Best rain jacket for running

One thing that most of the runners hate is the rain. The rain may obstruct hem to perform their best due to several reasons. In order to perform their best even in the rain, they need a right accessory that not only help them to remain dry, but also provide them extra warmth in the rain. A running jacket that is specially crafted for the rain would be a perfect choice for the runners, who want to stay fit by running even in the heavy rains. Here are a few jackets that can be considered as the best rain jacket for running; go through them and choose the one that suits you the most.

Mizuno Men's Running BT Jacket

For the rain lovers, who love to enjoy nature while running, the Mizuno Men's Running BT Jacket is a perfect choice. Considered as a good choice, the Mizuno jacket is popular among the professionals as well as the occasion runners who do not want to compromise with the quality and want to buy the best rain jacket for running. There are a few things that may be considered as the USP of the jacket and that make the jacket stand apart from similar products form other brands.

Genuine rain blocker

One of the most common thing a buyer would like to have in a rain jacket, is the ability to block the rain and wind so that he can enjoy the rain without getting wet. While this is a basic need of a rain jacket, most of the jackets fail to provide the optimal protection to the user. However, if you are choosing the Mizuno Men's Running BT Jacket, you will definitely not complain about this. The specially designed material is capable enough to keep every single drop of water away from your body, and thus the jacket is one of the very few GENUINE rain blockers available in the market.

Decently priced

Another factor that most of the buyers look for while buying any new product, is the price. The Mizuno Men's Running BT Jacket is cleverly priced by the manufacturers and is relatively cheaper than most of the famous brands like Nike, and Reebok. So, for those who are looking for a good alternatives of these highly-expensive brands, without compromising with the quality and performance, the Mizuno Men's Running BT Jacket would be a great choice.

Lastly, the thing that matters the most while buying any new product is the customer’s review. The rain jacket from Mizuno has an average rating of 4.5 stars on amazon, out of which 50% users have rated it as a 5-star product. This alone shows the quality of the product, and how happy the users are with the product’s performance.

The only thing that the buyers have complained about is the material of the jacket is a bit loose which may obstruct you while running hard. However, as it is a rain jacket, it won’t cause much difference in your performance.

So, if you are looking forward for a decent performer without spending too much money, then we would highly recommend you to have a look at the Mizuno Men's Running BT Jacket. You won’t be disappointed by the performance.

Marmot Women's Precip Jacket

Marmot Women's Precip Jacket

For those who want 100% protection from the rains, the Marmot Women's Precip Jacket is a perfect jacket. The highest quality material and roll-up hood, the manufacturers have ensured that you get complete protection from the rain. The lightweight material and 100% fully seam-taped design makes it unique and far better than the similar jackets available in the market. Talking about the specialities of the jacket, we can say that the following points are the USP of the jacket

Superior Fabric

The specially designed PreCip Dry Touch material is great for rains and keeps the inner coating completely dry even in the heavy rains. The jacket makes you feel comfortable while running in rains and helps you to give your best.

Amazing design

The jacket is specially designed to perform and provide utmost comfort the user. Apart form the fabric, the other things that make the jacket worth buying are: PitZips underarm zip, Elastic draw cord hem, Double storm flap over zipper. These design tweaks have made the jacket great for almost any purpose. Even though you are not a professional runner, and want good protection form the rains, you can surely rely on the Marmot Women's Precip Jacket. Moreover, the jacket easily fits over insulating jacket, so you can easily wear an insulating jacket for the extra warmth.

Apart from the above listed points, the thing that justifies the quality of the jacket is the number of satisfied users. Talking about amazon rating, the jacket has an average score of 4.4, which is just marvellous for this category. The only thing that the buyers are a bit disappointed with is the size confusion. Make sure that you have chosen the right size according to your normal clothing size and order one size large than you usually wear. Other than this, we can’t find any major complaint about the product which itself is a great plus point for the buyers.

In all, we can say that the Marmot Women's Precip Jacket is a great buy for the women and provides utmost protection in the severe weather conditions.

Helly Hansen Men's Seven J Rain Jacket

Helly Hansen Men's Seven J Rain Jacket

IF you are looking forward to buy a rain jacket that not only provides great support to while running under the heavy rains, but also provides great value for the money, then we would suggest you to try the Helly Hansen Men's Seven J Rain Jacket. This jacket is perfect for everyday use, and provides great protection against the rain. Let us have look at the positive things that made this jacket popular among the runners.

Fixed hood design

Fixed hood is something we always look for, while choosing a rain jacket. The Helly Hansen Men's Seven J Rain Jacket is equipped with a great rainproof hood that makes it a great jacket for heavy rains. In case of the light rains, the hood can act as a style statement.

Amazingly sturdy material

Apart from the hood, the jacket has great sturdy design and it can easily withstand the moderate to heavy rains without any issue. You can rely on the material quality of the jacket, and get ultimate protection from getting wet.

Talking about the popularity, the jacket has more than 150 reviews on amazon, and has a healthy 4.5 star rating. And believe us, any star-rating above 4 is great on Amazon. You can easily rely on this jacket while it is raining outside. NO matter how hard it is raining, you can stay dry and warm in Helly Hansen Men's Seven J Rain Jacket.

The only such thing that we have encountered that can be complained as a user is that the fixed hood may cause some irritation when you are not wearing it. Apart from that, the hood is great option to have in rains, and can be very helpful to avoid cold.