Apex Pro vs AP2 [Updated Jul 2024]

When it comes to choosing the perfect golf clubs, seasoned golfers know that it has to be the perfect fit for their swing, posture and overall mechanics on the green. With the numerous options to choose from, it can be quite challenging to pick the right brand or model. This is where the Apex Pro vs AP2 Golf debate comes into play. Both are popular choices amongst golf enthusiasts, but which of them is better? In this article, we’ll compare the Apex Pro vs AP2 Golfs and help you decide which iron to add to your golfing arsenal.

Titleist AP2 Golf Irons Overview

The AP2 is one of Titleist’s most popular golf iron models. It is highly favoured amongst experienced golfers due to its precision and accuracy. The AP2 Golf Irons are known for featuring minimal offset that ensures better shot-shaping abilities. The blade length is compact, which means that hitting the ball square is a lot easier. Overall, the AP2 golf irons are seen as providing superior control, unmatched consistency, and a comfortable feel to golfers of all levels.

One of the latest releases from the series is the Titleist 718 AP2 Golf Irons. The 718 model has a refined “Tungsten” sole making for more stability and forgiveness on off-centre strikes. This feature ensures that golfers have the steadiness they need to make accurate shots. Apart from that, the 718 model is built from a highly innovative forging process, which amplifies the speed of the ball off the face of the golf club. Such attributes enhance golfers’ accuracy and distance when they’re out on the course.

Callaway Apex Pro Golf Irons Overview

Meanwhile, the Apex Pro Golf Irons are the favoured choice of golfers who prefer speed and stability on the course. Callaway Apex Pro Golf Irons are known to be more forgiving than the Titleist AP2, thanks to their wider sole design. The Apex Pro Golf Irons are especially popular amongst low handicappers with slower swing speeds. Golfers who use Apex Pro can anticipate smooth ball-flight that is easy to control cognitively.

The latest Apex Pro model is the Callaway Apex Pro 21 Golf Irons. This model is getting the attention of pro and amateur golfers as they offer impressive distance and speed control in a sleek, stylish design. It features “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) technology which makes it possible for golfers to increase ball speed across the face. With the Apex Pro 21, golfers are guaranteed to gain extra yards without sacrificing ball control.

The Head-to-Head Comparison; Apex Pro vs AP2 Golf Irons

The Apex Pro vs AP2 Golf Irons debate usually comes down to personal preference regarding the build of each golf club. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing one model over the other:

Ball speed and control: One key aspect that stands out for both these golf irons is ball speed and control. When comparing the Apex Pro vs the AP2, the Callaway Apex Pro offers more ball speed than the AP2, which is expected with their AI technology. On the other hand, the Titleist AP2 is known for its consistency even on off-centre strikes, which is advantageous for golfers when trying to hit the sweet spot.

Forgiveness: When it comes to forgiveness, the Apex Pro Golf Irons have the edge over the AP2. The wider sole design of the Apex Pro makes it a bit more forgiving than the AP2, especially on shots that are not hit on the sweet spot. However, this design can become tricky if you aim for a more accurate shot.

Feel and comfort: Both golf iron models are known for being comfortable to swing. The AP2’s compact blade length makes for a comfortable grip and enhanced feel, whereas the Apex Pro’s sleek design reduces vibration across the whole club.


Golf is a game of precision and accuracy, and having the right set of golf irons is essential to winning. The Titleist AP2 and the Callaway Apex Pro are both popular choices amongst golfers. While it’s impossible to choose between the two based solely on features, golfers need to take into account their level of comfort and ease of use. Golfers who value precise shot-making, consistency and accuracy, can go for the AP2, whereas those who prefer a mix of distance and stability would prefer the Apex Pro. At the end of the day, the choice between Apex Pro vs AP2 Golf Iron lies within the preferences and requirements of the individual golfer.