Best Wedges For Average Golfer

There is no escape in owning a set of wedges if you are going to play golf.Irrespective of the golf course, one golf wedge is essential. It does not matter if youare a professional golfer or someone who is just trying to play. You need the right setof wedges to ace your shots.

Below is our review of 3 top golf wedges for an average golfer. We have provided adetailed review of these three wedges so that an average golfer will have all theinformation they need to buy their next wedge. So, tune in your game with the rightWedge and merge your achievement, flexibility, and performance.

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Adam Golf Watson RC14 Review

Adam Golf Watson RC14


Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Review Callaway Mack Daddy 3


The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net The Net Return Pro Series Multi-Sport Golf Net


Adam Golf Watson RC14

Adam Golf Watson RC14 Review

The RC14 wedges convey beyond the imagination spin and constrain the variety ofdistortion that could occur. So, the probability of getting a world class spin is veryhigh while using an RC14, and a wide range of golfers uses these WatsonRC14because it does not dig the ground and can golf in any given golfing course.

Some of its excellent features are:

  1. It comes in a set of three GW 52/ SW 56/ LW 60.
  2. The external surface has a good texture for a flawless spin.
  3. Its great shaped sole reduces digging for ultra performances in the rough and sandy golf course.
  4. It has a fine chrome finishing that gives a classy classic look to the wedges.


  1. Watson RC14 wedges are consistent considering the distance that can be assumed while playing the game.
  2. For the kind of functions that Watson delivers, the price range is unbeatable. It is very affordable, and it is not expensive like the other less performing wedges. With the price of one regular wedge, you can get a set of three if you buy RC14.
  3. The weight of the Watson RC14 is light as compared to the other wedges. It is definitely not heavy and bulky.
  4. For the ones who don’t always get their swing right, Watson RC14 is perfect because it has a large significant hitting area.


  1. The chrome details wear off after some swings and eventually looks worn out.
  2. These wedges are not the best option for someone who is trying to golf professionally, but they are great for weekend golfing clubs.
  3. The grips of Watson RC14 wedges are not that great. They are not sturdy, and they have the tendency to slip easily.
  4. They can sometimes be unpredictable when it comes to long swings.

Callaway Mack Daddy 3

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Review

For someone who is just starting to find interest in golf or is in the golfing scene for a while, either way, Callaway Mack Daddy 3 is absolutely the perfect wedge for every game. It is ideal for a beginner golfer and as well as for a professional golfer. The MD3 comes with a large head with smooth finishing and very well rounded.

Some of its highlights are featured below:

The center of the gravity (CG)Callaway’s MD3’s main selling point is the carter design at the back, which makes the head of the wedge possible to fit four holes. And these holes take some weight away raising the center of Gravity swiftly. This process is a wrap to increase consistency in controlling the distance and increase the number of spins.The Callaway Mack Daddy is accessible with three grinds. The S Grind, the C Grind, and the W grind. The most adjustable among the three is the S Grind. It can be played from a range of expanse golfing course, from the white sand to the firm surface. Due to its more substantial sole, the C grind becomes slightly more flexible than S Grind which makes it appealing to a club of professional golfers. Even though S Grind is the most Versatile among the three, professionals recommend the usage of W grind because it is widest as compared to the other two and W grind performs better in higher lofts.


  1. It caters to both beginners and professional golfers.
  2. It has a perfect head profile. It is broad and well rounded.
  3. You can also customize your wedge at Callaway
  4. It comes with a wide range of finishing. From chrome to nickel to gold.


  1. They are slightly more expensive than the full range of variety available.
  2. They are more massive than the usual ones that make it difficult for a beginner golfer to get used to the wedge.
  3. They appear to be more prominent in size with its massive head which makes them look clumsy.

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0

The face of the Cleveland 588 Rotex 2.0 is built by a micro-grinding method. The grinding face, better grooves, and tiny etched head are all designed to perform excellently on the golf course. And to enhance the friction, extra roughness is etched among the grooves. The black satin finishing gives a sleek, classy and classic look that highlights the face of the wedge. You get three different bounce options. Low bounce option, mid bounce option, and a high bounce option but that’s going to depend on your technique and the golf course that you tend the play. This wedge produces an excellent position of spin to keep up the ritual of being one of the best available wedges today. If flexible is your thing around the golf course, then RTX2.0 is the perfect golfing mate.


  1. It is one of the best-looking wedges with its sleek blade, the black satin finishing, and its enticing face-etched design. It is classy and classic – facelifting its user with a sense of extra confidence.
  2. This wedge gives a right balance. It is not too weightless to bore the ball out and also not too hefty to make alterations on the fly. The blade of the wedge address even the most delicate touch.
  3. It has a great sense of control. This wedge allows you to produce the best spin and control. It spins hard, and the distance predictability is significant.
  4. Concerning quality and performance, this wedge is to some extent cost-effective.


  1. It comes without a head cover, that would have been a great addition.
  2. Even though the black satin finishing makes the wedge look attractive and friendly, it quickly wears out pretty fast.

From the construction of the head and face to the refined grooves and face design, just the entire package is flawless, and there’s not a bit more than you can wish for in a golf wedge.It is without a doubt that Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 is a top-notch wedge.