Best golf balls under 30

Best golf balls under 30

Golf was invented way back in the 15th century. At that time, it was played casually by the royals of Scotland using clubs made from branches of a tree, which were usually shaped by a bow maker. Along with that, the golf balls were also made of wood. It took centuries of the invention on a trial and error basis to reach the current design of the golf ball. Many aspects of the game have changed, but a few factors remain constant. One factor is that golf was forever regarded as a game for wealthy people. It acted as a sport to symbolize standards and wealth. This remained true till date. Most of the golf equipment is costly, but for a reason. Professional equipment s has its specific uses and their essentials for the adequate performance of their players. But still, there are areas where the cost can be strategically cut down. One of these areas is the actual golf ball. Modern technology has enabled us to manufacture quality golf balls at a lower price. In this list of best golf balls under 30, we will be reviewing three of the best golf balls under 30 for you to choose from.

Top 3 golf balls under 30

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Golf balls under 30 Reviews



The first golf ball we will be reviewing in this list of best golf balls under 30 is the Callaway super soft. This product is manufactured by the company Callaway. Callaway is one of the hotshot companies when it comes to golf manufacturers. It has always been the number one choice for most professionals. The Callaway super soft is a result of Callaway’s highest feat of innovations in regards to golf balls. The super-soft has really low levels of compressions, which makes it a super soft golf ball. Its 38 compression results in little spins and thereby helping the ball go to superior distances. This technology also helps to keep the ball on an accurate and straight flight path. The ball is also available in two color options, white and optical yellow. The optical yellow is both trendy in looks and serves a purpose. It is easier to locate in mid-air and on the field.

Key features:The compression of 38 makes the ball super soft.Low spins for extra accuracy of flight path.Incorporated technology for long distance travel.Specifications:Company- CallawayDimensions- 5 x 4 x 8 inWeight- 1 pound

38 compression makes this ball the softest. Not suitable for short game control
Best driving ball for slow swing speeds. Not ideal for high swing speeds.
Maximum energy transfer while slow swings for putting.
Surlyn cover makes the ball highly durable.



The second golf ball that will be reviewed in this list of best golf balls under 30 is the Wilson DX3 Soft Spin. This product is made by the company Wilson. Wilson is known to make value for money golf equipment; it provides the highest quality products at their respective price ranges.The DX3 soft spin has a higher spin performance than its cousin brand, the DX3 spin. The spin performance of the DX3 soft spin on the greenside is increased by 15% up to 20%. The speed technology also increases the accuracy of the ball in its trajectory, enabling it to keep straight path mid-air. The ball is made of three sections of Surlyn at a compression of 40; this gives the ball a respectably high distance performance. The ball also incorporates shallow dimple design; this increases the balls’ mid-air performance and helps it achieve long carry distances.

Key features:High greenside spin.40 compression makes it super soft.The high spin performance gives it great accuracy.Shallow dimple design gives the ball high mid-air performance.Specifications:Company- WilsonDimensions- 11.7 x 8.3 x 6.3 inWeight- 1.3 pounds

High spin provides high greenside performance. High softness makes it unsuitable for high swing speeds.
Three-layer surlyn provides the ball great durability. No color options available.
Accurate mid-air trajectory.
Very soft at 40 compressions.


Vice Pro Golf Balls Review

The third golf ball that will be reviewed in the list of best golf balls under 30 is the Vice Pro golf balls. This product is manufactured by the company Vice Golf. The company specializes in making tour quality golf balls.Vice Golf is a well-known brand and really popular because of its low prices. Vice mostly sells golf balls through online market places which help the company costs low. The Vice Pro incorporates three layers of cast urethane in the ball’s cover. The Vice Pro is specially designed for advanced Golfers whose club speed ranges from medium to high. The Vice Pro is made to be at par with premium tour balls using its S2TG technology for its ball cover. The cover incorporates 318 extra-large dimples, which reduces the drag it experiences mid-air. The technologies incorporated within the ball make the cover soft and a bit sticky, which increases the ball’s feel and feedback. At the same time, it increases the distance covered by the ball while increasing its spin for greater accuracy. The ball includes high energy speedcore technology, which provides the ball with increased speed. The Vice Pro is available in three colors; white, neon lime, and red, giving it a trendy design and look.

Key features:Three-layered cast urethane cover.Tuned compression for mid to high swing speeds.S2TG covers technology for high mid-air performance.Three hundred eighteen large-sized dimples for lesser drag.Specifications:Company- Vice GolfWeight- 1.4 pounds

Tour quality performance. Not suitable for slow swing speeds.
Three different color choices. Urethane cover is not as durable as surlyn.
Tunes compression levels for different swing speeds.
Highly aerodynamic design.

Final Verdict

The end verdict from this list of best golf balls under 30 is that the most suitable ball for slow swing speeds is the Wilson DX3 soft spin. The ball is super soft and is highly accurate. It also provides high greenside speeds and accuracy. If you are willing to go a bit out of the budget, then the vice pro is also a fabulous choice. The reason being it is suitable for a wider swing speed range.