Best shaft for r1

Best shaft for r1

The accuracy and speed of a golf player’s swing depends mostly on the flexibility of your shaft. That’s why today’s golfers ensure that their driver shafts are fit for their required swing speed, accuracy, and flexibility.

Mostly, graphite shafts are used in every driver found in the market. Their weigh is determined by the manufacturer to lengthen the shafts. This helps in increasing the swing speed for amateur players, beginners, learners, or even experienced ones.

Remember that a light and long driver shaft may deliver longer drives but may produce an adverse impact on the accuracy. So you need to keep your demands in your mind while purchasing a driver shaft. Take a note of the length of the driver shaft since this is the most important part. The driver shaft you pick, will determine the game result. So be very careful while buying one.
So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Top 3 shafts for r1

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shaft for r1 Reviews

Aldila VS Proto 60 Stiff Shaft  Review

This customized assembled graphite made shaft is installed with Taylor Made R1 grip and adapter. This replacement shaft is designed in such a way to fit the Taylor Made R1 driver.

The shaft is further cut according to the precise measurement of the manufacturer’s standard driver length. Nevertheless, custom modification is available and it can be cut according to the users’ necessity.

The wrench has not been included into it. Its flex is stiff and the material is graphite. The item has a weight of 1 pound. 

Here are a few things that you need to know about the product: This is a low mid launches and ideal for a low spin. It has micro laminate technology to enable higher stability. This is suitable for a faster swing speed.

Its specifications include – torque, launch angle, length Tip par, weight, DIA, butt, tip DIA, and flex.

The product features a next generation micro laminate technology with carbon nano tubes. The VS proto allows the players to achieve a lower yet stronger ball flights for its extended carry and roll feature.

This one is a low torque shaft git for an oversize driver heads and it produces a trajectory that is lightly higher than that of the standard Aldila NV. It is the best for the high spin players. 



It can be customized according to the users’ requirement.

The wrench is not included so you may have to buy one separately.

It is designed according to the standard driver length as determined by the manufacturer. So anyone can use it. 

It may take a day to for shipping, so if you need it during emergency, you may face difficulty.

It has a perfect grip.

Aldila brand is reputed to create high quality shaft.

Project X PXV R Flex Shaft Review

The item is made of graphite material. Its weight is 1 pound. It is custom assembled with some sleeve adapter to fit the R1 driver head. Its length is 44.25. It is fit for a right hand player.

The preassembling is done in the right way so that it doesn’t get bent. 

This is a light yet durable product. So beginners or learners can easily use these. The shaft weight is only 39 gms. It delivers a great result with minimum kick. These are thinner than other shafts available in the market.

The experts have noted a consistent performance with this shaft. This is a little softer and lighter than the rest of the shafts in the Project X series. So you can be sure of its quality. 



It has a reasonable price.

The shaft’s weight is not mentioned on the packaging.

It is preassembled to deliver an easy and quick installation experience to the users.

. Some customers have reported that the grip is slightly rough, but it gets smoothen with regular usage. Also, you can always cover the shaft with a rubber (or similar type of material) like material for a better playing experience.

It has a solid assembly. So nothing is deteriorated or loose. 

It has the right length and ensures a proper ball flight. 

Project X LZ Regular Flex Driver Shaft Review

This is an ideal replacement shaft that is planned to fit any Stage 2, Jetspeed, R15, SLDR, M2, M1, or R1 driver. It is ideally the OEM adaptation of R1 shaft.

The length is 44.25’’ framing from one end of the adapter to another end of the grip. Along with the product, a Karma velvet grip is also provided. 

It is not a preassembled shaft and you have to put the screws onto one head before using. You have to buy the driver, wrench, and screw separately since these are not integrated.

It is manufactured by True Temper and its weight is 1 pound.
Its smooth feeling is the crowning achievement of the shaft over others. This is the second best in the Project X lineup (after the earlier mentioned product).



This shaft is ideal for all of the Stage 2, Jetspeed, R15, SLDR, M2, M1, or R1 driver.

This is not a preassembled product so you have to put some effort in including the screws and wrench.

This has a Karma velvet grip so you can expect a smooth user experience.

You have to buy screw, wrench and driver separately since these are not provided in the box.

It has the right length to ensure an easy user experience. 

This a durable product and doesn’t break even during rough usage. 

Now, once you hit the offline or online store to buy the best shaft for R1, you will come across numerous options and it’s not unusual to get confused among so many choices. That’s why we have brought you a comprehensive overview of various shafts ideal for R1 that you may consider buying. These are recommended by the expert and experienced golfers so you can rely on our review.

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