Best golf clubs under 400

Best golf clubs under 400

One of the poised and classy games which have different complications is golf. The golfers need a specific club set that has varied techniques. The different club sticks come with varied features. When we want to increase our performance while putting then the specialized set of club sticks is very necessary.

Here we are going to provide some of the best club sticks which have different excellent features. One of the most preferable and popular club stick for critical strokes is the square strike wedge. The features of this club stick make it very preferable and popular among professional golfers. The durability of these sticks is the most differentiated feature which is being in the demand.

Apart from the core features the players needs also the handy sticks which are quite an excellent gripping. Apart from gripping the all-around design of the sticks makes it very popular among the players.

Top 3 golf clubs under 400

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Golf clubs under 400 Reviews

Square Strike Wedge Review

If you are getting immense difficulties while racking up your strokes due to uneven pitching tend to chip, then the square strike wedge can solve all your problem and you can enjoy playing critical strokes. The square strike wedge is just perfect for golfers from vivid skills. It can help you if you are a novice or a professional. This enables you to play accurate pitch and chip shots of all distances with your credible grip and stroke.

It helps you to diminish the susceptibility for tricky greenside shots. The square strike wedge helps to play one of the most impossible shot at it is very hard to play while lying in the fringe or at the rough surface. The problem of miss-hit due to the short handle can also be rectified using this square strike wedge. 

Apart from the attributes, the top quality designer of this wedge club provides credibility. This wedge has passed all the related norms of legality to use in tournaments. The shorter length of this golf wedge makes it perfect for men and women as it is much easier to control and no gripping down. The gliding of shots are quite smooth through the turf and readily minimizes hyperactive hands and wrists movement. Apart from these features, the anti-chunk sole makes it quick and crisp on the ball. It also provides a series of shallow grooves which helps to reduce friction on the matted surfaces. 

The square strike wedge minimum rotational motion make sit perfect for cleaning and contact of the shot much easier and consistent. The 1yesr manufacturer warranty provides good all-around care. The square strike wedge has a high-quality construction which makes it quite durable. 



Easier swing motion 

Excessive properties

Equipped with anti-rotational weighting

High price

Legal for tournament play

Weight and construction makes it perfect for chip shots 

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Review

If you want to increase your performance substantially then this putter is the accurate one. It is designed to meet all the basic demands which are needed by the professional golfers. It is quite adaptable and accurate for short games. They improve sound and better performance make it very popular among the players. This is the professional putter which helps to shift the weight and thus increasing the performance.

The putting capacity can be substantially increased by the use of this odyssey putter. Though the cost of this putter is quite high it worth use. This putter makes solid contact with the golf ball which helps putt easily. You can feel an increased control over this putter due to its design and better manufacturing technique. The good weight enables stop to have an easy and comfortable grip. 

The overall feature of this putter makes it very efficient and productive for golfers. The putter is the foremost stick of a golfer which provides the finishing touch to the game. This is one of the most productive putters of recent times. The design and manufacturing of this putter are way ahead which provides much stability.



It is exclusively designed to meet the core needs of professional golfers.

Only for a specific purpose

It generates soothing and improved sound, feel and overall performance due to its reengineered white hot insert technique.

High tolerance which inturn provides consistent performance

The additional heel weight placement increases the effect of responsiveness in strike across the face of the ball.

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids Review

If you want to have a hybrid club that provides an excellent movement and increases your game. The accurate balance of this hybrid club makes it entirely a good one. The widened sweet spot of this makes it very preferable for a curvy shot. The inclusion of the Pinemeadow Graphite shaft makes it very popular among the players due to the firm grip.

One of the major attributes of this club is that it comes with headcover which protects to while transporting in your golf bag. The availability of this club stick in 8 different lofts increases the vivacity of this accessory. One of the best features is the larger sweet spot which provides a nice balance of weight throughout the clubhead. The shape of the clubhead helps to play in all aspects. 

The revolution of hybrid sticks specifically adds distance. The shortened shaft and change of shape is quite productive for the golfers. The high lofted design helps to raise the game.
One of the major advantage gained by these hybrids is the popularity among the players.



Hybrid movement of the club due to the design

The set spot of this club enable it for accurate shots

The graphite shaft is strong enough to withstand the clumsy shots.

The headcover provides a good covering for the golf stick.

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