Best camera to record golf swing

Best camera to record golf swing

Who does not love to capture the fleeting time! And when it comes to golf, this enthousiasme is increased evermore. We all love to capture all the details of the game to replay it at home, to check out the famous stroke of our favourite player, to share the incredible moments with our friends, to feel the ambience of the field, and to revive the spirit of the game once more.

But selecting a camera to record the game is a big deal. Because our phone cameras are not enough equipped to capture the vivid details or the motion of the speedy ball. In turn the picture gets blurred and the clarity is marred. That’s why you need a pro camera to record the game at its best.

Keep the following factors in mind while picking a camera:

1. Make sure it has a good picture quality

2. Check if it is mountable, that way you will not have to hold it for long

3. Mind whether the camera can capture audio properly

Here are some of the examples of the best camera to record golf swing. Take a look! 

Top 3 camera's to record golf swing

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Camera's to record golf swing Reviews

GoPro Hero8 Black Review

Its quality digital lens can catch any distant object in its motion. Its Hyper Smooth 2.0 feature enhances picture quality. It also includes a game changing leveller named Boost to increase clarity. Super Photo and improved HDR helps to remove blurring and enhances contrast. Its algorithm further provides action shots with minute details.

Time Warp 2.0 is one of its main features that allow you to avail the surreal effect that you would lobe. You can easily tap to slow it or speed it up. It also comes with automatic speed selection. That way the camera can identify the ball speed and set its motion according to deliver you the best picture.

It has 12 MP rear camera. This is an unshakable camera which is extremely crucial to record a game in motion. It is also pocketable so you can carry it anywhere you want. With the inbuilt folding fingers you can easily swap the mounts. It also comes with a Media Mod. So you can expect ultimate expandability. It offers more lighting and lets you another screen and also ensure ro audio. So you can capture all the details and thrill of the game every time. 

Here are a few things available in the box:

USB – C cable, mounting thumb and buckle screw, curved adhesive mount, rechargeable battery, and of course the Go Pro HERO 8 black camera,.

The new side door of the camera allows you to easily mount the batteries. Also, the lens is twice more impact resistant.
It has three distinct levels of stabilization – Boost, High, and On. So, you may choose the fittest option whenever you want.
This allows you to get the widest view and boost it to the most smooth video quality. It automatically adjusts the light and speed so you can save all the interesting moments in the best possible picture clarity.

Its Live Burst feature is an interesting detail. Here you can record the moments from 1.5 seconds before and after the shot. This allows you to choose the righ frame for the best photo and outstanding shareable video. 



It has folding mounting fingers that eliminate the requirement of a frame.

If you prefer to have a mounting frame, this is not ideal for you.

It automatically adjusts the speed of the video so you can capture all the minute details.

If you are a die hard golf enthusiast or a professional you may want a lens with even higher picture quality.

The camera also has a voice control feature which makes it ideal for the live game.

It is waterproof to some extent. 

Canon EOS 4000D Review

The camera is equipped with 18-55 mm f lens and a great device for golf recording. Its high speed auto focus and focal length help the cameraman to better adjust his or her range. This is alo a suitable choice for the amateur photographers as well as the professional ones.

It has a 32 GB memory card where you can easily record an entire span of the game.



It has an auxiliary wide angle lens that allows you to easily capture an expanded view. The lens further brings you nearer to the action.

You cannot access WiFi directly through the camera.

This is a hands down first choice for the professional journalists. 

You cannot directly charge the battery through portable use via USB port. You need to charge the batteries separately.

The memory card as well the digital slave flash allows you to store the recordings without any hassles.

You can easily connect the device to your phone app.

Canon Power Shot ELPH Review

This product is ideal for a high resolution shooting. This point and shoot camera features a 20.0 MP sensor. The processor and sensor ensures a HD 720P recording. It also has live video monitoring. Here you can select your pick from various exposure settings and adjust the appearance of the image.

It has a sleek and fancy design. It comes with multiple scene modes such as toy camera effect, monochrome, and fisheye effect that allow you to adjust your picture.

It has an ECO mode that reduces your power consumption and advances a longer battery life. 



It ensures a 720p HD recording.

It does not have a viewfinder. But you may take a look at the picture on the LCD screen.

It is available in two colours: red and sliver. So you can pick your favourite one.

Restoring the pictures in the camera occupies much of the space and we recommend you to take it to your hard drive as soon as possible.

It allows for live view monitoring.

Its ECO mode encourages battery saving and long battery life.

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