Best club for the driving range

Best club for the driving range

Even if you have not played the game of golf, you must have seen it. Not live, then definitely in pictures. You get to see a long stick which every player holds in his or her hand. These are clubs. By the use of it, you must have understood that club is the most important equipment used for playing golf. It is of different shapes and sizes and depending upon its variations, its uses are also different. If you are a new golfer and want to know about clubs, here are some of the most important points you need to know.

Types of golf clubs and their benefits

Here are all the clubs that are used in the game of golf along with their uses.


The first category of clubs is called woods. These clubs are called woods because, in the past, their heads were made up of woods. It includes the driver and fairway woods. These clubs have the largest club heads. They are hollow, have round lines on them and are extended from sides, fronts and backs. They have the longest shaft too. It is because of all these features that the golfers can spin them the most. They are used for the longest shots and can hit the one that is played even from the ground.


Irons are again a very important part of the golf set, but they come in sets. It could be a set of 3 irons or 9 irons. The clubhead of iron is very similar to that of the woods, but the front to back portion of it is very thin in comparison to the woods. It is the reason that the irons are also called blades. The irons have an angle in their face, which helps in gripping the ball and then targeting the spin. With the increase in the number of iron, the angle or the degree increases and the size of the shaft decreases. Iron number 5 will have a low loft than iron number 6.


If we look at the history, then the hybrid clubs came in the mainstream kit in the late 21st century only. They existed before that also, but they were not part of it. As the name of the club suggests, it is a mix of woods and irons. They are named like the irons, 2- a hybrid, 3-hybrid, etc. and are used as the replacement of the corresponding hybrid. They are used mainly because a lot of golfers find it easy to hit a shot with them than the irons. This is the reason that they are also known as iron replacement clubs.


Wedges are a very different class of clubs. There are four types of wedges, namely lob, sand, pitching and gap wedges. They are a separate class of clubs, but are considered as the subset of irons. They have the same head as irons, but there is more loft in wedges for more angle and more spin. If you want to play on chips and pitches around the greens or want to approach for shorter shots, then you should use wedges.

Best club for the driving range

Which is the best club to take to the driving range? Well, answering this question is very difficult. Even some very renowned golfers can’t answer it. The reason behind it is that the way of playing the game varies from player to player. What works best for you can’t work the same for any other person. Now, the best club that you can have for the driving range depends on the level of your game. In simple words, you can say that it is different for the beginners, mid-level player, and a good golfer. Now, the question comes, how to choose the best club for the driving range.|Well, if you ask us, we would suggest you carry the entire bag with you when going for the game. However, there are times when the situation does not allow you to do the same. Another thing is that, even if you are allowed to bring the entire bag, you could not just pick any random club and start playing with it. You need to have a plan. If you are not aware of how you can make a plan, then the following points are going to help you in it.

Know your area of improvement

As we have mentioned above, the type of club needed will depend on the level of your game. So, the first thing that you need to do is to know about the area that you need to improve as a golfer. To know it, you will first have to know about the game properly and then need to play it regularly.

Make a strategy to improve that

Now that you know where you are lacking, you need to fix that. You should focus on it and try to improve that while playing. There is this very important piece of advice that you need to focus upon. You are on the field and trying to improve your bad areas. In the course of it, you hit a very bad shot. This should not distract you. Despite anything that comes in your way you need to be focused on the point you want to improve. Also, while you are playing, you need to record your progress somewhere. This will help you in maintaining the things properly.

Bring the club useful for your improvement

The intention behind this entire discussion was to select that perfect club for the driving range and now you know how to do it. You know your game, you know your area of improvement and you know what to do for it. This will also make it clear which club you will require. We are sure that all these points are enough to make you understand which club is required when it comes to driving range. We have tried to list down all the important points related to it so that you don’t have any doubt in your head.

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