Best 14 way golf bag

Best 14 way golf bag

Where would a golfer go without his/her precious golf bag? A golf bag is where a golfer stores their collection of clubs. A golf club bag is easily accessible during the time of need. It is highly convenient- because people on the field love to walk the course while carrying their clubs.

However, carrying ones club bag for long distances can ruin the pleasant experience of a long, quiet walk. It is incredibly irritating to reach for the back of your bag to pick up the game, only to find that your clubs are- once again- tangled all over the place in the gap.

This is not a very ideal situation- mainly because when the grips of different clubs meet- hell breaks loose. The grips will intertwine the clubs, which in turn will be hard to pick apart and retrieve so you can continue the game.

An ideal solution to this very un-ideal situation is to simply get a 14 way golf bag! A 14 way golf club has fourteen different divisions so that you can compartmentalize and organize your golf clubs as you like. You can simply slip in your club into a compartment and pick it up whenever you need it to play.

14 way gold club bags often come with tubes that are used to look after the club grips and make sure that they cause no problem. With the tube and the 14 way compartments, the golf clubs never get tangled up between play, while the grips remain in good condition for a long time.

Top 3 14 way golf bag

Image Product Price Rating BUY
Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Stand Bag Review

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Bag


PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag Review

Powerbilt Tps Dunes 14-Way Bag


WIlson Staff D300

Sun Mountain 14 Way Golf Stand Bag


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Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Bag

Callaway Golf 2019 Chev Stand Bag Review

The Callaway CHEV Golf Stand bag comes in the lightest build possible. Golf involves a lot of walking around while carrying your golf club bag. It can get tiring. However, Callaway’s light build functions so easily that you won’t even notice it’s there! This way you tire yourself out less, and play for longer. Not only is the Callaway CHEV stand bag light, it also has a bold design.

Another shortcoming of owning a golf bag is to organize and manage your clubs inside them. Carrying your bag around can jostle the clubs around enough for the grips to get tangled. However, Callaway stand bag has a five way top with full length dividers. You can simply put in your clubs in the different pockets available without worrying about any organizational hassles!

Golf is a lot of work- from lugging your club bag around, to lifting it and making a pi- stop to hit a shot before repeating the process all over again. This can get really tiring and drain a lot of your strength and energy. However, Callaway is here to save the day.

The CHEV Golf bag comes with an integrated handle that is placed conveniently on the top cuff design. This feature allows for easy lifting and carrying so that you can play afresh without doing any heavy weight lifting. All you need to do is pick the bag up from the top cuff and you’re good to go!

Due to the many number of pockets and dividers available in the Callaway CHEV golf standing bag, access to your clubs is easier than ever. Besides, the dividers keep clubs separated and reduce any concerns pertaining to grip damage by keeping the said grips protected and safe. However, this stand bag’s pockets don’t just stop there!

The bag also provides many layers including a full length apparel pocket, a lined valuables packet, as well as a seamless tee pocket! All these features are available to maximize storage by taking up minimum space and effort.


  • It has an easy carry double strap.

  • It has a glove attachment and a built in tee holder as well as an insulated water bottle pocket.

  • It exudes quality in both appearance and service.

  • It has 6 pockets to keep your golf equipment organized.

Powerbilt Tps Dunes 14-Way Bag

PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag Review

The Powerbilt TPS Dunes 14-way bag is a stand bag that retains erect functionality and light build to get you through the long hours on a golf course.

While playing golf on a hot summer day, the last thing a golfer wants is to drag around a heavy golf bag and scuffle with different clubs until someone else already makes headway into the game. If you resonate with these claims, the Powerbilt has more to offer for you than you think.

The PowerBilt TPS Dunes is a 14 way bag that comes in shades of black and blue to build up your aesthetic as a pro golfer.

What makes the PowerBilt TPS Dunes Golf bag great, however, is not its appearance but its structure and design. The PowerBilt is uses dividers and pockets to support you and your clubs as your make your way through the golf course.

The bag has 14 dividers to ensure that all your clubs get sorted in place without giving you any trouble. Moreover, the bag also has predictable tops that keep the club grips safe in place and prevent them from rubbing against each other.

PowerBilt saves you a lifetime worth damage by keeping your clubs covered. Moreover, this standing bag has padded dual carry straps so that the material remains touch and does not fray easily under the weight of the clubs. Five zippered pockets also allow you to store any additional golf equipment. This way you can have easy and instant access to all your golf needs anytime, anywhere.


  • It has a 14 way top to organize clubs efficiently.

  • The padded dual carry straps allow you to carry your club bag over long distances.

  • The 5 zippered pockets maximize storage of gold equipment.

Sun Mountain 14 Way Golf Stand Bag

WIlson Staff D300 Review

The need to continue a game for hours is incredibly strong on golf day. While the prospect of carrying a golf bag for hours together might sound dreary and unnecessarily difficult, the Sun Mountain 14 Way Gold Stand bag is built to help you fight these conditions.

This standing golf bag is of assistance not only to a player, but also to their clubs. The most prized feature of this bag is its 14 individual full length dividers. If you use and story a variety of clubs, woods, and putters during the game, a 14 way golf bag is the go to.

What a 14 way golf bad means, is that the bag has the provision of 14 dividers in which you can store your different clubs. These dividers help in keeping the clubs upright into their places without knocking into each other. The tops also prevent grips from damaging each other. You can utilize the different divisions and pockets in this golf bag to get maximum organization.

However, this 14 way golf bag provides more than 14 way tops. In fact, through the Sun Mountain Gold Stand Bag, you also get access to nine different pockets including a clothing pocket, a hydration pouch, two whole velour lined valuable pockets- one with water resistance, and multiple accessory pockets as well.

The Sun Mountain Golf Standing Bag prioritizes your comfort as its initial service. It also has shoulder straps that are constructed with three layer construction and contoured as well. The bag also has grab loops in case you need to jump to quick action and carry the bag with ease. It also has an E-Z fit dual strap system that is adjustable and customizable as per your ease of comfort.


  • It is lightweight, and has high tensile aluminum legs.

  • The shoulder straps offer superior levels of comfort.

  • 14 divisions and multiple pockets provide ease of access to any instrument you want.

  • It has an air flow hip pad for increased ventilation in the bag, to keep your clubs fresh.

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