoyant shoes then the Nike is the best alternative. There are various best Nike shoes for men which include;


Product name



Nike men's free flyknit running shoes


Nike Air Max 2015 Men’s running shoe


Nike man’s Flax 2014 running shoe


Nike men’s free flyknit 4.0 running shoes


They are available in any mixture of color that you desire. It is made of fabrics and sole that is rubber. It has an upper fly knit to enable a weightless support and aeration. The flyknit is made to adapt and move with your feet like socks. Also to enhance aeration it includes knit-in openings at the quarter panel. To boost flexibility in different directions, their midsole have channels that are flexed hexagonally. They possess fly wire cables for buoyant reinforcement and adjustable fit. It has a condensed heel-to-forefoot extension of less than six millimeters to make it fit for inconspicuous running. Firmer fabric in the midsole enhances reaction for discreet running. The lop-sided lacing system helps to diminish pressure at the edge of the feet for extra comfy.

Why you should buy these shoes

The shoes are advantageous in that they are light weight thus very gentle on your feet. They are a good cushion for the heels. The channeled sole provides easy flex towards any bearing. It is good for aeration thus no stinking of feet or infections caused by lack of fresh air. They are soothing on the ankles due to the huge layer of pad. They are long-lasting. A lot of users have testified of using them for a long duration without getting worn out. The lasses, insteps, interior side of the shoe and the balls of the bottom are durable. Their coziness is what makes them to be the most preferred shoe. It is perfect for individuals who do not wear socks. They are fitting and will maintain the warmness of your feet.


These shoes are limited in that they take time to adjust to your feet. This means that when you wear them for the first time you will feel constricted almost like the compress ion socks. This can hamper with your comfort. At this point you can run without the laces. Some runners prefer them to be of low height than the one they currently possess.

The Nike Air Max 2015 Men’s running shoe


It is well known for its cushioning property making it possible to run consistently. The enhanced aeration enables the feet to access fresh air. It has a mesh upper that also boosts ventilation. It has a midsole which is composed of air bag making it lighter and firmer. It is found in a variety of colors for instance, white, grey and black. The lacing are regularly looped. The exterior sole is made of translucent rubber. It has a body mass of three hundred and eighty grams. It can withstand temperature of seventeen degrees Celsius maximum.

Advantages of these type of shoe

They are beneficial in that they are very comfortable and offer great length of support. This is enabled by the air cushioning that is integrated in them. In fact when you slide them you can feel it. The sole which is also cushioned allows the shock to be taken up by the shoe instead of your leg during running. Thus, you will not get tired quickly. The reflective appearance of these shoes enables runners to be noticed quickly. They are long-lasting and will endure rough pavements. Even though it is a little bit weightier than a discreet shoe, it is easy to adjust to their weight.


The shoes have some limitations. Their weight is considered heavy by some runners especially those who are used to light shoes. The lace system does not offer balance of pressure at the foot edge. They do not last for more than six months. The threads often fall apart quickly.

Nike man’s Flax 2014 running shoe


They have a seamless upper mesh that comfortably makes the feet to fit easily. The sole is composed of rubber. The mid-sole are compact enhancing buoyancy cushioning. The grooves are flexing and extended to enable a smooth effective range movement. It has a shaped EVA sock liner to boost relief and comfort.


These shoes have many benefits. They are durable and very comfy. Though they appear casual they are able to endure harsh surroundings. It is best suit for running, hiking steep slopes and for long walks. They resist to sliding on slippery surfaces like snow. It is wider making it fit for narrow feet. Thus, your feet do not feel constricted. Runners who have an issue with swelling legs are recommended to use these shoes. The fabric made of mesh textiles enables it to let in fresh air thus, getting rid of bad odors. The shoes have a light body mass and the small volume makes them convenient when being carried. They are hard-wearing thus rendering them to be long-lasting .They are able to pass the airport custom checks thus you do not need to worry while travelling overseas.


The disadvantages are that they are not resistant to water. Water will not only make them prone to wearing out but it can cause infection to your feet. They have a low degree of toehold. This makes them easily come out which is not convenient. They usually perplex hikers who are hard centered.