Best irons for 15 handicap

Best irons for 15 handicap

It can be pretty confusing for golfers to know which irons actually suit them. Buying a set of irons can be expensive if the golfers don’t know what they are looking for. Especially in the mid handicap sector, the players can potentially use all the options in the brand ranges with some degree of success. For golfers in the handicap range from 8 to 18, the search parameters can vary significantly. Players who are gradually improving will seek a smaller set that offers good control and feel. For those who play less often or are perhaps heading the other way will be more suited to designs that have higher levels of forgiveness. Whichever models make the grade, players are going to enjoy seeing and feel the benefits of modern technology. These include the likes of pocket cavity designs, which make forgiveness in smaller head shape. Also, tungsten weighting, which helps to reduce twist on heels and toe mishit, and thinner face and solo slots. It means the players will find the power normally related to larger-profit irons.

Top 3 irons for for 15 Handicap

Image Product Price Rating
Taylormade M4

Taylormade M4


Taylormade M2 Irons

Taylormade M2


Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron Cleveland Launcher CBX


Best Irons Review for 15 Handicap

If a player is looking for the best golf club brands, then surely is the Taylormade brand. From game improvement to better players iron, it will surely experience next-level control, stability and consistency from the Taylormade Clubs. In addition, Taylormade Clubs are famous for straighter ball flight and forgiveness. Construction-wise, the club is really strong with powerful face slots that offer great ball speed at impact. Undoubtedly it is one of the best game improvement clubs in the market. Below are some of the best Taylormade irons for 15 handicap

Taylormade M4 Irons

Taylormade M4 Review

Taylormade M4 iron has actually replaced the Taylormade M2, so it’s a newer model. It has a longer and slimmer speed pocket compared to the old model. Basically, it still has the face slots on the front that helps with off-centred hits. This is really a big thing for mid to low handicappers who don’t always hit the club square every time these face slots help with that. M4 is Tailormade longest and probably most forgiving iron in the range. It has lots of cool technology which can’t be seen from the outside. But there are lots of visible technologies from the fluid holes, Ribcor technology and new materials behind the face. The deeper Speed Pocket behind the face is 3X more active than the previous generation to enable maximum performance and face flexion.  The new Tailormade m4 irons are the kind of oversize the big version of the M3 packed with a similar piece of technology. The new Ribcor is giving extra forgiveness on off-centred hits. These features were in M1 too the only big difference is the Ribcor technology across the back, giving more stability, therefore, more ball speed and more forgiveness. 


– The RIBCOR design firms the perimeter of the clubhead and focus on the face flexibility in the hitting area for forgiveness and distance with higher energy transferred to the golf ball.- The ultra-thin leading edge and speed pocket structure work together for increasing the speed on shots hit low on the face.- Toe weighting and optimized heel increase MOI for even more forgiveness.- Fluted hosel and 360-degree undercut cavity save weight, redistributing it low in the head for increasing launch distance and consistency.

Why Taylormade M4 is a good buy

The finer details of this technology are the face slots. Face slots obviously cut through the face all away. They are filled with material that basically keeps the slots flush to the face. It has a much larger badge that helps with even more sound damping and better sound and feel. It actually kind of wraps around the RIBCOR feature, kind of interlocks to it and again that helps more of that vibration.  Because of the RIBCOR bars and the fact that it’s able to place some more weight outside that it’s actually increasing the head inertia by 24% Vs m2 so dramatically it is better. So it’s not only getting performance from the RIBCOR bars and the better energy transfer but also increasing the nourish on missed hits as well. So the combination of these two things it’s producing more consistent shots dramatically.  Taylormade M2 is not that great from a distance point of view or ball speed, but with the Taylormade M4, there is a jump in ball speed and a drop in the spin.The M4 irons look almost more filled technology-packed full of features than the M3 irons. But these actually come in at a lower price point, and it’s not expensive. It cost around 750 pounds for a full set or 900 dollars, so there is still top end at the spectrum, but roughly a hundred pounds or hundred dollars is cheaper than the M3 irons, and for no real reason there is no massive benefit reasoning for why these are cheaper at all.

Why Taylormade M4 is a bad buy

The stock shaft option is whippy and very lightweight, making it difficult to control for better players with high swing speeds. Sometimes when hitting it, especially with the lower irons, it almost felt a little bit hollow. Also, they are a little pricy compared to other ones, but the performance is really nice. For players who have a faster swing speed would probably benefit more from the M3.

Definitely more forgiving than the M2 and M3. The feel and sound at impact are a little harsh for irons; however, it is consistent on the entire face, and there is no unwanted vibration.
Every iron produces consistent high and straight flight with reasonable spin rates producing both carry and roll. There are not as many adjustments as the M3.
The long irons are easy to hit. The loaf of each iron is lower than the normal, but this doesn’t affect spin or launch.
The lightweight design helps to increase swing speed without much extra effort.
Worth the value for such an advanced set of irons.
Longer and slimmer speed pocket
Heavier in the heel and foe which helps prevent club twisting at impact.

Taylormade M2

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review

The Taylormade M2 is the new set of 2017. The M2 clubs are well designed with flight trajectory and distance as their special importance, in lines with the latest trends. Also, the clubs are forgiving, making it an acceptable choice for mid-handicap amateur and beginners.  The iron set features technologies and materials that combine metal wood-like launched conditions with class-leading shot height for maximum distance. The new speed pocket, large, thin face and unsupported allow balls speeds that push the limits of distance performance in an iron. It is shaped with a minimum offset and modern profile; each features a compact design with powerful performance.


Taylormade clubs are famous for their high technology and rich features. M2 irons compromised largely of new technologies such as:-

Updated Face Slots M2 irons of 2016 edition didn’t attribute the face slot because the combination of the face slot and the large head will increase the centre of gravity. As a result, it eliminates the high flight trajectory. 

Ultra-Thin Speed PocketSpeed pocket lets the face to be unsupported and large; as a result, during impact, it can flex more. Thus, it can maximize the balls speed across the face causing even on off-centre hits a great speed.

Fluted HoselThe New fluted hosel is not a new feature of 2017 M2 iron it was first launched on the 2016 model. The M2 iron of 2017 was made thinner with 6 wider sections as compared to prior 8. Thus, it saved two grams on top of the original three, making it five grams lighter than the regular hosel. A lighter hosel means allowing to move the center gravity of a club much lower and to have faster swings. 

Why Taylormade M2 is a good buy

There are various things that make the 2017 M2 irons different from the rest game improvement irons which are available in the market. The M2 irons of 2017 are marketed as a game improvement set with distance oriented. Usually, the distance-oriented irons have two issues: firstly, the head is usually big to accommodate large MOI; as a result, it makes the address uncomfortable. Secondly, the playability is usually compromised. These issues are luckily tacked by the 2017 Taylormade M2 irons where the heads are medium-large size instead of being bulky — thus making it comfortable to address. The balance between forgiveness and performance in the distance is also well maintained. M2 have fine refined performance as compared to M4.

Why Taylormade M2 is a bad buy

Taylormade M2 is not as versatile or as forgiving as other branded hybrids on the market. The iron has limited touch and shot-making capabilities. Many golfers have expressed concerned about the durability of the irons and also reported the failure of the face shots and caving in. Higher handicappers might suffer from long irons.

M2 irons perform well in any situation. Hits the ball too high in the air making it difficult to control at first.
Known for being very forgiving on the course. New face slot technology gives more quite sound during impact.
Powerful looking and well-balanced irons. The lower centre of gravity weights makes the large iron clubface.
The feel of the irons is terrific, leaving the hands feeling good even after swinging.
Aesthetic design or look greatly appeals to many.
Great competitive price

Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron

Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron Review

The new Launcher irons from Cleveland golf features a v-shaped sole, cup face design and zip grooves to deliver maximum distance with wedge-like accuracy. Large, easy to hit long irons transition to compact, easy to control short irons helping to get closer to the hole from anywhere on the course. The Launcher CBX has traditional cavity back design. CBX irons are really versatile well-rounded set if irons. The new range that Cleveland has bought has CBX irons which are sort of super forgiving game improvement irons. The launcher CBX irons stand out from competitors is the precision technology. 


High ball crown technology 

It smooths the centre of gravity down so it’s lowering the club and that’s going to increase the ball flat to a little bit higher.

Flex pin technology

Silver parts of the bottom of the club compress when hitting the ball transfer a bit more edge into it giving longer shots.

Why Cleveland launcher CBX iron is a good buy

The biggest thing from a performance standpoint is the face technology. Cleveland used wedge expertise insole design, grooves and faced technology to create a v-shaped sole that slides smoothly through the turf as well as a better face designed for consistent spin or trajectory control. Cleveland specializes in wedges, and they use a lot of technologies into a full set of irons. These irons are basically geared for accuracy and distance, there’s no trade-off with distance, but it’s still giving the accuracy.  The finish is a nice sort of smooth matte finish looking more like a proper golf club. The Rotex face has the micro-milling, the laser milling and the groves making it get through the turf and keep the ball speed up. It also has a field balancing technology, so those golfers that are hitting shots a little bit out towards the toe will have a better feel.

Why Cleveland launcher CBX iron is a bad buy

The Launcher CBX iron aims at mid to high handicappers, and it needs help with the forgiveness and distance. Launcher HB gives more forgiveness. Both launcher CBX and Launcher HB offer 4 irons via a pitching wedge, and both have an optimal 50-degree wedge gap. But the Launcher HB has an additional 56-degree sand wedge. Both are of the same price, so it’s better to go for Launcher HB.

The combination of tour zip grooves and double laser milling produces spin consistency from all lies. Quite bulky when setting them down.
Provides forgiveness  They appear a little bit more to high teen handicappers, but it has really a nice finish.
Produces good ball speed across the face for greater distances. Low spin rate
Moves weight away from the hosel and towards the impact zone for better feel and improved distance control.
Lighter weight with a high balance for more speed and easier launch.

Final verdict

Choosing the right game improvement irons can be a minefield. Both the clubs are packed to the perimeter with game improving technologies. Both the Taylormade M4 and Cleveland Launcher drivers actually match up quite similar. The only big difference is the club speed.  M4 actually swings for free miles an hour faster which means more distance so overall M4 further than the Cleveland driver as it goes 10 yards further in total. They are set up a little different for different players. To hit the ball up a high Cleveland driver might help more there, M4 the head is more setup for a player with lower handicapper as it is a little heavier in hand. Overall M4 came out better because it can swing a little faster and got a little more distance and hits straighter shots.