Best illegal golf drivers

Best illegal golf drivers

For people who may not be that familiar with this phrase, it might be a head-scratcher. But illegal golf drivers essentially refer to any golf driver which doesn't follow the R&A and USGA rules. The illegal driver which is most commonly used for golf offers a very high COR. Know that if the COR value is above the legal maximum limit of 0.83 then it will let you get more distance. This is one reason why people tend to gravitate towards illegal golf drivers. That's not all. There are other kinds of illegal golf drivers as well. You will find that there are extra long, anti slice and oversized ones which are 460cc or even larger available in the market. But what makes a club illegal is if the value of the characteristics at the very middle of the clubface is more than 239 (adding 18 for tolerance). Later on, this comes to be 257 (along with 18 tolerance) which is put outside the impact area. 

One might wonder who would do something which is essentially illegal. But there are indeed companies that manufacture illegal golf drivers. These companies shave off a part of the present golf driver to increase the COR. But doing so can make the driver very unstable in terms of ball trajectory as well as breakage. But such illegal drivers can help you get more distance and speed which will ensure that you have more fun. 

Top 3 illegal golf drivers

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There are a lot of illegal golf drivers that can help you improve your game and have fun at the same time. You don't need to use such illegal golf drivers in a professional game. Instead, you can certainly use it to practise with friends. So here are the best illegal golf drivers which you should go for

Illegal golf drivers Reviews

Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver Review

This illegal golf driver has a size of 520CC which is way beyond the maximum limit set by the USGA golf rules. This driver is also super sized and comes with a high moi design. This means that there's a huge nice spot for max forgiveness in case a shot goes a little sideways. The golf driver also comes with a huge shaft that is made out of graphite. But this isn't heavy to hold and is instead pretty lightweight. It is easy to grip and wield as well. The driver comes with a headcover included too. 

This driver will let you hit for longer distances without compromising on your stance and position. You can rely on it to provide balance and an easy grip. Even if you aren't able to hit the golf ball right where you want to, chances are that it will reach the distance you originally wanted it to. This is a great driver to use to show off to your friends. 



Easy to use and grip.

It's illegal to use in the USGA

High moi designs allow for more forgiveness incase of a sideways shot. 

Great for hitting long distances.

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver Review

This golf driver has a length of 46" and has a 10.5 degree Loft. This ensures that it's easy to grip and use. It gives greater elevation and makes it easy to hit over long distances. It comes with a Mid Flex Graphite Shaft and a Pinemeadow Standard Grip which adds to the ease of use. 

This golf driver comes with an illegal 500cc clubhead which is way greater than the limit set by the USGA. But with this club, you won't be able to miss your aim easily. The club has an oversized head and a low center of gravity, which improves your launch angle to make the shot go for longer distances. This will allow you to go for straighter and bigger drives. 

The driver will ensure that you get a bigger sweet spot due to the oversized club head. This will make you get more distance as well as contact. The driver has a sharp and clean matte black finish which is sleek and easy on the eyes. You will find that the club comes with a headcover to protect it when not in any use. 



It is easy to wield.

It will take some practice to use. 

The oversized clubhead allows for greater distance and contact. 

It gives you a greater launch angle and elevation. 

Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Draw Non-Conforming Driver Review

The juggernaut driver has a 515 cc volume. This makes it a great club to use for center shots. This is because even if your shot is a little off-center, due to the driver your ball won't go meandering along far. With this driver, you will be able to create more distance from the tee. This is because the COR effect on the ball, which will be coming off of the explosive beta titanium face is way beyond the USGA max limits as well. 

The Power Play juggernaut isn't made according to the rules of Golf Now. It comes with an offset hosel which is very advantageous when it comes to a draw enhancing ball flight. 

This driver is very useful if you need some practice with your shots. Especially if your shots always go off-center and don't land. With the Power Play Juggernaut, you will get a lot of forgiveness when it comes to off-center shots. You will be able to show off your golf skills to your friends and impress them as well. Apart from that, this driver gives you the needed elevation for your ball as well. This will allow your golf ball to go soaring. Surely this will impress the spectators. 



It has 515cc Volume that is perfect for center shots.

It isn't made according to the rules of Golf Now

It has off-set hosel which is useful for ball flight. 

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