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CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars Review

CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

This product is a pair of chrome-plated bars with with foam handles designed to improve your positioning for push ups. It is designed for home use to target your chest, shoulder, and back muscles.

Slip-resistant Foam Covers

The foam covers on the handles truly maximize comfort. They allow you to focus on the exercises instead of any handle or wrist pain that would occur without the covers. Additionally, they allow you to get a better grip on the handles.

Hard Rubber Footpads

Another great feature of this product is the rubber footpads. When you put the product in place and lower your body down toward it in push up form you don't have to worry about the handles slipping out from underneath you. This allows you to focus on using proper form and maximizing your workout.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This product currently has 1,159 customer reviews on It has received an average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

One of the negative points often brought up in the reviews is the fact that the product must be assembled when it is received. Some reviews state that the assembly instructions are unclear, and even when the instructions are followed the product is still wobbly and unstable.

On the flip side, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to this product. With a little time spent reading the instructions and a little tinkering with the wing nuts, you can eliminate the wobbliness and ensure the product's stability.


Doing push ups is hard enough and this product does a great job of eliminating any factors that would make it harder than it has to be. Using this product allows you to focus on proper form without the additional factors that make push ups hard like hand and wrist pain.

Perfect Pushup Elite Review

Perfect Pushup Elite

The perfect pushup elite is one of the most popular training equipment for chest training. This equipment was founded by Alden Mills, who is a former Navy seal. The Perfect Pushup Elite is among the best sellers on Amazon. In 2014, a more advanced version of the Perfect Pushup Elite was released and it provides more comfortable usage since it has a rotated handle and therefore producing more efficient workouts.

Its handle is wider and more padded, meaning that workouts are more comfortable. The equipments’ movement is now more stable due to the spiral pattern at the bottom.

The equipments’ dimensions are 12 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs 1 pound. It is made in China.

Some of the equipments’ unique features and benefits are:

Steel bearing system

The steel ball bearing system provides a smooth rotation in the equipment. This ensures that the equipment provides safety while in use. The equipment is made from high quality materials ensuring that it lasts longer and can also be used by heavier people since it can withstand heavy weight, up to 136kgs.

Engages more muscle

The way the perfect push up elite has been designed during movement, it engages different muscles of the upper body, i.e. the chest, arms, upper back, shoulders and core muscles. The rotating handle stimulate more muscles during pushups and also help in reducing the strains on the joints.

Customer reviews and scores

The perfect pushup elite has nine hundred and sixty six reviews in Amazon. Out of these reviews, the equipment has received a star rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars. The 5 star rating has been awarded by about 79% of the people who have bought the equipment from Amazon.

One of the cons of the perfect pushup elite highlighted by users is that the handles are too wide, thus making them hard to grip, although on the other hand the handles do rotate, helping in reducing strain on the joints.

In conclusion, if one is looking for an efficient and powerful upper body training workout equipment, the perfect pushup elite is a very good choice.

Gorilla Fitness Push up bar Review

Gorilla Fitness Push up bar

For any Health conscious person, when you're on the move, be it while travelling, or are in any remote location, there is a very conspicuous absence of fitness equipment, or a gym. The Gorilla Fitness Push Up Bars are designed to cater majorly to this need; a portable fitness device

Design and Build:

The Gorilla Push Up Bars are compact, and light weight. The grip is coated with foam, to keep your hands comfortable and reduce the strain on them, and to facilitate a better workout. The feet are covered by ribbed plastic caps, which gives you a lot of traction for any type of flooring. This also supports a wide stance for push ups, which is something that's rare. In most cases, a wider stance reduces the amount of support available, and hence increases the risk of a slip or an unfortunate injury, something that the Gorilla Push Up bars is built to counter.

Portability and Use:

One of the biggest advantages of these Push up bars is the portability factor. You can transport the bars to any place with consummate ease, and when they are not in use, they collapse easily to fit in a container. As these are not heavy, there isn't any substantial weight that is added to your luggage, and hence, they make the perfect travel companion for fitness.

Customer Reviews and Scores:

About 240 customers have voiced their views on the Gorilla Push Up Bars, and its features, and on an average, users have rated the product a very commendable score of about 3.9 out of 5.

While there have been reservations put forward on the quality of the grip, and a couple of issues with respect to the set up of the product, these issues have been resolved by a very efficient customer service, and hence,most buyers have had extremely satisfying experiences with the product

On the whole, with a sturdy and user friendly design, a highly satisfactory user experience, and with rave reviews, the Gorilla Push Up bars are an excellent product to purchase to satisfy your fitness needs

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