Best strong 3 wood

Best strong 3 wood

In golf, wood is a type of club that is used for hitting the ball. If you check a wood carefully, then you will understand that it has longer shafts. Woods also hold a larger and much rounder head than the other types of clubs. Studies also show that woods have the ability to hit the ball for a long distance in comparison to other types of clubs.

However, most of the players today, especially high handicappers and beginners, don't prefer to use woods for playing the game. They have to understand the fact that woods can't just hit the ball hard for a long distance, but it can also add versatility in their overall gameplay.

Understanding the benefits of using woods is not a difficult job, but choosing one can be overwhelming. With so many features and options available out there, it often becomes difficult for golfers to pick the right wood. Well, in this post we will make things easier for you. So, continue reading to know the 3 best woods.

Top 3 strong 3 wood

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Strong 3 wood Reviews

TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood Review

At first look, M4 might look like its previous version, M3. But if you check this wood carefully, then you will understand that its head is slightly larger than its previous version, M3. Due to this reason, M4 is more forgiving.

The GeoCoustic design of this wood uses analytical geometry. It boosts the strength of the body and also enhances the sound. You will also find Speed Pocket in M4 Fairway Wood. It is responsible for producing higher ball speed.

The edge of the wood is designed with a thinner steel section. In front, you will see the carbon crown, which is coated in silver color. It gives the wood a classic look. Both M3 and M4 provide similar launch. However, M4 offers higher ball speed and little more spin.

The wood comes with 5 different head lofts, including 24°, 21°, 18°, 16.5°, and 15°. Its other variant M4 Tour fairway comes in 18° and 15° head lofts. However, this wood is 15 CC smaller than the M4.

Overall it is fair to conclude that the wood is beautifully designed, and it is highly adjustable. In addition, it provides low spin and high launch. The wood also offers excellent forgiveness. However, players who prefer a classic look might not like its design because its head is too large.

M4 Fairway Wood is ideally designed for all types of players. But it would be more suitable for top players. Left-handed players can also opt for this wood. But in that case, they will only get 3 head lofts that include 18°, 16.5°, and 15°.

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Fairway Wood Review

In the year 2017, Callaway has introduced Jailbreak technology in its Epic series. Now they have also brought the same technology in its Rogue drivers. Here comes the most important question, how will Jailbreak technology help golfers to improve their game?

Since the wood is powered by Jailbreak technology, hence it helps golfers to add more speed and cover more distance. Rogue Fairway Wood is also easy to launch, and it provides low spin. All these features help golfers to level up their game.
This average-sized wood looks excellent. However, its face is taller than the average. Due to this reason, you will get more confidence while hitting the ball. The wood also comes with an MCC grip that provides a comfortable hold. So, overall it is fair to conclude that this wood won't just look great, but playing with it will also be a satisfying experience for you.

When it comes to the impact sound, we have to say that this is the least remarkable feature of Rogue Fairway Wood. Along with a medium pitch, its impact sound is average. It provides a prototypical metallic sound, "tink."

On the other hand, when it comes to the feel, Rogue Fairway Wood might seem familiar with other Rogue drivers. Almost every shot will feel flushed to you. However, you might experience a slight difference while playing the low shot on the face. However, moving toward toe or heel might change the feel slightly.

This wood is ideally designed for all types of golfers and comes with a wide range of fitting options. There are 4 different shaft options ranging from 40 to 80 grams. You will also find there 8 different lofts. So, overall it is fair to conclude that Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Fairway Wood is an excellent club that you can use to improve your performance.

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood Review

Callaway has recently introduced modern driver technology to improve the speed of the ball into fairways. Their Epic Flash Fairway Wood is one such club that can boost ball speed and improve its reach.

Epic Flash is one of the best-looking wood that you will see in the market. The head of this product is balanced wonderfully in perfect round shape. The gloss black crown of this iron is made of carbon fiber. The yellow and green pinstripes add aesthetic value to the trailing edge of the wood.

The MCC grip of this wood comes in a black, white, and green tricolor. This grip gives the product a custom look and a better feel. If you are looking for such a wood that doesn't just perform well but also look stylish, then Epic Flash can be your right choice.

The 455 carpenter steel face of this club generates crisp metallic "dink" at moderate volume. The impact of this club also feels solid with slight feedback. This product, in general, is shorter and lighter. Due to this reason, it doesn't raise the CG and doesn't add weight. The adjustability of this club is also excellent.

Epic Flash can improve the MPH of the ball speed. This wood is super consistent and very much forgiving. So, if you are looking for a great club that comes at an affordable price, then Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood can be your best pick.

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