Best mallet putters of all time

Best Mallet Putter of All Time

Getting the best mallet putter is maybe the essential decision which you can make concerning the clubs in your bag. Even if lots of inexperienced golfers spend inordinate amounts of time practicing with their driver for long-distance shots, the facts prove that you can enhance your game as well as lower your score quickly by putting most of the practice emphasis on putting instead.

Getting the best mallet putter for you is a challenge, though, since there are lots of types as well as styles available on the market today. As a matter of fact, it can get a bit overwhelming if you see all the various types of mallet putters which are in use today. How do you pick from amongst them all? How will you know which one is ideal for you? Keep on reading because we will be giving you the best mallet putter of all time.

Top 3 Best Mallet Putter of All Time

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Best Mallet Putter of All Time Reviews

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #6 Golf Putter Review

One of the best mallet putters of all time is the Cleveland Golf Huntington #6. This gold putter is made keeping in mind the amazing and fantastic setting of the Cleveland Golf’s North America headquarters. This putter has a classic style which have been respected and valued for a generation with state of the art innovations which can assist all golfers newbie and seasons to enhance their scoring skills. 

This advanced mallet putter is integrated with remarkable features such as precision milled face for consistent roll and softer feel. This is made of a soft 304 stainless steel material and has tour-proven shapes. 

This mallet putter is very balanced, as well as feels good when connecting with the golf ball as it pushes it in a straight line with a remarkable roll out. Accuracy, distance, and speed come so easy and shaved a number of strokes off your game as you can consistently place longer putts either in the cup or closer, resulting in less 3 putts. If you are searching for a mallet putter with an accurate balance without spending a lot, Cleveland Gold Huntington is the best performer. 

The integrated milled face is incredibly gorgeous and stunning and puts in a touch, which is totally different from those mallet putters that have been inserted. Getting used to the weight and touch is different; however, you will surely enjoy the feel the golf ball coming off the milled face. One of the trustworthy results, a remarkable feel without spending a lot, the innovative Cleveland Golf Huntington #6 appeals to golf players regardless of skills and level. 



Great value for your money

A lot of users commented of needing to change the grip

Great mallet putter and good weight on the head enables you to swing smoothly 

Many higher handicappers would be more at ease with a bigger head as well as bolder alignment features. However, some don’t care for the appearance of the milled face. 

Milled face allows firm contact without fright of smacking the ball 

You will surely love the balance and the weight of this mallet putter; it feels great on hands and provides confidence when stepping up to the golf ball 

New Zebra Z-41 Black Mallet Putter by Tommy Armour Precision Milled 35 RH Review

New Zebra Z-41 Black mallet putter from Tommy Armour can be claimed as one of the best mallet putters of all time. This superb and extraordinary golf putter is extremely widely known to a lot of golf players from all corners of the globe.

If you wish to try something exceptional and new on the greens, we highly suggest trying the Tommy Armour New Zebra Z-41 Black mallet putter. You will surely enjoy this classic and standard mallet putter. This is perfect for right-handed and plays at thirty-five inches. Its head is color black that has white alignment that looks like a zebra. The grip is a midsized paddle from Swing Tack. You will surely love the grip of this putter. However, it doesn’t come with a headcover, but the maker assures you of a satisfaction guarantee.

This is made of a super lightweight aluminum body and is matched with a frame that is made of high quality stainless steel material. The mallet is made in a manner to concentrate on the feel all through the putting stroke. This is a high tech mallet putter that carries the ability to boost your putting stroke.

Being one of the best mallet putters of all time, the New Zebra Z-41 has heft price. It is expensive but worth your money. It is a good investment, as well.



This mallet putter has good feel and balance, and the alignment line really works well 

Poor paint job 

Strong face encourage remarkable forward roll and reduce skidding 

With chipping and blister 

It also has a clear alignment tool for better accuracy 

It has soft face inserts which grip the ball at impact to lessen bouncing 

New Tear Drop Mallet Putter by Tommy Armour TDX08 Review

Tommy Armour is one of the reliable providers and manufacturers of sports equipment, especially those related to golf. Tommy Armour has a wide range of mallet putter on offer. But one of the most sought after one and perhaps the best of all time is the New Tear Drop Mallet Putter. 

At first glance, you will instantly love the looks and design of this putter. It is right-handed as well as plays at 35 inches. It has amazing design; the head is colored in white with black stripe. The grip is a tear drip midsized paddle. 

This putter was precision milled to exacting standards. It also integrated with roll face technology. It has regular shaft flex and made of high quality stainless steel material. This was a style element that overcomes the propensity for players to slip or slide the golf ball in an initial couple of inches after the contact, instead of imparting a roll on the ball. 



Pure roll insert 

Considered as expensive mallet putter of all time 

Solid feel

Perfect swing weight 

Rolled face technology enabled players to exert pure stroke on the golf bold regardless of the positions of the hands

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