Best Non Golf Shoes For Golf

Best Non Golf Shoes For Golf

Golf is a sport that requires great finesse. It requires high technicality and along with that high-performance gears. The tools and gears used by a golfer adorn their skill set. When the skills of a golfer are maximized, his tools become a reason of hindrance. The excellence of the devices should be at par with the skill set of the golfer. The clubs of a golfer acts as an extension of his arms. In the same way, the shoes of the golfer act as an extension of their feet.The shoes are of great importance to a golfer. The quality of the shoes will affect the performance of the golfer’s swing. Golf shoes are specially designed to help the golfer enhance their swing. Golf shoes provide an adequate grip and flexibility needed for the perfect swing. The biggest downside of golf shoes is that they look old fashioned. Other shoes can also be used as golf shoes. Here three best non golf shoes for golf will be reviewed for you to pick one up easily.

Top 3 Non Golf Shoes For Golf

Image Product Price Rating
FootJoy Fj Flex Review

FootJoy Fj Flex


PUMA Ignite NXT Solelace Review PUMA Ignite NXT Solelace


ECCO S-Lite Review ECCO S-Lite


Non Golf Shoes For Golf Reviews

FootJoy Fj Flex

FootJoy Fj Flex Review

The first product that has been selected is the FootJoy Fj Flex. This product is manufactured by the company FootJoy. It is a very famous footwear brand well known for its high-quality golf shoes. The shoe provides an incredible sport fit along with being waterproof. The shoe is made with 100% textile and is therefore fully breathable. The shoe has Versa-Trax technology incorporated into its sole, which provides the shoe with a high degree of traction and stability. The sole does not trade off its flexibility as well. It is incredibly comfortable to walk in as well, making it an all-rounder. For further increasing the comfort level of the shoe, a thick underfoot cushion is provided. To enhance the fitting of the shoe, it provides a rounded toe character, toe springs, and a marginally narrow heel.

Key features:The sole is made from synthetic.The body of the shoe is 100% textile.Special waterproof weaving, without hindering breathability.Versa-Trax technology to increase grip.Laser sport fit included.Specifications:Company- FootJoy.Amazon ranking- #15 in men’s golf shoes.

Highly breathable textile body. Bulky design.
High traction sole, superior grip. Fewer color options.
Highly cushioned sole with toe springs.
Waterproof weaving for protection.

PUMA Ignite NXT Solelace

PUMA Ignite NXT Solelace Review

The second product in this list of best non golf shoes for golf is the PUMA Ignite NXT Solelace. This shoe is manufactured by the world-renowned sportswear company PUMA. PUMA makes one of the highest quality shoes, and the company honestly does not require an introduction. The main attraction of the Ignite NXT Solelace is it’s sole and laces. The shoe has a very high-quality sole made up of PRO-form TPU. This enables the sole to be flexible, stable, and withstand a tough beating as well. The mid-sole section is made up of IGNITE Foam, which is PUMA’s in-house foam. It provides unparalleled comfort and flexibility. The body of the shoe features a flat knit mesh that is waterproof. The body is reinforced using PWRFRAME reinforcements. The unique ability of the lace is that it features the SOLE LACE Closure system. It essentially lets the lace wrap around the whole foot and provides excellent fitting and comfort.

Key features:PRO-Form TPU outer sole and IGNITE Foam gives the sole high flexibility, longevity, and comfort.PWRFRAME reinforcements provide the shoe with increased strength.SOLELACE Closure system provides extraordinary fitting and comfort.Specifications:Company- PUMAAmazon ranking- #113 in men’s golf shoes

Extremely comfortable design and high-quality fitting. Lace holes on the sole break off after some time.
Organic patterns on the sole give it spike like grip. The fight is marginally wide.
Unique design with more variations in color.
SoleShield to make the sole easy to clean and durable.


ECCO S-Lite Review

The third product on this list of best non golf shoes for golf is the ECCO S-Lite. The product is manufactured by the company ECCO, which is a footwear and leather company form Denmark. The company is an underdog brand that produces some good shoes. The plus point of this shoe is that it is exceptionally light, which makes it an excellent choice for at a stretch wearing. The sole of this shoe uses the DynaKnit E-DTS outsole. This makes the sole extraordinarily light but sturdy at the same time. The body of the shoe is made up of Yak leather. The outsole of the shoe has a wide heel for providing increased flexibility and stability.

Key features:DynaKnit technology for the light-weighted sole.High-quality leather finish.High durability.Specifications:Company- ECCOAmazon ranking- #99 in men’s golf shoes

Extremely lightweight. No waterproofing stated.
Durable sole. Hard to clean.
Leather body

The Final Verdict

Among these three products featured in this best non golf shoes for golf list, the best choice for you would be the PUMA Ignite NXT SoleLace. The reason for choosing this shoe as the best one for you is its fitting. The shoe provides an extremely comfortable and sporty fit. This amplifies the golfer’s swing by providing an unparalleled grip. The shoe is also an all-rounder because of its fitting, it can easily be worn throughout the day. The shoe also comes in a wide variety of colors and trendy designs. The waterproofing of the shoe and PUMA’s SoleShield technology makes it very easy to clean the shoe. These qualities make it easily buyable for long term usage. The price of the shoe is also apt for the features it provides.The second best choice in this list of best non golf shoes for golf will be the FootJoy Fj Flex. Though this houses a bulky and marred design, it provides high comfort and longevity. If looks are not one of your primary concerns, then this could also be a suitable choice for you.