Bridgestone E6 vs NXT Tour [Updated Jul 2024]

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you must have heard of the Bridgestone e6 and NXT Tour golf balls. These two balls are top-performing golf balls and are known for their excellent performance on the course. Both Bridgestone e6 and NXT Tour are designed to improve your game and deliver the distance, feel, and control you need to make accurate shots.

In this article, we’ll delve into the differences between Bridgestone e6 and NXT Tour golf balls, highlighting their features, benefits, and drawbacks. By the end of the review, you should have a clear understanding of which ball is best suited for your game.

Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball

The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is a two-piece ball designed for players with a moderate swing speed. It features a soft core and a low compression design that delivers a softer feel and greater distance.

The e6 ball’s dimple design reduces air resistance, enabling it to glide through the air and cover distances with less effort. The ball also has a Surlyn cover that enhances its durability and resists scratches, scuffs, and cuts.

With a lower spin rate, the e6 ball reduces sidespin, which results in straighter shots, especially off the tee. It also bites quickly on the greens and delivers a soft, pleasing feel that golfers appreciate.

One of the things that set Bridgestone e6 apart from other golf balls is its straight flight technology. This means that the ball’s aerodynamic properties reduce the influence of hooks and slices, which results in more accurate shots.

NXT Tour Golf Ball

The NXT Tour is another popular golf ball model from Bridgestone, designed to offer golfers more control and precision on the fairway. This three-piece ball features a softer core that delivers more distance and a firmer mantle layer that helps control spin.

The ball’s dimple design features a dual-dimple pattern that enhances its trajectory and reduces air resistance. It also has a soft urethane cover that provides a soft feel and excellent greenside control, especially on short-game shots.

With a higher spin rate than the e6 ball, the NXT Tour model produces more spin on approach shots, delivering greater stopping power on the greens. The ball’s firmer mantle layer enhances accuracy and stability, resulting in straighter shots and fewer miss-hits.

The NXT Tour is the ideal ball for golfers with higher swing speeds looking for a combination of distance, feel, and control. It’s also designed for golfers who are more consistent with their swings and need a ball that offers more precise shot-making and green control.

Comparing Bridgestone e6 vs NXT Tour

Now that we’ve reviewed the features and benefits of each ball, let’s compare Bridgestone e6 vs NXT Tour golf balls and highlight their differences.


When it comes to distance, the Bridgestone e6 ball is designed to deliver maximum distance, primarily when struck by golfers with a moderate swing speed. The ball’s two-piece design and low compression core enable it to generate more ball speed and less spin, resulting in greater distance.

On the other hand, the NXT Tour provides longer distance, especially for golfers with higher swing speeds. Its three-piece design, softer core, and firmer mantle layer work together to generate maximum ball speed and spin, resulting in longer distances.


Both Bridgestone e6 and NXT Tour golf balls offer a soft feel and pleasing sound off the clubface. The e6 ball’s soft core and low compression design provide a softer feel that most golfers appreciate.

The NXT Tour, on the other hand, delivers a slightly firmer feel that appeals to golfers looking for a balance between softness and control. The ball’s urethane cover also adds to its soft feel and offers better greenside control than the e6.


When it comes to accuracy and spin control, the NXT Tour has the upper hand. Its soft urethane cover offers more control on approach shots, especially on the greens, where golfers need more stopping power.

The e6 ball, on the other hand, offers less spin, meaning that golfers will have a harder time shaping their shots. Its straight flight technology, however, significantly reduces hooks and slices, delivering straighter, more accurate shots.


Pricing is always a consideration when choosing golf balls. The Bridgestone e6 ball is less expensive than the NXT Tour, making it a better value ball for golfers on a budget.


Bridgestone e6 vs NXT Tour golf balls are two top-performing golf balls designed to offer golfers better distance, feel, and control. When it comes to choosing which ball to play with, it comes down to personal preference and your skill level.

The Bridgestone e6 ball is designed for golfers with lower swing speeds who want a ball that delivers more distance and a soft feel.