Ben Hogan Apex Irons Review [Updated Dec 2023]

Golfers always seek the latest and greatest equipment to keep them at the top of their game. That’s where the Ben Hogan Apex Irons come into play. With a classic design and unbeatable performance, the Ben Hogan Apex Irons have been one of the most popular and highest-rated irons in the market since its launch in 2015. This article is a detailed review of the Ben Hogan Apex Irons, showcasing their features, benefits, and drawbacks.


Ben Hogan was an accomplished professional golfer who won nine major championships in his career. His name is synonymous with golfers who value high-quality golf equipment that enhances their performance on the golf course. Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company was established in 1953 and continues to innovate to this day with exceptional products such as the Ben Hogan Apex Irons.

Design and Technology

The Ben Hogan Apex Irons have a classic design that exudes elegance and sophistication. The clubhead has a compact shape that visually inspires confidence at address, while the minimal offset promotes a clean and straightforward visual impression. The irons offer a thin topline design that allows better shot shaping and more control. The leading edge of each iron is designed with camber to reduce turf interaction, which facilitates easy, high launch shots.

The irons feature a forged construction, which is the traditional method of crafting irons. The process creates a denser clubhead that enhances feel, feedback, and sound. The Apex Irons also integrate a unique co-forging technique. This method strategically places different materials in different areas of the clubhead to optimize performance. The iron’s body is made out of 1025 carbon steel, while its face features a 455 Carpenter steel insert. This combination increases ball speed and maximizes distance. The insert is so thin that it flexes at impact, leading to a superbly soft feel that’s hard to match.


The Ben Hogan Apex Irons deliver top-level performance on the golf course. The irons boast excellent distance control, impressive accuracy, and high launch capabilities. The club’s unique design stabilizes the shot at impact, which results in a consistent ball flight.

The Apex Irons’ thin topline design allows golfers to shape their shots accurately, making them ideal for players with moderate ball speed. The irons also offer a straight leading edge, which enhances turf interaction for more forgiveness and consistency. The combination of these features makes the Ben Hogan Apex Irons very forgiving, especially for players who tend to strike the ball low on the clubface.

Another excellent aspect of the Ben Hogan Apex Irons is their feel. They are famous for delivering an incredibly soft feel at impact, thanks to their forged construction and 455 Carpenter steel insert. Golfers who value feedback and precision will appreciate the exceptional feel of the Apex Irons.


The Ben Hogan Apex Irons are currently available for purchase through the company’s official website or other authorized dealers. The cost of a set typically ranges from around $800 to $1,000 depending on the specific set configuration, shaft, and other customization options. While the price may seem high, these irons are worth the investment, especially for golfers who value the performance, craftsmanship, and quality of their golf equipment.


One of the few drawbacks of the Ben Hogan Apex Irons is their limited availability. The company now operates as a direct-to-consumer brand, which means that golfers cannot purchase these irons from major retail stores. This exclusivity may undoubtedly make it more challenging for golfers to try them out before purchasing. However, the company’s website has a robust fitting system that helps golfers determine their perfect set configuration.

Another potential drawback of Ben Hogan Apex Irons is their limited forgiveness. While these clubs are forgiving for moderate ball-speed players, golfers who tend to mis-hit the ball frequently may struggle with these irons. They have a compact design that may intimidate some players and make it harder to achieve their desired results.


In conclusion, the Ben Hogan Apex Irons are a game-changer in the golf industry. With a classic design, innovative technology, and exceptional performance, they reign supreme among the best iron sets available on the market. Their unmatched feel, accuracy, and distance control make them an ideal choice for avid golfers who value top-level performance and quality engineering. While they may not be the perfect fit for every golfer, those who choose the Ben Hogan Apex Irons will undoubtedly see improvements in their game and feel satisfied with their investment.