Best degree wedge for chipping

Best degree wedge for chipping

In the game of golf, the most important thing required for winning is a good golf kit. There are a lot of things that make a golf kit, but the most important thing out of all is the club. The club is the long stick used for hitting the ball and making the shots. It has a lot of variants and they have their work. Out of the four classes of the club, one is called wedges. It has its functionality and uses. It is also a very important part of the golf kit. If you are a beginner, here is all that you need to know about it.

What is a wedge?

If you have ever played golf, you must be aware of clubs. Clubs are the long stick that you use for hitting the ball and ultimately playing the game. Wedges are also a type of club. The only difference is that it has different work. Wedges are those clubs that help the golfer in hitting the ball high and also in spinning it when it lands on the ground. This is the use of a wedge, but we shouldn’t forget that it is ultimately a stick and could not create magic. Also, its character changes depending on the way you use it. Here are some more details about it to give you that clear idea.

Different types of wedges and their uses

The following are all four types of wedges and how they are used.

Pitching wedges

This is the first wedge that we want to discuss here. This is used for longer shots where height and the spin of the ball are not necessary. When you are on a 50 yards pitch from a fairway or you are having a rough 130 yards out. This is the time when you can use the pitching wedge. If you want to do the bump and low chipping, then also this club is very important. It has a low amount of loft, which allows the ball to fly lower and roll on the greens.

Gap wedges

This is the second, but most uncommon wedge one ever uses in the game of golf. It is also called an A wedge. It gives you the ability to make a full swing when you are at a distance of 100 yards from the hole. This is one of the most scoring points in any golf match. This could also be used as the replacement of the pitching wedge, the full swing that you can do with this could not be done by any other wedge.

Sand wedge

The sand wedge is by far the most useful in this list. As the name of the wedge suggests it is used to remove the sand by the golfers, but more than that it is used for a variety of more versatile shots. The versatile shots that you can play with this one area due to its heavyweight and large bounce.

Lob wedge

Last, but not least wedge in this list is the lob wedge. The lob wedge has the highest loft among all other wedges present in any golf kit. It might not be the most used wedge, but whenever it comes to stand in front of any obstacle, this is the wedge you will use the most.

Pitching wedge

The very first wedge we want to discuss here is the pitching wedge. The pitching wedge has a loft of 45-49 degrees. If we talk about the set where we can find it, then it is the iron set. As we mentioned above that we could not have a specific degree, but different wedges can be used on different degrees to get that winning shot. For this one, we will suggest you pick this up when your ball is just a few yards away. It will help you in keeping the golf ball lower to the ground and this will finally lead it towards the hole.

Sand or lob wedge

First of all, the point of discussing both the wedges together is that they have a lot of pretty similar degrees. The sand wedge has a loft of 54-57 degree and lob wedge has a loft of 58-64 degrees. Both the wedges could be used depending upon the hills that you have in your golf club. The lob or sand wedges could be used in popping the ball high into the air and then landing it again on the land, but softly. Not just this, but if your golf ball in rough then also you can use lob or sand wedges. It could be used underneath the ball and can help in bringing it back to the green. If we look at the uses that one could ever do of these wedges, then we can say that it is the most useful one out of all.


Before you cook any thoughts in your mind about this one, let us tell you that this is not a wedge, yet very useful equipment in the game of golf, especially when we talk about degrees. This is not as important as the two previous ones mentioned in the list, but its work depends on the situation you are facing in your game. Now, if there is this situation when your ball is just 3-4 yards away and there is no grass in between the hole and ball, you should use a putter. The putter will help you in playing softly and will ensure that the ball goes inside the hole only. After mentioning all the points above, we just want to say that there is no particular degree where you can use different wedges. Different wedges come with different degrees. Apart from that, playing golf regularly will help you in finding your favorite wedge and the degree on which you use it. Now, once you can find it, you can keep using the same for your winning shots.

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