Best golf ball for putting

Best golf ball for putting

Golf is a game that requires several types of strokes, although most people are unaware of it. Putting is one such stroke that players do by making use of a club called “Putter.” There are many other clubs in golf which have different purposes. The driver, for instance, is the longest club and helps in adding weight to a stroke if the ball has a long distance to cover.For the specific purpose of putting, golfers widely prefer softer balls because it absorbs slight mistakes when the shot calls for utmost accuracy. Beginners and experts may also prefer two-layered balls for putting. However, every golfer has different needs, and their preference for a golf ball for putting may differ. Here are the reviews of three golf balls which are excellent for putting:

Top 3 golf ball for putting

Image Product Price Rating
Titleist AVX Review

Titleist AVX


TaylorMade Project (S) Review TaylorMade Project (S)


Titleist Pro V1 Review Titleist Pro V1


Golf ball for putting Reviews

Titleist AVX

Titleist AVX Review

Titleist has come up with a golf ball that takes design and aerodynamics to another level. This golf ball has set the mark for all other golf balls by focusing on the low flying capabilities and soft feel. Do the features of this gold ball have what it takes to make it ideal for putting? Here are the features to help in making that decision:

Core: Titleist AVX makes use of the most innovative core technology that is of very high speed and low compression core technology. What do these technologically innovative processes result? Well, the golf ball created becomes very powerful and strong enough to cover long distances even with a soft feel to its surface

Cover: The cover of Titleist AVX is thermoset urethane which is cast by the proprietary GRN41. This fantastic cover allows the golf ball to carry out exceptional scoring control. It adds a very soft feel as well as lengthens its durability.

Casing: The casing layer of Titleist AVX is high flex. This feature means that the ball can fly at more top speed and also help in controlling the spin of the ball and allows the ball to cover more distance.

Design: The tiles on Titleist AVX are spherical. This design in itself is not distinct, but what sets it apart from other balls is that these spheres have an aerodynamically catenary design. It allows the golf ball to remain consistent and optimal on all kinds of shots regardless of the stroke used.

This ball has a very soft feel It does not perform as well as expected when it comes to the flight trajectory
It is ideal for both putting and long-distance shots which require a driver club Cannot cover very long-distance shot
It can fly very lowly It is not very suitable for golfers who depend on a spin to get a good shot
It spins lesser compared to other golf balls by Titleist or any other brand. This golf ball is not ideal for slow swing speeds
It is very durable and offers value for money.

TaylorMade Project (S)

TaylorMade Project (S) Review

TaylorMade, seeing the success of Project (A), identified the need for golfers for a softer golf ball which will be ideal for putting. Therefore, the idea of Project (S) came into being. It still keeps the low driver spin and distance top priority.

The features of Project (s) are as follows

Core: The core of the Project (s)’s compression is 60. It has a dual-distance centre which allows for higher speed and rebound.Cover: The cover of this golf ball is Ionomer. An ionomer is usually softer than urethane, and this increases the softness of the ball, making it ideal for grass shots.Three layers: It contains a softer inner core and resilient outer core along with dimple designUV resistant paint: These Project (s) comes in bright matte colors of white, orange, and yellow. The paint on these colored golf balls is UV resistant.

Consistency in shots even with different strokes The matte paint can make it a bit difficult to spot if it a shot strays from the fairway
Ability to cover a great distance with accuracy It is shorter than expected
Soft feel ideal for putting and shots in the grass It is not very different from other golf balls at the same price range or even lower.
Very durable though the softness may make it seem fragile
Easy to spot because of its color options.

Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 Review

The Titleist Pro V1 is the number one best selling golf ball in the online shopping store Amazon. Here are the features of this well-liked product:

Core: The fast core of the Pro V1 increases the speed and reduces spin at the same time.Casing: The casing layer of this golf ball is larger, meaning it further increases the speed of the ball.Cover: The cover is urethane and helps in scoring control. It is excellent for generating high spin for strokes made with the putter on the grassy areas.

Long-distance coverage with consistency They can be a little costly for casual players
Spins very less Not suitable for beginners. These new players will not be able to differentiate between this high-quality product with a cheaper alternative.
Soft feel
Flexible and easy to control
It has a wonderful sound when hit, and keeps up with the Titleist standards
Durable and long-lasting
Great value for a great product