Best X Stiff Driver Shaft

Best X Stiff Driver Shaft

There are different types and variations of golf shafts available in the market. While the primary purpose of a golf shaft remains the same in all these different variations, it is vital to buy only the best shaft for your golf club.

The variations in different types of shafts depend upon the material used in the production of these shafts. Also, different shafts have different flexes; the flexibility of a shaft ranges from regular, senior, ladies, stiff or extra stiff. Another difference lies in the position of the kick point. The other variations include a difference in length and weight.

The shaft is a crucial part and determines the quality of your game. So, depending upon your preferences and needs, you can buy a shaft that is best suited for you.

Here is a detailed review of the top-three driver shafts available in the market:

Top 3 X Stiff Driver Shaft

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X Stiff Driver Shaft Reviews

Fujikura Fuel Tour Issue 65 X-Stiff Driver Shaft Review

Fujikura has a vast collection of shafts, mainly for drivers based on different weights and flexes. Out of the many, the Fujikura Fuel Tour 65 X-Stiff Driver Shaft is among the best for those players who prefer an extra stiff shaft for their drivers.

This driver shaft is precisely made with the unique Fuel Rod Technology which makes this shaft one of best available in the market. The power of this shaft is often compared to a car engine; just as your engine is powerful enough to operate your car, this shaft also generates excellent power to boost your overall game experience.

 It has a stylish matte black body with orange stripes. This shaft adds consistent distance and accuracy. It delivers one of the strongest kicks as compared to other driver shafts in the market.

You can easily install this shaft to your driver by screwing it in with your driver's wrench.




It provides strong kicks

Some players may not prefer the spin rate.

This shaft helps in adding more distance with consistent accuracy

You can contact the company for a customized shaft

It has a smooth-feel

Our verdict

The Fujikura Fuel 65 X-Stiff Driver Shaft is an excellent pick for those of you who want to add greater distance and accuracy to your golfing skills. It is also affordably priced and has one of the strongest kicks as compared to other driver shafts. Also, if you want to adjust any parts of the shaft, you can contact the sellers directly and ask for a customized shaft.

Project X HZRDUS Yellow Driver/Fairway X-Stiff Shaft Review

This driver shaft is built for those golfers who want to decrease their spin rates. If you have a smooth tempo and want to transition your launch rates to a slower speed, then the Project X HZRDUS driver shaft is an excellent pick for you.

Visually, it has a vibrant yellow color. It helps you in delivering a low spin with high accuracy. This shaft was designed precisely to create a counter-balanced feel. Because of this, you can have more control over your driving skills.

This shaft has a little more weight on its lower section than the other regular driver shafts. This results in successfully dropping your swing weight up to 3 points.

The tip-stiff design of this shaft is what makes it so popular among several players.


  • It is a back-weighted shaft for low spin rates
  • Straight narrow midsection
  • Extra stiff flex
  • arrow-circle-right
    Bright yellow color



You can improve the rate of your club-head speed and add more distance

Some players may not prefer the vibrant color of this driver shaft

This shaft helps in reducing launch and spin rates

Limited weight variation

It is easy to install and swing

Our verdict

This driver shaft was built for one direct purpose. That is to lower your spin rates and launch rates. So, if that is your motive, then it is a perfect fit for you. This shaft is also popular among low-handicap golfers. Project X has a different model of the driver shaft in black color. This yellow shaft is almost similar to the black one. However, the significant difference lies in the weight of these shafts.

Alpha Platinum Unbreakable Graphite Wood Golf Shaft Review

The Alpha Platinum Unbreakable Graphite Wood Golf Shafts come in different variations to fit the preference of different golfers. The different variations include differences in weights, flex, and frequency. So, depending upon your need, you can select the desired type from the options available.

It is one of the most durable shafts available in the market and comes with an "unbreakable" lifetime Guarantee. This shaft is made up of "S-Carbon 500" modulus fiber and provides excellent accuracy while maintaining the rate of dispersion at a minimum.

This shaft gives you an overall consistent and powerful game experience. It lets you have maximum control over the swinging rate, giving you more accuracy and added distance.

This Alpha Platinum Unbreakable Golf Shaft has a smooth feel, yet it can control the power of even the fastest swingers.


  • It has a sleek matte black finish
  • The size of the tip – 0.335."
  • Weight range – 45g, 55g, 65g, 75g
  • arrow-circle-right
    It is made of high-quality modulus for lightweight experience
  • arrow-circle-right
    This shaft comes with an UNBREAKABLE Lifetime Guarantee
  • arrow-circle-right
    Mid-launch performance



It gives you a lightweight experience, yet it is so strong

This shaft is not suitable for those players who do not prefer a mid-launch.

It is long-lasting and comes with a guarantee against any damage

This shaft is affordable and moderately priced

Our verdict

The Alpha Platinum Golf Shaft offers different variations of driver shafts. You can select and buy your desired flex type. Due to its varieties and options, the alpha shafts are an ideal pick for different golfers with different needs.

This driver shaft provides you more accuracy but on a minimal dispersion. Overall, it is an excellent pick at an affordable price.

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