7 wood vs 3 iron

Are you torn between 7 wood vs 3 iron? If so, this post will help you choose between the two golf clubs.

7 wood and 3 iron both hit the ball approximately 170 to 200 yards, but in different ways that suit golfers of different levels.

The 7 wood has a large head similar to a sledgehammer and is used less frequently. It is ideal for mid to long-range shots off the fairway, forgiveness, and easy launching. The 3 iron is a more popular option. It offers straight, precise, and consistent shots with lots of workabilities.

The typical loft of a 7 wood is about 21 degrees, while the 3 iron loft is around 19 degrees. Since the 7 wood shaft comes with an average 1-2 inches longer than 3 iron, it provides the same distances when hit with the right swing. If you find making the proper swing consistently tricky, having a 7 wood in your carry is a good decision, especially if you are an amateur golfer.

Keep reading to get more familiar with 7 wood and 3 iron and determine which one is best for you.

7 Wood Overview 

Carrying a 7 wood is a better option if you hit 3 iron poorly and 5 wood well. If you have a slower swing speed, you can go for a 5 and a 7 wood rather than 3 and 5 combinations. This is because you can launch 7 wood easier and you would appreciate the shorter shaft it delivers.

The 7 wood is a wieldier and larger head. It comes with an increased loft, which is beneficial for making the club better from the longer grass. Plus, better plays can draw and fade. With the higher launch, you can expect less roll. It also helps in targeting the green effectively.

Meanwhile, here are some selling points of this gold club:

  • Easy to launch
  • Ideal for those who struggle with irons
  • Less roll with a higher shot
  • Adds workability for better players
  • More manageable and shorter than 5 wood

3 Iron Overview

Most ambitious golfers and improvers prefer 3 iron because of its excellent performance on the surface. Since this golf club is long and precise, better golfers can target the pin from a reasonable distance away with accuracy.

If you are a better player working the ball from left to right with a fade or draw, you should carry a 3 iron. It often has a 21° loft and hits around 180 yards for average golfers. It is good off the fairway, the tee, and light to heavy rough. With its compact head, it can cut through the turf effortlessly.

Below are some of the notable selling points of 3 irons:

  • Excellent precision
  • Great off the tee on pars
  • Adds a fade or draw
  • Ideal in windy conditions
  • Good distance, lowball flight

Who is 7 Wood for?

For someone with a slow swing speed, a 5 and 7 wood combo is a more suitable choice. Seniors who hit 7 wood better than a 3 iron should consider this gold club. If you hit woods better than hybrids and irons will appreciate the great utility that the 7 wood offers.

Who is 3 Iron for?

If you prioritize usefulness and versatility, a 3 iron is for you. Beginners can consider 3 iron as a go-to club. They can also use it as a driving iron off the tee. As with the better players, they can work the ball more from left to right. This golf club also allows them to target precise areas on the course and play in windy conditions.

Pros of 7 Wood 

Here are some of the advantages of using a 7 wood:

Low Center of Gravity 

Do you struggle to hit the ball high enough and hold the green from over 175 yards? Well, you are not alone. Even when you hit the ball solidly, expect a lower trajectory. After the ball hits the green, it might run off the back.

This is where the 7 wood would help. It has a low center of gravity that provides extra distance and height.

Extra Forgiveness 

The 7 wood is an excellent replacement for the 3 iron if you lack a perfect golf swing and you cannot strike the ball on the club face’s center in a high percentage. This golf club is designed to deliver incredible forgiveness. It can also launch the ball high and far.

With the 7 wood, you can gain confidence from standing over the fairway and make a great swing. The 7 wood is also a go-to club for most golfers who want to add extra forgiveness.

Great Out of Different Lies 

Do you always miss the fairway, which ends up in thick rough? For such a situation, the 7 wood can be your special club. It is built to help golfers prevent missing the fairway. Remember, the 3 iron cannot be the best option in this situation as it twists and turns through the thicker rough.

Pros of 3 Iron 

Now, it’s time to discuss the advantages of getting a 3 iron.


If you are a better golfer, you might like to hit lower shots if the condition or course allows. The 3 iron can help you control the ball flight. It can also hit a fade or draw effectively. For golfers with quality swings and require workability, this golf club is a reliable option.


A golf club that offers precision is critical in your carry distances, particularly if you are a low-single handicap golfer. When hitting a 205-yard shot, you might need it to carry somewhere close to that distance. A 3 iron offers the necessary precision when playing par or better golf, especially for elite golfers.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right golf club can impact your overall performance. If you cannot decide between 7 wood and 3 iron, it is recommended to determine your needs first. If you prefer precision and workability, go for 3 iron. But if you are looking for extra forgiveness and a low center of gravity or do not want to miss the fairway, the 7 wood is a better option. So, it is all about preference and needs.