Best way to practice putting at home

Best way to practice putting at home

Practice makes a man perfect. This proverb is even truer if you have a knack for playing golf. They say you won’t forget how to ride a cycle or swim if you learn it once. Unfortunately, playing golf is such a skill that is developed only by regular practice. You cannot expect to hit a picture perfect swing if you are not practicing for a week. Now there are various problems with practicing putting at the field. Firstly, with the advancement of technology and high rise buildings, finding a greenery to play golf is quite a hassle. Also, there may be some golf courts at the outskirts of the city but do you really have the time to visit it after accomplishing your office work or daily household chores! So, what’s the solution! Why, practicing at home!No kidding! Practicing putting at home is really easy and you can get desired results in some time. Here are some pro tips to practice putting at home. Go through the following passage and let us know your thoughts.

Phone Book Path

Firstly, drop two of the phone books on the ground at your home and make sure to leave some distance between the duo. This will allow your putter to barely move through it. Now make practice strokes while concentrating on keeping the path of the putter intact and straight. Also, keep the putter face square. If you fail to do this step, you may get into the books which means your putting stroke was not quite straight. So keep practicing, tiger!

Phone book with a golf ball

Here you get to practice with a real golf ball. And you can understand the efficacy of phone books right? Now, set up those two phone books once again an keep enough space for the putter to deliver a stroke between them. Then place a 10 to 12 feet piece of the tape of a painter in the mid way of the path. Keep these parallel to the books so as to make a straight target line. You can place several feet of painter’s tape outside the books so as to see how long the golf ball stays on line. Once the setting is ready, you have to place the golf ball down in the middle way of the path of books on the mentioned target line that you have created earlier and the stroke putts. You may also choose to use the books for monitoring your skill in back swing length as compared to your skill in forward swing length. This insight will help you to take adequate measure to improve your skills. If you find your back swing length is fine, you may give it a break for a few days and focus on improving forward swing length. However make sure not to leave practicing any particular skill entirely as it will ruin your expertise and you will have to start all over again. Remember that forward swing should be slightly higher or equal to the back swing. Utilizing the books as the outline for a straight putting strokes will help you to determine how many puts you can place within the target line or on the tape.

Right handed putts

Here you have to pick a particular target to putt to from about 4 feet away and only by your right hand. You need to stroke one handed putts and try to hit your target. Ensure to place the putter path straight enough and also make the face square along with the target. This will develop your putting stroke by improving your skill on one hand.

Left handed put

When we mentioned the former point, you may have well guessed this coming. Yes practicing with both hands is important once it comes to playing golf. But most often the beginners make a mistake of using both the hands at the same point of time. This actually shifts their focus from each hand. But you need to ensure that your both hands are EQUALLY operable and skilled. Here, you need to repeat the same golf drill right from the above. You should use your left hand to stroke 4 ft putts to your selected target. Now these dual one handed putting skill will make a list of the best golfing drills at home due to their efficacy and simplicity of practice. You won’t believe how much confidence you will earn simply by spending 15 minutes each day on mastering one handed putting strokes.

Putting to a Tee

One of the ideal ways of practicing putting at home is only through working on your ability to control the putter place. Here you have to place a golf tee in an upside down manner. Now start with 4 ft away. Putt a ball to the tee while trying to turn it over. After the first stroke, move back to 5 ft, then 6 ft. and so on. After each stroke, or better to say, after successfully accomplishing each stroke from every distance, keep moving back and increase the distance between your position and the position of the golf tee. Move back till you reach a 20 ft distance and try to knock over the tee from this distance. Practicing from such a distance will allow you to master the skill of targeting a small object from a faraway distance.


Following these tips will not only help you maintain your flow but will actually improve it in time. Other than that, these sets of practices will help to boost your confidence and motivate you when you are really on the field. And why not! Knocking over a golf tee from 20 ft of distance is certainly not a matter of joke!Don’t trust us? Try these for a few months and come back to share your thoughts! Try these. You won’t regret. Even the famous and skilled golf players practice putting skills at home to improve their ability. These steps are equally effective for the beginners, amateurs, and the experts.

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