Best Shaft For M1 Driver [Updated Aug 2020]

best driver for 85 mph swing speed

It is conventional for the present most recent and high performing drivers like the Taylormade M1 to have an elite shaft obtained or made on request from the creator and introduced in advance..

These shafts are normal and are expected to provide than given preferred execution over a standard shaft to a wide assortment of players.

This means that the shaft that is pre-installed is not the only option that he golfers have and they can shift to another shaft according to their game style and their needs. This is what is liked about the M1 driver and golfers can try new shafts and from different companies with various features and prices.

Adapters don’t accompany the driver and when you are buying the shaft you have to have an adapter or you can utilize your old one in the event that you have it with you. The pre establishment of the M1 drivers is now made by the shaft giving organizations in advance.

In this review, we will be looking at the 5 best shafts for the Taylormade M1 Driver. So let’s not keep you on hold any longer, written below is our review for the 5 best M1 Driver shafts:

Top 3 Shaft For M1 Driver

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Shaft For M1 Driver Reviews

1. Aldila Alpha RIP 70

One of the most celebrated shafts of Aldila, Alpha RIP 70, features the Voodoo S-Core technology. This shaft has been designed and geared especially for lower handicapped players who have a higher swing speed and it has made quite a reputation in the PGA Tour amongst the players. Aldila has made this shaft in a unique way and used a new technology called Reverse Interlaminary Positioning (RIP).

Features and specs:

  • Flex – R, S, X

  • Weight – 74, 74, 77 grams

  • Torque – 3.0, 2.7, 2.4

  • Bend Point – mid to high

  • Shaft Type Wood

  • Shaft Tip Diameter 0.335 Inch

  • Reverse Interlaminary Positioning

Aldila RIP Technology:

To come up with this technology, Aldila used computer modeling and extensive R&D to make an exclusive shaft. The layering of the carbon fibers on the shaft was reversed so that the outer layer gets strong. Due to this, the tip strength increased immensely. This helped them to reduce the materials which made the shaft very lightweight. Due to this technology, the ball flight is lower and without much spin with good feel, low torque, optimal flex and better tip stiffness.

Is this the right shaft for you?

These models are made for lower digit handicapped professionals and those who have a higher swing speed. Those players who have a lower swing speed and who struggle with low spin will have a hard time with this shaft. This is for experienced players who want to lower their flight, lower their spin and improve their consistency. If you are an experienced player and still you are hitting the ball high, then to improve your trajectory, you can tip the shaft to slightly lower.

Looking at the above specifications and features we now know that RIP is a revolutionary shaft with optimum flex and torque characteristics with outstanding feel. RIP Technology gives us a shaft with lower torque, improved tip stability, and great tip stiffness.


On swing speeds of more than 100MPH, the Aldila RIP 70 shaft provides a lower, boring ball trajectory. If you are new to golf you must try it first before buying it because if you already have a driver loft less than 9 degrees, you will get poor shots without a high club head speed. If ballooning is an issue for you this shaft might be for you. This shaft features solid feel, great responsiveness, consistency, distance and control.

Another pro is the look of the shaft, especially the skull and crossbones at the top. The shaft is an option on many drivers because this shaft was tailor made to fit the driver. The players have nothing but good to say about this shaft.


The price of this product is higher than its competitors and another disadvantage of it is that it is not for all swing types. Beginners will find it hard to start with this shaft because this is for those with higher swing speeds and the launch is lower and with low spin. 

2. New Aldila VS Proto 80

The Aldila VS Proto was intended to coordinate the much well known NV and NVS golf shaft. The VS Proto is a low-torque shaft made for extra sized driver heads and will provide a route a little higher than that of the NV shaft.

Features and specs:

  • Micro Laminating technology for increased stability

  • Best for rapid swing speeds

  • Low spin

  • Flex- X, S, R

  • Butt – .335/.350

  • Torque- 2.2

  • Weight – 85g

  • Bend Point – low to mid

The Aldila VS Proto uses next generation micro laminate technology that leverages carbon Nano-tubes. The VS Proto aids golfers gain lower, more penetrating ball flights for extensive carry and roll.

Micro Laminate Technology

This technology is introduced to increase the power and the longevity of the shaft. The micro laminate technology is made up of the carbon Nano tubes along with PRS system of Aldila and utilizes the ultra-high modulus graphite fibers. All the layers used in the making of this product are of superior quality and use superior materials. A solid, laminate shaft is the result of using twice as many plies to complete the shaft. Prime performance and an excellent feel can be expected due to the shaft variability and the layout that removes inconsistent shots.

Is this the right shaft for you?

The VS Proto is certainly made for the experienced player looking for low spin rates and low torque. This shaft works better in larger driver heads. This specific model weighs in at 80 grams and a lighter or heavier option is launched as well. If you are unsure of what shaft to go for, this is definitely worth looking at.

Anyone who has been an admirer of the Aldila NV shaft will certainly adore the new VS Proto. The VS Proto has attracted excellent reviews as a very stable shaft with an awesome feel. High swing speed and high spin players would be advised to have a check at this shaft.


The Aldila VS Pro Shaft features incomparable performance and feel. This is the straightest and the longest shaft Aldila has ever manufactured with feel other shafts even think of attaining. The Aldila VS Proto shafts are well suited for mid to low handicap players aiming to maximize distance with a great feel.

This product also goes along with most of the swing types and this is one of the reasons this is so much celebrated. Also its comparison is done with the NV of Aldila which means that this product must be state of an art product and people love the feel that it provides.


This ball is definitely not for higher handicapped players because there have been complaints that the spin rates are low and the ball flight as well. The price is also a con because it is a premium product but some players who like the product do not look at the price. 

Fujikura Vista Pro 55 Senior Shaft

The Vista Pro 55 as the name suggests is manufactured by the Fujikara Company. The Vista Pro series is specifically for those golfers who want their ball to stay in the air for a longer amount of time along with a higher launch and spin. It is made of premium technology like CAGE, Phantium and maximum fiber content. This shaft is also tour trusted by many people and is one of the best driver shafts in the market.

Feature and Specs:

  • It is designed with Phantium, CAGE and Maximum Fiber content technologies.

  • Swing speed is 95-105 mph

  • The shaft provides you with flexibility, exclusive technologies and tour design aesthetics.

  • Weight: S-55g | R: 57g

  • Tip size- 0.335

  • Torque-5

  • Kick point: R: Mid/Low | S: Mid/Low


CAGE is a technology found in Fujikura shafts which basically is an inventive design process that encompasses graphite shaft fibers in the external walls with an inflexible “cage” type structure. Due to it, more slender and lighter walls are generated which emits a similar vibe, feel and control of a heavier shaft.

The Maximum fiber technology generates greater stiffness and strength which gives more firmness and quality which gives greater solidness, distance covered and the feel.

Phantium Finish is a lightweight paint technique that does not increase the weight of the shaft (up to 6g). This technology is also found in the premium products of fujikara like the Vista Pro 55s which allows the company to reduce the paint’s weight.

Is this the right shaft for you?

This shaft is for all those who love ingenious designs with premium technologies like the CAGE and Maximum fiber content which gives the shaft the stability it needs. This shaft comes in regular and senior flex. It also gives the right feels to its owner and gives a pretty good distance. The cage structure helps the shaft to flex for many years to come!

The shaft gives a mid to high launch trajectory perfect for those who want to cover a longer distance. However, do not forget that this shaft is a little high end as you may have guessed and hence is a little expensive.


The shaft is made of high grade graphite material with premium technologies used like CAGE and Maximum fiber content. It is one of those shafts who are ready to use right after taken out from the box. It has a higher launch trajectory with a moderate to high spin shaft which increase the distance it covers. It is a stable shaft perfect to use with a great feel to it. It has various weight ranges like the regular flex and senior flex.


It is less suitable for power golfers and for those for whom price is a matter, as this shaft is a little high-cost shaft.

4. Project X HZRDUS Red 6 Stiff Shaft

Project has done an excellent job manufacturing the HZRDUS line. HZRDUS Red being the most recent made with higher launching option. This shaft gives more action without losing stability on the tip. It is a custom assemble graphite shaft, equipped with Taylor Made SLDR / M1/ M2/ R15 shaft adapter.

It fits perfectly in any TaylorMade drivers in 2016 or 2017. The company further gives people who want custom made shafts, what they want.

Features and Specs:

  • Shaft material – Graphite

  • Weight – 62g

  • Torque – 3.2

  • Kick point – mid

  • Tip size – 0.335

Is this the right shaft for you?

The Project X HZRDUS Red offers every golfer a medium launch and low-medium spin. Although many people expect that the feel of the HZRDUS Red will be low like the HZRDUS black, but they are totally wrong as the HZRDUS Red feels unbelievably good. This shaft does an exceptional job of maintaining the stability of the tip, while also giving a more amount of kick in the midsection. Hence providing more action!

In terms of appearance, the shaft has a Red color as the name suggests. The shaft is not shiny rather have matte finishes with minimal graphic to it giving it a bold and unique look. The name however is printed in the center of the shaft like every other model.

If we talk about the performance of the HZRDUS Red shaft, players who have a borderline swing speed will see speed boost giving an average of 3 MPH of club head speed. The spin and launch both were higher compared to the black though the accuracy was pretty much the same. The shaft also is super consistent. One of the best parts is that the tip can hold onto any hard swings, amazing right?


This shaft is equipped with many great features like the looks of the shaft are spectacular. It is made from graphite and is a high quality shaft. Due to its length the shaft is very accurate and is also stiff which great for high and powerful speed.

It can be customized as per the buyers need, all you have to do is leave a note and the company will look after it. The weight is also average which is considered good. As mentioned above the shaft performs great, gives a speed boost and have higher launch trajectory.

All in all, this shaft has pretty amazing features.


Despite the many features, this shaft is a little high cost shaft which can turn unfavorable for people.

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