Best mizuno irons of all time

Best mizuno irons of all time

Gold players are likely to earn a considerable amount of money once they “ advertise” the iron through playing with it. In this case, a golf player has advertised the irons from Mizuno but offered real value to the user. Before, Mizuno irons have assisted various golfers to win the game like Brooks Koepka, who grab the US Open award and Paul Casey, who won the Valspar Championship. If you think why Mizuno is famous amongst newbie and skilled golf players, we advise you to read this article as we will give you the features of the best Mizuno irons of all time.

Mizuno irons, as mentioned above, are very popular amongst golf players from all parts of the globe. The popularity of these irons is due to its intricate craftsmanship. Mizuno iron was made in Japan and is pretty obvious with the tight and high tolerance. There’s a long list of renowned gold players out there who have honed and mastered their skills in golfing with the help of Mizuno irons. There are lots of Mizuno irons available on the market which not just fit your preferences in playing, but also your budget. Below is the list of the best Mizuno irons of all time.

Top 3 mizuno irons of all time

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Mizuno irons of all time Reviews

Mizuno JPX919 Golf Wedge Review

One of the best Mizuno irons of all time is JPX919. This Golf Wedge is intended to go with the distance gaps of the JPS 919 Hot Metal Irons. It is integrated with soft X-30 steel that improves the feel of this wedge while Tour precision-milled grooves provide you the control and spin you want as you reach the green. It is durable and provides a softer appearance in sunlight. 

What makes Mizuno JPX919 Gold Wedge apart from the rest is the elimination of shiny badges. This elimination has become great for the wedges as it have posed professional and classic looks. The pearly brush finish of this golf wedge has drawn the attention of many gold players, and the tough finish is the whole you ever wanted. 

When it comes to assembly, the heel part of this gold wedge has been caveated that assists in boosting the feel and sound of the JPX919. With the hosel part, you can move the weight around as well as the enhanced moment of inaction is the way to go. However, the development in MOI has led to higher forgiveness. With it comes to the center of gravity, this iron has been reduced to 2mm, which is likely to integrate constancy in the shots. 

Mizuno JPX919 head is tough as it made of Chromoly 4140M that offers attention, while the steel alloy component will give the highest level of toughness. Aside from being tough and robust, the iron head provides lots of flexibility. It is also thin, thus create a higher ball speed. 

Key Features 

  • Mizuno JPX919 is made of X-30 steel, a soft component which improved feels in gold wedges

  • Chrome plating with pearl brush finish that provides toughness and durability

  • The tour precision-milled grooves and faces boost spin as well as control within the greens 

  • It has a sand wedge of 55 degrees, gap wedge is 50 degree, the lob wedge is 60-degree match perfectly 



Classic outlook and no glittery badges 

High price

Extremely durable and strong

Only perfect for single-digit handicappers

Caveated heel area as well as a high moment of inertia

Flexibility in the head

Higher forgiveness reduced center of gravity

Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge Review

The Mizuno MP-T5 provides the precision of feel of the Mizuno’s notorious Grain Flow Forcing process wherein it benefits you the most. A well-refined teardrop look-alike profile, based on Luke Donald, enables mastery of the ball from an array of setups as well as position. What is more, now there are incredible 25 combinations of bounce and loft, with five sole grinds, to meet the needs of sensitive wedge player. 

The grain flow forges the head of Mizuno along with the softest feel with spin control just possible in the application of loft-particular Quad Cut Grooves. This concept uses a more full and shallower channel from 49 to 53 degrees. With regard to performance, state of the art MP-T5 wedge is indeed unparalleled. 



Playability: This offers versatility- from giant flops to low, skippers, all are on the table. The vast oval spaces make it so simple to lay open, which virtually every loft can carry out high. 

The MP-T5 doesn’t come with emergency brake 

Distance Control: Amazing consistency- comparatively big hitting area, as well as weighty sole, offers lots of support, from full swing down, lots of useful spins, easy to change to suit the shot you wish, even out standard-issue rough. 

After doing some tests, the higher lofts play short on a full swing. 

Feel: This really stands out when it comes to feel, it is brilliant at impact. Mizuno cult carries on- their authentic forging generates the softest face debatably in the test. 

Look: The teardrop shape which sits square and flush to the ball, spacious face makes for a comfortable and natural set up, flat and even satin chrome finish withstands the daily use. 

T20 is included in Mizuno’s relaunched of its T-Series wedges. It has typical teardrop profile Grain Forged from mild carbon steel, thus improved greenside feel. 

State of the art T20 is integrated with essential features such as Hydroflow Micro Grooves that are etched vertically to assist release moisture as well as sustain spin even in a moist condition. 

T20 wedges are spin-weighted, with discreetly placed high weight in a tapered blade for an improved spin as well as upright constancy on off-center strikes. To make sure predictability and consistency in the scoring rate, every head has exact CNC-milled groves. It is milled mechanically to the best possible tolerances to make sure an ideally flat striking face as well as stable levels of spin. 

The head of this iron comes with a conventional teardrop profile. However, this varied from loft to loft. This iron wedges from Mizuno is available in various finishes including Blue ION and Satin Chrome, and a RAW and ready to rust model. Grind choices are specific to the loft and vary from STD Bevel to Subtle M as well as Aggressive C grinds. 



It has remarkable looks that will blend with current iron sets from Mizuno

A bit chunkier 

Best all-around performance 

Grind and bounce option was a little bit confusing 

Performed exceptionally well in the dry and wet test

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