Best 3 piece golf balls

Best 3 piece golf balls

Golf is a game of peace and calmness. Like every other game, it is very unique and interesting in its way. There are a lot of factors that are involved in making this game successful. Where the grass, the pitch and every other thing in the golf ground stay secondary, the kit comes on the top of the list of things essential for winning the game.

Out of all the things that a kit in a game of golf contains, a ball plays the most prominent role. It is the position of the ball that decides whether you are a winner or loser. The ball should have a good spin in it and should have good hanging power. If you are someone who is a beginner in this game, make sure that you buy a good golf ball.

Here are the 3 best suggestions that you should consider.

Top 3 Best 3 piece golf balls

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3 piece golf balls Reviews

Titleist Pro V1 Review

The Titleist Pro V1 is one of the most trustworthy and perfect golf balls that one would ever use. If you are someone who has a habit of throwing winning shots, then this the ball you should have in your kitchen, as we all know how ball matters in a game like a golf. It is highly durable and gives an exceptional distance while you are playing the game.

It also provides you a spin control and a consistent flight. There are a lot of reasons because of which this ball can give such a great performance. It has got ZG process core technology and a 352 tetrahedral dimple design. The cover of it is Urethane Elastomer and it has the ionomeric casing layer which is again very responsive.

This has got the Alignment Integrated Marking stamp, which in aligning your shots. It has got a large and high-velocity dual-core with a simple and soft corner. This is the reason that every shot that hit feels so soft with this ball. It is a tour-proven ball, which means it has been used internationally at many places and people have approved it as one of the best balls for winning the game of golf.



Gives you an exceptional distance

Not the best one in the market

Highly durable

They won't come packed in sleeves

Got good grips and get held on the ground


Gives great spin

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

If there's one similarity that Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day and other experts of the game have, it's that they all prefer to play with the TP5 Golf balls. The improved 2019 version of these golf balls are now in the market and are ready to take the game of their players farther than before.

It is the only tour golf ball which has got a five-layer technology. It has been designed to improve the performance of all the players, irrespective of him or her being on a tour or a weekend four-ball. It has got the perfect combination of velocity, flight as well as control and feel. If you have been using any different ball, then we will recommend you to try this ball at least once.

The ball has got enhanced speed and that too without negatively affecting the spin performance of the ball. This comes from the proprietary five-layer construction of the ball. This construction includes a tri fast core that delivers the maximum carry as well as low drag along with a dual-spin cover featuring an ultra-soft, immensely durable cover of cast urethane. This ball delivers the perfect tee to green performance and that too without any kind of sacrifice.

In the ball, there is the speed layer system which comprises four increasingly stiff layers so that more speed is produced in the ball. The result which the user gets is more carry distance from the tee along with more spin around the greens and more control in the wind.



High Flex material

Loose time pointer

Speed layer system

Not good for short hitters

Layer construction

Callaway chrome soft golf balls

Multiple things will make you buy this particular product. These golf balls have got an exceptional distance in addition to more control in the green. The product has also got an incredibly soft feel. This chrome soft golf ball has been designed for tour-proven performance and will provide exceptional feel.

The four-piece construction of the ball along with the dual SoftFast core makes sure that the user gets high ball speeds. The product also promises additional optimal spin rates to maximize performance through the bag.

The Fast Ball Speed off the driver Callaway is the only company of golf ball which has got the new dual soft fast core. These balls have been designed for fast speed of balls along with low spin for players who need spin reduction to optimize their launch conditions of the tee. The user gets more spin and a four-piece constriction in these balls. The balls have also got a tour urethane cover which, when combined with all the other features provides the ultimate level of control throughout the bag. In addition to all this, you are also guaranteed to get an extreme spin with all your scoring clubs from inside of the 100 yards.

The ball has got low compression, which provides an incredibly soft feel. The dual soft fast core lets the user compress the ball on iron shots for a long as well as straight flight. This will provide you some amazing feel around the greens.



Exceptional distance

Mars and slight marks in dimples

Soft feel

Too soft

More control in the greens

Low compression

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