Best high handicap putter

Best high handicap putter

Are you a beginner with a high handicap? A high handicap is any score above 18. Many handicappers shy away from a high handicap, even though it is an indication that you are a decent golfer. If you are a high handicapper, you are probably wondering how you can lower your score and become a better player. For starters, it would be resourceful to choose clubs that are right for your capabilities and expectations. The game, after all, starts with your club- so it really is a matter of importance.

Take into consideration the putters you use when you play- these can make all the difference in even one round of playing. The putter is and will always be the most played instrument, the most used club in your bag. With the right putter, you can tremendously improve your scores as a beginner.

A good putter enables you to get rid of three-putts while working on your one-putt frequency. Of course, the ideal way to get better at putting is through practice and lessons. However, a good putter that contributes well to your game is important. A good putter can help you score at your target line and take control of distance as well.

Top 3 high handicap putter

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High handicap putter Reviews

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Review

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter is structure in a way that meets all your golfer needs perfectly. This Putter supports player from all skill levels. It enables pro golfers to play their best and helps transform beginners into their best selves. Golfing often poses really meticulous demands owing to technique on its players. However, with a putter like Odyssey, you’re practically unbeatable!

The putter has a renovated White Hot insert installed into it. This White Hot insert contributes further to give you an unproblematic golfing experience. The White hot insert produces better sound, encourages an improved feel during play, and heightens the overall experience of the performance whenever you play golf.

The Odyssey White putter also provides the service of a Laser Milling insert. Golfing is a tricky sport. Tackling techniques efficiently to be predominantly good at every shot you make can seem difficult. However, with Odyssey’s good Laser Insert, you can achieve consistent performance- make good strokes regularly due to its tight tolerance.

Every golfer loves forgiving clubs that keep them on top of their game. This putter has features that support top notch forgiveness and responsiveness so that your game can be both careful and have brilliant stroke technology. In fact, Odyssey is prized for its heel/toe weight placement. The right placement redistributes weight in such a way that all strokes sent from the face are straight and covers a good amount of distance.

Additional features that make Odyssey White Hot putter includes the presence of alignment aids on the topline of the putter. These aids exist in contrast and work alternatively but together to enable your strokes to be made in the most accurate way. Alignment aids also help in the upkeep of consistent good shots that increase your performance scores.


  • It has improved sound and feel.

  • Its features help achieve maximum alignment and accuracy between the putter and the strokes.

  • It helps you achieve consistent performance on the field.

  • It is right hand oriented.

S7K Standing Putter Review

ow you line up your putter to your ball before a stroke is really the single one thing that decides your fate on the scoreboard. A slightly off alignment is enough for you to miss your putt- and a chance at improving your score.

However, it can be hard to keep an eye on everything- especially in golf, which is why the S7K Standing putter does your job for you. Yes! This standing putter aligns by itself with no efforts from your part.

This S7K putter stands up by itself, giving you a chance to check the alignment from behind once you’ve positioned the ball in front of the putter. If there’s any error in your alignment, you can identify it immediately and correct it before you make the perfect shot.

The S7K has an ultra-low balance point. The need for a low balance point is that, despite a high impact, your stroke is accelerated well enough to land you a good shot. It balances and traces your shot perfectly along a pat.

You do not need to manipulate your blade on purpose through your hands when using the S7K standing putter as this instrument is easy to square against impact. Once you have a hold of this technology, you’ll be rolling in putts straight away into their holes consistently. This feature lets you use three drawn lines on the flange to perfectly focus your ball through a path that leads to the hole.

The S7K standing putter ends its process of a stroke by giving you access to making the right delivery. The Stroke dot comes into play right after alignment. The stroke dot draws your focus to a point where the impact is highest- and consequently sells you the perfect stroke.


  • It has an exceptional feel, balance, and roll.

  • The putter stands up by itself on both flat surfaces and slopes.

  • It aims to trace the perfect path from the putt to the hole to give you a winning score.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Review

This stroke lap triple track putter is another one of Odyssey’s fine creations. If you want to do some high quality hitting, this putter is the way to go. The Odyssey Stroke Lap Triple Track putter aims to give you a better stroke through batter alignment.

The features to aid you in this journey are places strategically through the entire putter. This putter is known for putting together an impressive bundle of technologies and features to help you become a better player through performance, alignment, and consistency. You can utilize these features to drastically improve your score on the field.

The alignment system can also be referred to as the triple track alignment system. The basic ideology behind this strategy is that the putter has three readable lines on the putter so that you can notice exactly where your ball aligns for a stroke. This stroke aims to send your putt directly into a hole.

However, Odyssey goes a step further by combining this triple track feature with the Vernier Hyper Acuity technology. The science of the Vernier Hyper acuity technology, together with the triple track system aims to give you more consistent and better alignment so that every new stroke you make is the best one yet.

The multi-material shaft in Odyssey redistributes weight into the head and grip of the putter, which in turn balances the entire instrument so as to instigate a consistency in both tempo and regularity of the strokes.


  • It has a firm feel and an enhanced sound impact.

  • The three way alignment system rolls the putt smoothly.

  • It is well balanced and has a perfect grip.

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