Your Guide To The Best Triathlon Shorts

Planning to take part in an endurance event like a triathlon, buy some triathlon shorts. Wearing triathlon shorts allows easy transition between swimming, biking and running, helping a triathlete stay comfortable for the duration of the race. Apart from being made of materials that encourages reduced water absorption, a great benefit wearing this triathlon gear is that it provides great fit. Triathlon shorts are specially designed to support the muscles you use (quadriceps and hamstrings). Wearing these shorts during the grueling challenge helps grip the legs and protects the muscles by applying compression to the body. What’s more, most of these shorts are designed with easy access pockets, allowing you to store all your energy releasing snacks, helping you stay energetic all the way round. Take a look at some of the best triathlon shorts listed below in this guide.

2xu Men’s Compression Triathlon short

2xu Men’s Compression Triathlon short

Made of 83% polyester and 17% elastane Lycra, the2xu Men’s Compression Triathlon short allows an athlete to perform their best with less fatigue and more power and comfort. The quick drying capability of the material coupled with the Y elastic grip of the shorts and plenty of rear pockets for ample storage, ensures total comfort and security.

2XU’s proprietary 105/CK compression fabric

Utilizing 2XU’s powerful. Durable, 105/CK compression fabric for endurance and unparalleled power, wearing this piece of triathlon clothing not only helps boost blood flow to decrease lactic acid build up, but also allows the athlete to perform with more power through less muscle oscillation.

2XU's ICE X fabric technology with IR blocking and Xylitol

Featuring 2XU's ICE X fabric technology with IR blocking and Xylitol, this best triathlon shorts helps cool the body (lowers body temperature up to 5.4 degrees F) and also protects against the sun. In addition, while the flat stitched hems help reduce chafing, the elite LD fusion welded, perforated chamois for ventilation allow you to stay comfortable all race long.

With 17 customer reviews, 2xu Men’s Compression triathlon shorts has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars at Amazon. Most of the customers are of the opinion that this triathlon gear is a great choice for swimming, biking and running as they not only looked good but also felt quite comfortable during the long training sessions. However, some customers feel that the shorts do not fit properly. A few of them have felt that buying a size according to the height and weight suggested by 2XU often got them a size that was tight. However, buying one size larger than the suggested size helped them get one with a proper fit.

2xu Men’s Compression Triathlon short is an ideal choice for all triathletes looking for a piece of clothing that will help them stay comfortable during the sports activities, such as running, cycling and swimming.

Skinstri400 Men’s compression Shorts

Skinstri400 Men’s compression Shorts

A great choice for men with slim profile, this best triathlon shorts are perhaps the only high-performance triathlon clothing that provides the right levels of compression on muscles, just when you require it.


While the high density foam help provides maximum protection to men with slim profile, the textured surface permits optimal moisture transfer and comfort. In addition, the carbon-infused fabric panels that are placed strategically between the thighs, promote more comfort, less chafing and better performance during the final stage of the race.

Proper compression

The dynamic gradient compression helps increase blood circulation to provide more oxygen to your active muscles to create more power. In addition, good blood circulation helps decrease lactic acid built up, making it easier for you to compete hard from the start to the finish line.

With 20 customer reviews, Skinstri400 Men’s compression shorts have received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars at Amazon. Most reviewers are of the opinion that this triathlon shorts have an excellent fit and compression. In addition, some of the customers have felt that these shorts not only have zero chaffing issues, but also helps you stay cool even in the most hot and humid environments. On the other hand, some customers feel that the absence of drawstrings made wearing them slightly uncomfortable when swimming as it did not feel tight enough to hold them up at the waist. However, wearing one size small than your normal size can help solve the problem and help you stay comfortable during swimming. Some reviewers are also of the opinion that the edge of the padding rubbed on the legs and caused friction. However, using chamois butter helped solved the problem.

Skinstri400 Men’s compression shorts are great choice of triathlon shorts for all those looking for durable, stylish and extra comfortable triathlon apparel.

Louis Garneau 2014/15 Men’s CB Carbon cycling shorts

Louis Garneau 2014/15 Men’s CB Carbon cycling shorts

A perfect choice for professional cyclist, this best triathlon shorts promises to provide all the comfort you need during cycling. While the ergonomic design provide a perfect fit and supports the body in movements, the flat lock seams helps reduce chafing and do away with irritation.

Coldblack treatment

The Coldblack treatment onthe side panels of carbon lycra not only help provide extreme UV protection, but also helps decreases the temperature on the exterior of the fabric by reflecting the sun.


A great benefit of wearing Louis Garneau 2014/15 Men’s shorts is that it provides the wearer ultimate comfortable. While the gel inserts in the perforated Airgel chamois helps prevent moisture built up, the elastic waist along with the drawstring and 11 panels help provide a secure fit.

With 8 customer reviews, Louis Garneau cycling shorts has been rated 4 out of 5 stars at Amazon. Most customers who have used these shorts feel that the shorts offer a great fit and the perfect compression . However, the appearance of the shorts has not been liked by some of the customers. While some do not find the string on the waist very cool, a few of them seem to have problem with the color of the shorts. Nevertheless, if you are one of those people looking for more comfort rather than the looks, these shortcomings can be overlooked.

Louis Garneau 2014/15 Men’s cycling shorts is an ideal choice of clothing all those cycling enthusiasts who wish to enjoy their long rides without having to experience any discomfort.