Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a very common injury among athletes and runners and for those people who love running; it can be a great setback if they suffer from plantar fasciitis as this ailment is enhanced upon running. But is there no way for them to run again? Yes, they can, but only with proper ankle and arch support for their feet, which is provided by specially designed running shoes. These provides great comfort and support while running and also helps to eliminate pain in people suffering from plantar fasciitis. Here are the reviews of the best running shoes for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Asics GEL Nimbus 15 review

Comfort is the first word that comes to mind while describing this product. The Asics GEL Nimbus 15 offers a lot of features that makes running smooth and comfortable. It provides exceptional cushioning for the feet. Also in this updated product, durability is enhanced to make it more long lasting. It’s cushioning absorbs impact and protects the feet while heavy running. Its glow in the dark feature will enable anyone to light up the path at dark.

​Gel cushioning

​Comfort is a very important feature in any running shoe. Without comfort, a runner will fall behind and will also be unable to go the distance in long races. But comfort is not a worry in Asics GEL Nimbus 15 as its gel cushioning feature cushions both rear and forefoot ensures great comfort and impact absorption during running. With all the cushioning that it offers, it is possible to train regularly and do long runs with it. Also FluidFit in upper feet enables stretch in multidirectional with synthetic forays that provides custom fit for greater comfort.

​FluidRide durability

When you spend a good amount of money on a product, you expect it to last. Nimbus 15 has FluidRide filled mid sole that not only provides comfort but also great durability. Hence, this feature ensures that you can enjoy running with this shoe for a long time. Durability is further enhanced with features like DuraSponge out sole and Reinforced Lightweight vamp. Hence, durability is not a worry when it comes to Nimbus 15.

​Features and Specifications

​• Synthetic mesh allowing multidirectional stretching.

• Sole made of rubber.

• Gel cushioned mid sole.

• FluidFit in upper sole.

• FluidRide and DuraSponge enhance durability.

• Comfordry sock liner with anti-odor feature.

• Guidance Trusstic System.

• Lightweight and durable.

• Weighs around 2 pounds.

• Has a dimension of 12x9x5 inches.

​Customer Reviews and Scores

​1410 people have reviewed the Nimbus 15 on Amazon and it has an overall score of 4.6 out of 5. Most people are greatly satisfied with this product. Some have complained about it being slightly overweight, but overall it provides great comfort and is tailor made for long runs and training making it a must buy for athletes and fitness freaks.


​Gel cushioning and FluidFit technology provides comfort and absorbs impact while running while FluidRide technology makes it durable and long lasting.

New Balance 990v3 review

New Balance 990v3 provides comfort along with support and sports a classy look. It is highly suitable for long mile runners as this product never compromises with comfort and provides excellent support to the runner’s feet. It has great versatile use and can be used for casual walks as well as hardcore training and running.


​Since comfort is the key factor that most people consider when considering a running shoe, New Balance 990 is designed with advanced technologies and features that provides great comfort. Its ABZORB crash pad helps to absorb impact with its shock absorption technology. This feature enables smooth striking of heels on ground and hence reducing chances of injury or discomfort. Its upper is lightweight to enable better movement and has air mesh which allows air movement and keeps the feet dry and cool no matter what the circumstance or intensity of exercise.

​Dual density foam

​Support is another important aspect which one must look into while considering a running shoe. New Balance 990v3 is a stability shoe, or in other words, it provides great support along with comfort. Support is provided by its dual density foam lining and upper made of pigskin that enhances its structural stability. Additional features like Encap midsole and SL-1 in rear helps to keep feet steady and provide great support and balance on any kind of terrain, be it gravel, rocky, dusty, etc.

​Specifications and features

​• Dual density foam in shoe collar.
• 10 mm distance from heel to toe.
• Pigskin in upper feet provides good support.
• Air blown forefeet made of rubber for better cushioning.
• It is made in USA.
• It has a dimension of 11x4x7 inches.
• It has a shipping weight of 2.5 pounds.

​Customer reviews

​New balance 990v3 has an overall rating of 4.6 in Amazon and over 1,450 reviews. This product has been greatly popular among users as can be seen from the reviews. Some people have complained about it being slightly overweight while some have complained about it being slightly overpriced, but everyone agrees that it provides unparallel comfort and support for the feet and hence is a very good choice for any professional athlete or sport person.


​New balance 990v3 has crash pad feature that absorbs shock and air mesh keeps the feet cool and dry hence providing great comfort during running.

Saucony Kinvara 4 review

Saucony Kinvara 4 is one of the best in the Saucony series. It is upgraded with new technologies from its older versions and has features that are suitable for both slow long runs and fast short runs. In other words you can go the distance with it as well as improve on your speed. Its design also provides great fit that helps keep your feet locked in place safely.


As is the case with all running shoes, its makers have given comfort the main priority while designing it. Its midsole consist of EVA+, composite foam that provides great cushioning to your feet and hence your leg won’t hurt even after long duration of running. The upper sole consists of breathable mesh design that allows air to flow in and hence keeps your feet dry and comfortable. HydraMax collar absorbs moisture toe great extent and helps keep the feet surprisingly dry even after hard running sessions. It is suitable for use in any kind of surface.

Lightweight design

This shoe has a very lightweight design and all its features have lightweight technology making it very light and suitable for running at high speed. Overweight shoes can bear down on speed, even slightly overweight ones, especially in long duration runs. Along with a lightweight design, it also has decoupled heel which provides great traction, and long with Power Grid feature, it provides great surface grip and hence one can run very fast without having to worry about any slipping.

• Synthetic mesh technology for comfort.
• Rubber sole.
• Power Grid technology for better shock absorption.
• Outsole made of XT-900 carbon for great grip and traction on any surface.
• Lightweight EVA+ foam technology in midsole.
• It has a dimension of 11x4x7 inches.
• Its shipping weight is approx 3 pounds.

Customer reviews

Saucony Kinvara 4 has an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and over 500 user reviews in Amazon. The user reviews suggest that both professionals and amateurs are highly satisfied with the product. Although some have complained about the product being not durable, its features and technology make it a great option as a running shoe and is highly recommended for sports enthusiasts.


Saucony Kinvara 4 has a breathable mesh and lightweight design provides great comfort and allows a person to reach his full potential during a run.

Asics GT-2000 2 review

The Asics GT-2000 2 in the Asics GT-2000 series has new and developed features that make it the best in series. It has much more cushioning and provides better support than the previous shoes in this series. Its great comfort features makes it very suitable for long runs and its FluidRide design ensures a great and comfortable fit for any feet pattern.


Running becomes a lot easier if it is comfortable. Without comfort, it is very hard to do long runs; hence comfort is a priority while choosing running shoes. The Asics GT-2000 2 has been newly designed with FluidRide technology in the midsole that provides great fit and comfort and has great cushioning properties too. To provide extra cushioning, it also has fore feet and rear feet gel technology that provides extra cushioning and better support. For comfort, upper feet are meshed in order to allow air flow and hence keep the feet cool and comfortable.

Dynamic DuoMax

Overpronators will especially find this shoe greatly useful as its Dynamic DuoMax technology reduces overpronation. It also has Guidance system along with a Guidance line which provides better toe-to-heel balance and transition. If someone experiences torsion rigidity, the Guidance Trusstic technology helps to neutralize it. Its overall design has high gait efficiency and provides great framework of support and reduces overpronation.

Specifications and Features

• Rubberized sole for better grip and traction.
• FluidRide in mid sole for comfort and greater durability.
• Dynamic DuoMax for reducing overpronation.
• Gel cushioning in rear foot and front foot.
• Impact Guidance system for better support.
• Guidance line with vertical flex grooves.
• It has a dimension of 11x4x7 inches.
• Its shipping weight is 2.5 pounds approx.

Customer reviews

Asics GT-2000 2 has an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and has over 1000 user reviews in Amazon. Some people have complained about the narrow upper portion causing discomfort, but apart from that, it has received great reviews and it can be seen from the reviews that this product has found great popularity for its comfort and support features. It is highly recommended for any sports enthusiast.


Asics GT-2000 2 has redesigned Fluid Ride technology in mid sole along Dynamic DuoMax and other features which provides great comfort and support. It also has Asics High Abrasion Rubber that provides durability and traction on any surface.