Best irons for tall golfers

Best irons for tall golfers

A common doubt among new golfers is whether tall players can use regular-sized clubs or not. However, while determining the length of the club, the height of the player is one of the last factors to be considered. One can safely say that it is one of the least important factors. But what do you do to adjust the golf club to your height? There are plenty of things to consider. Not all tall people are built the same way. Some of them may have long legs while others may have long arms that make their frame taller. Therefore, they may need to pay attention to the length of the club they are buying.

Do tall people need special clubs?

Everybody whose wrist-to-floor length is 36 inches or lesser can use regular-sized clubs. Only if this measurement is greater than 36 inches, should you be looking for longer clubs? Golf clubs are manufactured keeping the average height in mind. Therefore, if you are 6 foot or taller, you may need to look for clubs designed especially for taller players. While some tall players prefer short clubs, not all may be fine with it. Sometimes, if you buy a shorter club, you may have to struggle with fitting. Sometimes, even clubs that are not made specifically for tall players work just fine. It is all a matter of trial and error to find the club length that you are comfortable with.

What other factors should you focus on?

While looking for clubs for tall golfers, it is equally important to look for factors that any other golfer would. Check for the quality of the material, design, and looks. The material is of utmost importance. It determines the club's ability to handle impact and durability. The swing is affected by the weight of the club. So, you should look for clubs made of lightweight materials. Other than the material, look for what other benefits the club can offer. The design of the clubface, weight distribution, etc also affects your performance. If you are a beginner, the forgiveness of the club is an important factor to consider. Again, the forgiveness factor depends on the design of the club.

Players of all heights have their own benefits. Short players have the advantage of better control over the ball. Taller golfers, on the other hand, can play long shots better. This is because they can obtain a wider arc in their swing. A wide arc means that the clubhead speed is good enough for a long shot.

Here we have curated a list of the best irons for tall golfers.

Top 3 irons for tall golfers

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Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set Review

With this set, it is easy to get a good distance and ball flight even in your first few attempts. This is a good set of clubs to improve your game. The clubs are designed to support a consistent trajectory. They have been re-engineered for 7 iron weighting. Also, the offset design produces a higher launch. This will help you with getting straighter, more accurate shots. The deeper undercut design flexes the clubface so that the ball speed is maximum on off-center hits. The long irons have a 17-4 stainless steel. This is to provide good speed and distance. The short irons are made of 431 stainless steel. This provides an extremely soft feel.

The shafts are lightweight. Thus, you can get a good distance on slow swing speeds as well. To make the club more forgiving, the weight is positioned back and heel ward. For better shot control around the greens, the set has a specialty wedge design. The irons are long-lasting. It has nickel-chrome plating that adds to its durability. The plating gives an aesthetic appeal to the clubs as well.



Great value for money

It may take some time to get used to the wedges

Easy to hit

Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review

Cleveland has always been creating and launching new woods and irons. And with this set, it brings a sea of new possibilities for the recreational player. This set is similar to the HiBore irons. The set has been infused with cutting edge technology to provide maximum benefits. The set has a distinct look. The short irons sport the look of a traditional game-improvement iron. The mid and long irons resemble the look of a traditional hybrid. This set of irons has a hollow construction. Thus, the weight gets redistributed deep into the clubhead and the perimeter. This, in turn, provides maximum forgiveness to the player.

The hollow construction also provides great impact stability. The design sports a HiBore crown. This provides benefits such as higher launch conditions. The steel face ensures that the clubface flexes at impact. This will increase ball speed. The set has an internal rib design so that the impact is pleasant, and the noise is dampened. Both right and left-handed models are available.



Good for game improvement

Low-high handicap players may find certain clubs too easy to draw.

Hollow construction provides maximum forgiveness and good impact stability

Easy to hit

Good for beginners

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set Review

This set is packed with modern golf technology. The full titanium driver provides maximum forgiveness. The fairway wood is given an aerodynamic shape to support long, high-flying shots. You can play a variety of shots with the hybrid iron. It is a good substitute for a long iron. The irons provide control from stainless steel. You can also achieve a good distance. You can sink more putts now, thanks to the precise face milling on the putter. The set comes with a durable bag equipped with a strap for easy carrying. The bag also has pockets.



Good for a beginner

Durability could be an issue

The irons have a good balance

The price is high considering the quality

You can achieve a smooth swing and a good distance

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