Best skate shoes

As Skateboarding is one of the head blowing sports activities with lots of thrills and adventures. To have a safe journey while skating an individual always prefer a footwear that is comfortable, tough and adaptable to wear. Normal shoes available in the market cannot stand up the pressure of skating. So, the skate shoes are designed to fulfill the desired outcomes the skaters, as this is the only accessory on which the whole sports is based. So when you are looking for the best skater for yourself then keep in mind your priorities and comfort zones before making your final decision.

Harley-Davidson Men's Jez Skate Shoe

Harley Davidson a promising brand gives their customers the feel which is long lasting. These shoes are customised for the people who want something different to wear who are exploring the world for themselves.


​1. Best made for the riders with who are looking for premium leather.
2. Built up of genuine leather construction and synthetic sole.
3. Can be used as a casual or street wear in daily use.

​Comfortable and long lasting

​They shoes are very long lasting due to their built in premium leather they provide the users with extra comfort and features. These are quite a good fit when your are riding or walking during your free time. As the experience in manufacturing and constructing of shoes has given the company a brand name which is worth trusting due to its high quality feature.

User reviews​

​The users before selecting the sze should go through the size guide as your standard size number can differ in different brands. Users finds it difficult to check their shoe size which let them order a shoe that is not a perfect fit for them. Always look for size guide and choose your measurement before ordering as it will give you the perfect suggestion rather than ordering your standard size number.


​Harley Davidson is highly recommended due to its brand image but this is the one of the skate shoes which you can wear in your daily use too. As the skate shoes does nt offer you the comfortability like the regular one but the Harley Davidson is proficient in comfort zone too. So do consider it if you are looking for a perfect match for your skate shoes and looking for something worth investments.

Nike Men's Dunk Low Premium SB Skate Shoe

Nike, one of the worldwide trusted brand for shoes. The best part with Nike is the goodwill of the customers which they have received from the decades of service.The Nike has the proficiency in skating shoes as it has been serving in the same industry with quality from a long time and have been one of the favourite brands of the sportspersons.


1. Built of strong and reliable leather with rubber sole.
2. Nike has a zoom unit in the sole which provides responsive cushiinong to your sole.
3. The shoe has a low profile look with durability and support.
4. Available in black and team orange colour​

Light weight and have cushion effect​

​The shoe is for skating unlike others is light weighted and in addition to this in his heels it has cushion comforts for the users. Due to these Nike shoe stand out and provides the users a experience which is worth buying them. The shoes due to their light weight have excellent balancing factor which makes them the best choice of every users.

Customer Reviews​

​If you are looking to buy a skate show then most important part is you should look for something that is different from your regular shoes as you do not have to wear the skate shoes for all day. Many users talk about the size, as every brand has a customized size of shoes which should not be match for others, please go through the size guide before ordering them.


​For all these years since its presence in market Nike has build a big market by providing quality shoes in the market. Once you are opting for asports like skates then do go for a brand which is in market from some years so that you don’t end hurting yourself in the battle.

Supra Skytop Size 14 Black / White - White Skate Shoes

Supra Skytop is one of those skateboarding shoes that are sold on their brand names. For the last few years Supra has been known to be the best choice of skateboarders due to its features and comfortable experience.


​1. It is available for men, women and kids and all available in all sizes.
2. Built up of leather with a rubber sole.
3. Best for the passionate skateboarding activities.
4. Known for its durability in signature skaters.

​Durable and comfortable experience

​The most important feature of these shoes is its durability and it is very comfortable to wear. As in the skateboarding if you just observe it is the only accessory and the whole game is based on them only. So, when you go to shop for them always look for them as a winner trophy as if you have made the right choice then no one can stop you from winning else they can cause a major hindrance to your game. Always look for shoes that are suggested by your coach for the D-Day so that you do not end up with any hassle in your match.


​Skates shoes are known as a costly affair but buying the Sups Skytop makes you sealed with perfection from all sides. The shoes provides you the comfort while skating and the balancing factor it adds to your body makes you firm and relaxed in all your positions. The skating is a sport which needs lots of practice for perfection, and it comes only when you are dealing with right accessories and practicing with right moves. So we wish you all the best and look for the skates to style you up.