Best Forged Game Improvement Irons

Best Forged Game Improvement Irons

If you’re looking to become the best golfer among your buddies, then you definitely need all the best golf equipment for yourself. Even if you’re either a beginner or a professional, a good golf club will step your game up. By adding a well-forged game improvement iron in your equipment, you can improve your game by a long shot.

If you’re into golf, you probably know what a forged game improvement iron is. Professional golfers usually use the forged iron club on the PGA Tour. They are molded from one single piece of metal. Forged irons can significantly improve your game if you know how to use it right. It is excellent for shaping shots and improving contact. 

Here is a list of the best-forged game improvement irons out there:

Top 3 Forged Game Improvement Irons

Forged Game Improvement Irons Reviews

Callaway Apex Pro 2019 Review

If you’re looking for a forged game improvement iron that checks all the requirements, then Callaway Apex iron is the one you should buy. It is the ultimate forged-distance irons with premium craftsmanship. It provides a fantastic sound and feel. This product is engineered to deliver an excellent design with ball speed technology and optimal ball flight. It is constructed with tungsten-infused, multi-material, which provides incredible precision while also maintaining the flexibility of the iron’s face cup.

The body is forged with 1025 mild carbon steel, which provides an extremely soft feel.

It also includes a Urethane Microspheres.

The 360 face cup provides consistent distance with fastball speed.

Spin control VFT promotes aggressive shots.

The multi-material construction infused with tungsten allows for easy access to the center of gravity which promotes extraordinary precision. It also gives the ball optimum flight and control.

The platinum chrome finish gives it a stunning look.



It provides one of the best feels during an impact.

One of the most expensive forged iron sets out there.

Hits the ball at unbelievable distances.

Less club weight may not be preferred by some.

It has an ideal launch angle regardless of what club you use.

Lands soft with a spin

This forged iron is one of the best out there. When you use this iron, you’ll notice a softness which is just perfect, and it is also greats for huge distances. You’ll find the company’s 360 face cup technology excellent for assisting with forgiveness. It flexes at the right time of impact. This technology also ramps up the speed of the ball for long distances. The response and feel of the Apex iron also deliver every time. Thus this iron is something which you should definitely have if you want to improve your game.

TaylorMade 2019 P790 Forged Review

The TaylorMade P790 Iron Set is another great option if you’re looking to improve your game. The face is constructed with forged 4140 with a thin wrap around it, along with a soft carbon steel body that is designed to provide unbelievable distance and forgiveness. This iron has a SpeedFoam technology which has urethane foam injected into the head. This pushes the design limit of the face speed. This product features a Progressive Inverted Cone Technology, which is strategically located to improve accuracy and also protect off-center ball speed.   


Forged body with a hollow construction for longer distances and more forgiveness
SpeedFoam to improve feel
Progressive ICT to enhance the accuracy
Thru slot speed pocket to provide ball speed and maximize forgiveness
Low profile tungsten for a better launch



Great hollow iron design which offers excellent feel and distance


Exceptional shot-shaping        

Tungsten weighting allows more flexibility and control

Just like any other TaylorMade irons, this P790 also feels very solid when you hold it. Each and every shot provides a great distance. It has a slim profile, which is extremely efficient. The clubhead is also designed in a way to give pro golfers a lot of shot control over their swing. The company’s SpeedFoam technology gives the 3-through 7-irons an amazing trampoline effect when the ball comes in contact with the clubface. This technology, along with the hollow irons increases the speed on the clubhead.

Another significant advancement with the P790 is the thinner and hotter iron face that maximizes the sweet spot area. Also, the tungsten weighted bar provides a higher launch angle as it is injected at a lower level inside the clubhead. This forged iron can be a little expensive, but the performance it provides undoubtedly makes this an excellent choice for you to improve your game out in the field.

TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Set Review

This P760 is another iron set from TaylorMade on this list. The vast distance provided by this iron makes it one of the best choices for you if you are looking to improve your game. This P760 is a compact iron set which has all the benefits of speed and distance. It does not compromise on sound and feel. It has a SpeedFoam technology that allows for thin clubface that has more support to generate greater speed with consistent performance. The head size and offset are engineered to provide better precision. This iron is forged from one single piece of steel to provide enhanced feel and better shot-making ability. 

Engineered for exceptional feel and precision
Forged 1025 carbon steel provides a soft feel and also creates additional accuracy and speed
SpeedFoam Technology 



A great forged iron that will increase the distance of your shot

Not a great value for its price 

Gives you the advantage of shaping your shot

Provides an incredible field

The P760 is an excellent choice for you if you want to upgrade your equipment. There is a significant technological advancement in this iron; however, it still maintains the original forged look and feel. The carbon steel body provides it with high strength and durability. The middle irons have a compression, which is like a spring, and thus vaults the ball up in the air with ease. This iron will provide you with great distance and also give you the ability to shape your shot however you want. It is one of the best-forged irons set that you should consider.