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CW-X Conditioning Wear Men's Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts Review

CW-X Conditioning Wear Men's Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts Review

This sleek stylish pair of shorts is not only a great fit but is comfortably snug. Making it a great choice when you’re looking for new running shorts.


This pair of shorts is imported with drawstrings, but the most important feature happens to be the ventilation. These shorts are perfect to keep the heat off of you while you run, making sure that you’re not overheating.


This pair of shorts supports the abdominals, back and hips to channel your power into the core. Keeping your body supported while you run. This pair of shorts is one of the best to help support you while you move.

Customer reviews

Most customer reviews are 5-star saying things like “Excellent…” and “I really like the support…” Making this pair of shorts clearly wonderful. With so many positive reviews, it’s hard to beat this great product. These excellent shorts are perfect for someone running in the heat. With 76 different customer reviews. The worst review stated that these were overpriced spandex, and didn’t give proper support or compression. Of course this isn’t the case, with every product there are a few negative reviews from people who may not be using the product correctly. With all the positive reviews that are given the possibility for misuse is vast.

This is a great product, with the style, ventilation, comfort and breathability make this a wonderful product for someone trying to find a breathable pair of shorts. The ventilation along with the drawstring top, machine washable. The great reviews can be a wonderful way to determine what the best option is for you.

ZONE3 Unisex Buoyancy Shorts Review

These unisex shorts are for everyone male and female. These shorts are half decent for the majority of the population, making them affordable.

Zone 3 Buoyancy

This makes the shorts give a pull buoy giving the body a more natural feeling of buoyancy. The buoyancy makes you feel more balanced.


This skin smooth fabric is clean and well stitched making for a sleek and snug fit, it clings to you without chafing and makes for a great pair of running shorts.

Customer Review

Most of the reviews, 59% of them are 5 stars and very positive, the Neoprene and buoyancy have attracted a great deal of positive attention though not all of the reviews are positive. Most of the reviews are positive, but a few are negative. The negative reviews say that sometimes the shorts start to come apart after a few months. This though may be because of the wear that they’re providing, serious wear or a small cut could sever the threads making the shorts unravel quickly.

CW-X Conditioning Wear Men's Pro Shorts Review

This pair of shorts is one of the best ones that could be found. It’s a wonderful addition to any running gear. With a nice comfortable fit.


This pair of shorts supports the abdomen, hips and back to help you power your core, pushing yourself further. Also providing targeted support toward the legs ensuring that your muscles get the best out of your run.

Elastic Closure

The closure to this pair of running shorts ensures that you won’t have anything to tie or tighten, making this a very efficient pair.

Customer Review

At four and a half stars this product only has a few if not just one, one star review, with a majority of five star reviews people have side things like “…They feel great” and “fit just right…” these running shorts are perfect for the average or avid runner. Without them, there would be 82 people who could have had a much more negative experience.

When you’re picking out running shorts you need the size and fit that is perfect for you. If you’re uncomfortable while running, you could chafe, or lose support in your muscles. With any of these shorts, you can push yourself to do better and achieve more, making your running experience better, and helping you get better, stronger and healthier. Without a great pair of running shorts, you’ll find yourself caught out in the cold. You may overheat, or you may even have a more difficult time running. With any one of these running shorts the probability that you’ll have a better running experience is high.

With any one of these wonderfully rated running shorts, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the best possible experience. If you don’t believe it look at the reviews, and if they don’t convince you, you can try them yourself. When you’re searching for a great pair of running shorts you need the best that you can find, without them you may have a rough run, making the experience difficult. If you’re serious about running and plan on running regularly, then getting the right pair of comfortable, stylish, breathable but snug running shorts with the right way to bind them for you is essential. Without the ability to pick out a great pair of shorts, you won’t get as much out of what you want out of your run.

Instead of running in sweatpants or regular shorts that chafe and itch, look into one of the pairs of running shorts showed above. Without at least trying them, you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity to enhance your run. With the cutting edge technology that’s provided in each pair of shorts, you can amp up your run and get further, there's nothing better than being able to push yourself further. For that marathon, to train, or just for leisure. Look into some serious running shorts, and never have to experience the struggle with sweatpants, or shorts again. They’re keeping you from experiencing the best run you’ve had, while these pairs of running shorts not only support you but push you to do better.

With the breathable fabric and the right size, these are comfortable, safe, and logical running shorts to invest into. Saving you time on your run and helping you get further. Don’t you want to turn your running experience into something serious? Stop stressing yourself out, don’t ever have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of running in other clothing, just stop the torment. If you do then stop running in sweatpants, get yourself together and look into one of these amazing running shorts.