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Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series 2gripMAT Review

Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series 2gripMAT

The 2gripMAT is specially made for hot yoga and intensive workouts.

Everyone's talking The Gaiam Athletic Yoga 2gripMAT has everyone doing HOT Yoga!
With a 4.1 star rating the premium yoga mat comes 10 inches longer and 2 inches wider than the traditional yoga mats. It comes durably built so to say with 5 mm of firm cushioning. The mat comes 5 mm thick which provides that joint protection that you need. Ideal for hot yogi or advanced yoga classes.

MatDT (Dry-Tech) technology

The Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series 2gripMAT comes with an amazing topcoat that absorbs moisture and better gripping the more you break a sweat. Critics are saying the grip is nice and gave the mat high marks for it, while others are calling it a superior yoga mat! Could the Gaiam business be on to something with this so-called MatDT/ Dry-Tech technology. Gaiam Athletic Series 2gripMAT reviews sure say so!
Updated on the Latest StylesDesigned for home, studio, or gym buy the 2gripMAT Series on amazon available in 2 different colors. Some chose the color black which has a smooth black upper side and a textured grey bottom. While others love the green!

Sales seem to be doing well for the 2gripMAT on Amazon. Pricing at $74 for the sleek black design and $63 for the green. While there are still some left in stock go cop you one and enjoy some yoga relaxation! If not for yourself send to a friend or family and you get the option to gift wrap your yoga mat at the time of purchase.

However could the size of the superior yoga mat be to large?? Some say the mat is a little to heavy to carry to and from practice, and others wish it came with straps or a travel bag! Unfortunately it doesn't at this time. According to Omar Siddique a top 1,000 reviewer on Amazon he's got to take some time to get use to it, let's see what he says about the mat...."A premium Gaiam mat, with a sticky/squishy surface. The pricing (and color) imply is aimed at Manduka's Black Mat, but the Gaiam doesnt have the sturdy feel of that industry classic. This Gaiam is longer than the average mat, with a soft finish on the practice side, and a no-slip texture on the floor side".Overall this is what Omar has to say, "So far this mat feels nice but not spectacular, I prefer the firm surface of my Manduka, But this one is perfectly reasonable for the casual practice and possibly preferable for a sweaty hot yogi practice". And he later on went on to say that he would recommend it! Well that's great to hear because it is definitely a spectacular mat. I've just finished ordering my very own.

Shout out to Omar Siddique for the friendly review. The Gaiam Athletic Yogi Series 2gripMAT has definitely gotten itself in the lime light and that's made their customers proud. These premium mats can be ordered on, available in two different colors. Go check things out and let me know if you know what all the hype is about!
Go enjoy some relaxation while meditating.

Manduka Pro Review

Manduka Pro Review

Being comfortable while doing your yoga is very essential, and not only does your yoga teacher matter but also the mat you are using says and shows a lot. Well, Manduka pro is the mat you definitely need to have when you are taking you yoga lessons. The mat has been designed to offer you comfort and safety which are the key factors to a good yoga session.

If you are a yogi, your dream has come true after those many years you have waited. The Manduka pro mat will definitely carry you away, when comfort and safety are mentioned. With its thick and dense form and cautioning, together with its unparallel comfort makes it the ideal mat that you can use during your practice. It’s also made of a non slip fabric material which creates resistance to wetness caused by light perspirations. The Manduka pro is one mat that even your yoga teacher will recommend during the session. You don’t want to miss out when everybody is using it.


Offers comfort

What makes it more comfortable is its dense form and cautioning which protects the knees, elbows and hips from hard floors. Being comfortable is all you need when you are doing yoga and that’s what Manduka pro does for you. It’s also made of superior fabric materials which prevents you from slipping during your yoga session, this also adds to the comfort. On the other hand the fabric material is also 100 percent latex free. So for those who have latex reactions have an added advantage as well

Made of strong durable fabric (Its non sticky and slip resistant)

It’s mostly common that when you are doing yoga, you have to sweat at some point which may lead to slipping and stickiness. With the Manduka pro, this is not the case, its makers have made sure that it’s non sticky and also slip resistant. This has been made possible due to the fact that it’s made out of a strong superior material which allows absorption and gets rid of light perspiration which causes stickiness and slipping. On the other hand the strong fabric promises longevity if the mat is well maintained.

Customer reviews and scores

The Manduka pro continues to be a legend in the market with more than 1000 reviews on the product, most claim the mat is comfortable due to its thickness, durable and worth the expense. Others believe that it’s called the PRO with a good reason which makes them rate it with a 4.5 star out of 5.

Being a mat that offers the best service, it also has some disadvantages that come with it. First the Manduka pro is heavy to carry around, though through some help from a friend, it will guarantee you good results eventually. Secondly it’s expensive, though the price is worth it, considering the service and durability of the mat. As the saying goes, cheap is expensive, you don’t want to go for a cheaper mat that won’t last long and give you the comfort that you love.


The Manduka pro is the game changer for you to better your results during your yoga sessions. It offers that extra length for more comfort and durability. It also looks appealing from the different colors it comes with. Manduka Pro is the ultimate mat that will make your dreams come true.

Jade Harmony Professional Review

Jade Harmony Professional

The Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat, promotes comfort and safety while working out. The product comes in 10 different colors, and 2 different sizes. The mat can be hand washed, is PVC free, and made completely out of all natural rubber!


Pilates and Yoga participants come in all shapes and sizes, and luckily with the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat you won’t have to worry about that. If you’re taller than the average person, you’d know that the standard yoga mat will not accommodate to your height. Being stretched out across the mat, arms and all, you just won’t fit. The Jade Harmony Professional can vary from standard yoga mat size, all the way to 74 inches!

Slip Resistant

The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is made out of all natural rubber, which makes it highly slip resistant. While doing Yoga & Pilates it's important to make sure that your mat will stay sturdy through all your movements. Yoga mats were created to provide stability and safety, while keeping Yoga as comfortable as can be on hard surfaces. This mat has a very strong grip, preventing slips even if wet.

Customer & Review Ratings

On amazon there are 1,289 votes with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5! There are many customer reviews, some with images to provide a better look at the mat or to provide reason for complaint. 73% of those people gave the mat 5 stars, while only 4% of the voters down rated the mat to a 1 star. In total there are 1,132 positive reviews, whilst there are 157 critical reviews.

A couple of negative factors of this mat are that there is a rather strong rubber smell, and that the mat is not very durable, meaning that after a couple uses the mat will wear down. Many users stated that you just need to let it air out for a couple of hours before use, and then afterwards it will be fine. Over time, everything wears down, and with a yoga mat that should be expected! After constant usage every day for several months upon end, of course you’re going to have to replace your mat.

The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat over all is a very sturdy and trustworthy product. It comes with a multitude of options when it comes to colorization, and has 2 different lengths to choose from. The mat is made out of all natural rubber, so it is completely biodegradable as well as being PVC free. Safety is highly important, and this mat holds to that standard by being slip resistant! It’s comfortable and thick providing proper support for your body. Over all this product is worth every penny, and I would suggest buying it!