Best way to ship golf clubs and bag

Best way to ship golf clubs and bag

The dilemma of how to safely and conveniently carry around one’s golf clubs while flying or traveling isn’t a worry limited to professional golfers. Anyone who has a passion for the sport and can’t seem to do without hitting a few holes everywhere they go will have at some point in their lives faced the same issue. If you haven’t figured out a way to go about doing so, here are some tips on how you can get your golf clubs from one place to another without a hassle.

Shipping Golf Clubs and Bags Across the State or Around the World

If you don’t want the responsibility of checking in your golf clubs at the baggage claim when flying, the most convenient other option is to have them moved by a trustworthy shipment provider. The rates of shipping golf clubs will depend on factors such as the distance covered, the service provider, and the weight of your baggage. Likewise, the number of days it takes for your clubs to be shipped will vary from one shipping company to the other.

There are two ways to go about packing your golf clubs for shipment – in golf bags or individually wrapped in bubble wrap and put into a sturdy box. If you don’t have a golf travel bag, some shipment companies offer free packing services.

To ensure that your golf clubs get to the destination before you do, you might want to send them a day or a couple of days before you leave for it.

Carrying Golf Clubs with You While Flying

Airlines and government agencies have a strict rule against allowing passengers to carry golf clubs as carry-on luggage. This is because of obvious security reasons. But you are allowed to move them as check-in luggage. To ensure that your golf clubs arrive at the destination in one piece, store them in a suitable bag or box.

There are golf travel bags that are spacious enough to accommodate a full set of clubs, with space to spare for a pair of golf shoes and a couple of other accessories.

With golf travel bags, you get one with a hard case and ones with a soft case. The soft case golf travel bags are known to offer better protection to your clubs than their hard case counterparts.

What Are the Characteristics of a Reliable Golf Bag?

The quality or the style of your golf bag is important because of several reasons. To arrive at your ideal golf bag, it is necessary that you take into account things such as your playing style. Say, for instance, that you feel the need to carry your golf bag on you during your round, but you happened to have a stand bag whose legs aren’t that reliable. What happens in a scenario like this is that you are likely to be caught up in keeping your equipment in place, thereby losing the focus of the game.

Certain qualities that distinguish a good golf bag from a not-so-great one include:

Does Your Bag’s Brand Evoke Admiration?

Sometimes, you gotta go by a brand’s name. It is for the reason that they are beloved as they are. Ogio, Ping, Titleist, and Sun Mountain are some brands with a commendable range of golf bags for every player.

Are the Bag’s Straps Comfortable to Carry?

Whether you carry your golf clubs on your back while playing rounds or not does not matter. You want a golf bag with straps that feel good on your shoulders, even if you’re just carrying your clubs from the trunk to the golf cart.

What Is the Material of Your Golf Bag?

This is a given. Never settle for a mediocre golf bag. You want a bag that is sturdy enough to hold all your equipment and then maybe even a few other knick-knacks without succumbing to the first signs of pressure.

How Spacious Is Your Golf Bag?

The basic requirement of a ‘good golf bag’ is to provide enough space for your preferred number of clubs. But clubs aren’t all that a player needs when he or she is out on the course. He needs accessories (towels, gloves, tees, a ball marker, divot repair tool, maybe a protective pouch for storing watches and jewelry, sunscreen, first-aid knick-knacks) or clothing and other items in anticipation of a change in weather. Also, given how many golf courses tend to be a ripe ground for business deals, you might also feel the need to carry a set of personal business cards. It will help to assess exactly what items you can’t do without when you’re out on the golf course. Then, you can zoom in on the size of your ideal golf bag.

The Different Types of Golf Bags

Tour Golf Bags

Also known as staff bags, they are the largest of all golf bags currently in the market. Because of their spaciousness, they are popular among professional players when on tour. As luxuriously spacious as they are, you might want to rethink getting yourself a tour golf bag if you are playing on your own. If you insist on a tour bag for yourself, consider adding it with a push/pull or electric troller or a golf buggy.

Cart Golf Bags

They are designed to be attached to a golf cart and are perfect for golfers who use a pull cart or ride in golf carts. These bags are larger in size than stand bags but are relatively lightweight and space-conscious.

Golf Stand Bags

The most advantageous feature about them is that they allow golfers to keep their clubs upright on their own when they are chipping or putting green, or when they are on the driving range.

Pencil Golf Bags

They are characterized by their extremely lightweight and compact nature.

Travel Golf Bags

Given their purpose, these bags often include a padded top to protect your clubs from possible rough handling, padded or reinforced handles for easy handling, and extra pockets for additional storage.


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