Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer Review


Having an Elliptical at home is a great nice to have. You dont have to go to the gym, you can do it whenever you want and you can watch your favorite tv program while doing it. There are many sorts and brands of elliptical. This review is about the Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical trainer.Is this worthwile to buy? Lets find out in this review.


Two- in-one fitness machine

Although the title of this review consideres this product as an elliptical. The product is has the option to change this into a running bike. By that, it can be used as an elliptical trainer and exercise bike.

High momentum fan blades

The High-momentum fan blade flywheel system is causing smooth, fluid movement.

Easily adjustable tension knob

The knobs can be easily adjusted and dont cause any issues when using them.

Electronic console

Fully adjustable seat


  • checkEasy to put together
  • checkDoesn’t take much space
  • checkList Element
  • checkEasy to store
  • checkDecent price


  • Weak metal
  • have to slightly concentrate on making sure your weight is balanced in the center of the machine
  • Makes hard clicking noise
  • closeDoesnt look as if its made for the long term


The price is ok for what you get. But don’t expect miracles. The metal is considered weak and therefore I don’t expect this machine to be suitable for long term usage. Also, recent customers complained about hard clicking noises after 2-3 months of using this machine on regular basis.If you need a machine like this and you don’t have enough money to buy and this is your first elliptical you might consider this to buy. Otherwise, save some money and buy a quality elliptical.

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