Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speed

High swing speed is something professionals and enthusiasts are a fan of. Higher swing golf balls are in great demand. A golf ball that covers 105 miles per hour is a high swing speed golf ball. With an increased spin rate, you can easily get fast swing speed. There are a variety of golf balls that offer high swing speed, so you don’t need to settle on lesser velocities.

High swing speed golf balls offer accuracy and that is what makes them unique. Other golf balls usually take distance into account for good performance. Higher accuracy means higher price tags as well. However, it is really worth it as golf balls with higher swing speeds come with three components and bigger cores while average golf balls have one or two layers only.

The covers provide more control and accuracy. Out of a wide range of golf balls available out there, if you are confused over which one to choose, we have eased it for you. Here are the top three best golf balls for high swing speed.

Golf balls for high swing speed reviews

Bridgestone Tour B330 S

Bridgestone Tour B330 S

If you want to get maximum distance and tour spin in a single golf ball, Bridgestone Tour B330 S is the answer. Bridgestone is the famous tire and gold ball manufacturer that prioritizes high speeds.

These are especially designed for people who love to swing the driver faster than 105mph. The name itself claims high spin as the ‘S’ at the end of the name stands for Spin. It is important to add that the Tour B330 S adds both feel and spin to the field. It is known as a gold ball that enhances the feel and allows high swing speed at the same time.

Main Features

Tour B330 S provides great control and feel. However, its distance is almost the same as any other premium golf ball, coming with a swing speed higher than 105 mph. But the swing and feel is something to behold. You are going to love your experience in the very first wedge shot you make. It will make you want to shoot again and again with a refreshing experience every time.

Coming with a new engine, its Tour Core is 6% larger with steeper gradient making the ball speed faster and the spin more reduced off the driver than you would have experienced with any high-quality golf ball.

Its SlipRes cover is newly formulated and possesses the highest friction coefficient rating ever possible. This eases the greenside spin, making it great for large distances due to reduced spin off the driver. Moreover, it comes with self-repairing cover that adds a lot to its durability and longer playability.

With Seamless Cover Technology (SCT) incorporated, this golf ball is ideal in regards to accuracy, distance and trajectory.

Furthermore, the proprietary dual dimple cover pattern features small inner dimples that result in reduced launch drag. It helps in faster elevation. The large outer dimple helps with a shallow angle of descent to increase the rollout while landing.

Overall, this is a great golf ball if high swing speed is your major concern. All of its features greatly contribute to the swing speed that makes it the best golf ball out there.


  • Distance is similar to top premium golf balls
  • Formulated SlipRes cover for maximum friction
  • Seamless Cover Technology for great performance
  • Harder compression


  • Soft cover can get scuffed easily

Taylormade TP5x

Taylormade TP5x is another great premium golf ball with a high swing speed. Ever since the Taylormade’s five piece TP5x came to the scene in 2016, it became highly popular among the golfers. With its 90 compression, it is claimed to deliver great performance that you need in the field.

The best thing about Taylormade TP5x is its fifth layer that allows you to trap the ball against the ground with the irons. And so, you do not need to sweep it away. You know that it is going to stop near the pitch mark right when you shoot it, making every shot predictable.

Main Features

The 5-layer golf ball construction features a Tri Fast Core and Dual Spin Cover that adds a lot to the playability of this golf ball. This super amazing construction makes it an ideal golf ball for high swing speed with every club in your golf bag.

Its Tri Fast Core has to offer unique 3-layered core system that provides progressive compression, maximum energy transfer and massive speed on full shots. These features make it the most complete tour ball.

The Dual Spin Cover is another feature that needs to be acknowledged. This cover is the main reason you can feel every shot you make with Taylormade TP5x. The ultra-soft cast urethane and semi rigid inner cover allows maximum interaction between the club and the ball cover, when combined.

The superb construction results in exceptionally great spin performance with full wedge shots. Moreover, the control it provides around the green is also remarkable.

Overall, this Taylormade TP5x golf ball is known to deliver log distances with high trajectory yet retaining the softer feel and great control. At 90 compression, you can expect higher launch and lesser drag. You will be hitting the green even in higher flight conditions as well as steeper descent angles.

However, you need to know that Taylormade TP5x is less workable left and right. But coming at a great price value, you will not need to look anywhere else.


  • Durable dual cover
  • Best for lower launch with lesser drag
  • Straight shots
  • Thick cover yet soft feel
  • High trajectory for longer distance


  • Left and right less workable

Vice Pro Plus

Vice Pro Plus Review

Vice is a German golf ball brand making its mark in the world of golf. From the logo to construction and performance, everything in their product is beyond perfect. Vice Pro Plus is a unique and sleek 4-piece golf ball covered in urethane.

Vice Pro Plus is designed to provide firmer feels. Due to its four piece construction, it flies a little lower. If you are look for a high swing speed golf ball that penetrates lower, Vice Pro Plus makes a great option to consider.

Main features

With a speed of above 110 mph, Vice Pro Plus feels comfortable yet hotter off the face compared to a lot of other premium tour balls. You need to know that this gold ball stops only where it drops. This is made possible with its high trajectory that generates a lot of spin making the ball stop exactly where it lands.

This means it has excellent green grabbing power. All of these great features help it in optimization for longer distances. Moreover, it is known for lower ball flight trajectory. High swing speed golf ball giving off lower flight trajectory is what most golfers be it professionals and beginners are looking for. We are happy to announce that this 4-piece Vice Pro Plus delivers exactly that.

When it comes to distance, 10 yards is the average of this ball. This is almost similar to all the other high sing speed golf balls. With good spin and good distance, you are ready to take your shots on the greens.

Overall, it is the best golf ball for high swing speed. Coming at a lower price, you will fall in love with the outlook and performance of Vice Pro Plus golf ball.


  • Best for lower trajectory flight
  • Firmer feel and enhanced control
  • Great spin
  • Offered in bright green and red color too


  • Soft cover cuts often


Best golf balls that offer high swing speed are quite rare. Three of the above-mentioned are rated as top best. Choosing one of these can enhance your golf experience overall. Look at the features to get the best one as per your requirements.