B330s Review [Updated Dec 2023]

If you are a golf enthusiast, you know that the quality of a golf ball can make a huge difference in your game. Bridgestone Tour B330-S is a high-performance golf ball that is designed to enhance control, accuracy, and distance. In this comprehensive Bridgestone Tour B330-S review, we will dive deep into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this golf ball. So, let’s get started.

Bridgestone Tour B330-S Features

Bridgestone Tour B330-S is made with four-piece construction, which comprises a gradational core, a dual mantle layer, and a soft urethane cover. The gradational core is engineered to have a softer inner core and a firmer outer core, which offers less spin off the driver and more spin around the greens. The dual mantle layer consists of two layers of different materials, which maximizes velocity and reduces spin on full shots, helping you achieve longer distances. The soft urethane cover provides an excellent feel and control around the greens, allowing you to produce higher spin and accuracy.

Bridgestone Tour B330-S is designed with an advanced 330 Dual Dimple technology, featuring both larger and smaller dimples that optimize aerodynamics for straighter and more stable ball flight. The larger dimples on the outer edge of the ball enhance lift and reduce wind resistance, while the smaller dimples on the inside maximize distance and control.

Benefits of Bridgestone Tour B330-S

One of the most significant benefits of Bridgestone Tour B330-S is its excellent feel and control, thanks to the soft urethane cover. This allows you to make more delicate and precise shots around the greens, even from difficult lies. The gradational core and dual mantle layer also provide more distance and accuracy off the tee without sacrificing control, making it an ideal choice for golfers with moderate to high swing speeds.

Bridgestone Tour B330-S boasts a low driver spin, which means that the ball will not veer off-course easily. This is particularly beneficial if you tend to slice or hook your shots. The advanced dimple technology also enhances aerodynamics, reducing drag and optimizing lift, producing a more stable ball flight.

Furthermore, Bridgestone Tour B330-S is a durable golf ball that can withstand prolonged use and provide reliable performance throughout. The urethane cover is resistant to scratches, cuts, and scuffs, ensuring that the ball remains in good condition for longer.

Drawbacks of Bridgestone Tour B330-S

Like any golf ball, Bridgestone Tour B330-S has its drawbacks. The most notable downside is its high price tag. Compared to other golf balls in the market, Bridgestone Tour B330-S is relatively expensive, which may not be affordable for everyone. Moreover, the soft urethane cover may wear out quickly if you use it regularly on rough surfaces like cart paths or trees.

Another disadvantage of Bridgestone Tour B330-S is that it may not be suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds. The ball’s firmer outer core requires a high swing speed to produce optimal distance and accuracy. If you have a slower swing speed, you may not be able to generate enough force to get the most out of this ball.


In conclusion, Bridgestone Tour B330-S is an excellent golf ball that offers high performance, control, and accuracy. Its four-piece construction, advanced dimple technology, and soft urethane cover make it an ideal choice for golfers with moderate to high swing speeds who want to improve their distance and control. Although it comes with a high price tag, it is a durable golf ball that can withstand prolonged use and provide reliable performance throughout. Overall, if you are looking for a golf ball that can take your game to the next level, Bridgestone Tour B330-S should be at the top of your list.