Callaway Apex Pro vs AP2 [Updated Jul 2024]

Golf is a sport that requires both skill and equipment for its players to achieve success. One of the most important pieces of equipment that a golfer can invest in is their irons. Two of the most widely recognized irons on the market today are the Callaway Apex Pro and the Callaway Apex 2 (AP2). In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the two irons, compare and contrast the features of each, and help you to decide which one might be the best choice for your game.

Callaway Apex Pro

The Callaway Apex Pro is a forged iron that features a classic design that focuses on the professional-grade performance. It has a sleek, refined look that will appeal to those who value the aesthetics of their clubs.

The Apex Pro has been designed to give golfers more workability and control. The clubface is slightly thinner than the AP2, which provides golfers greater feel and more control when hitting the ball. The Apex Pro also has tungsten weighting in the long irons, which lowers the center of gravity (COG) and provides a higher launch angle for longer shots.

One of the most notable features of the Callaway Apex Pro is its progressive offset. This means that the offset of each clubhead has been adjusted to match the loft of the club, with the long irons having more offset for greater control compared to the shorter irons. Also, the Apex Pro features Urethane Microspheres, which reduces vibration that comes with striking an iron.

Callaway Apex 2 (AP2)

At first glance, the Callaway Apex 2 (AP2) appears very similar to the Apex Pro. However, there are some key differences between the two models. If you are looking for a more forgiving option, then the AP2 is your choice.

The Callaway Apex 2 is a cast iron with a hollow design that places emphasis on forgiveness and distance. It has a larger clubface and a higher MOI (moment of inertia), which makes it less susceptible to twisting off-center hits. The AP2 also has tungsten weighting placed in the toe of each iron, which boosts the stability and increases the forgiveness across the face.

The Callaway Apex 2 clubhead has a different weight distribution as compared to its counterpart. More of the weight is towards the perimeter, which makes the club easier to handle when users miss the center of the clubface. Additionally, the AP2 is equipped with an elastomer insert in the clubface that helps to reduce vibrations and generate a more satisfying sound when struck.

Comparisons of Callaway Apex Pro vs AP2

The two golf club models have many similarities as they are from the same family. Both are available in either steel or graphite shaft options, making them versatile choices for different preferences. Additionally, both the Apex Pro and AP2 have been designed with premium materials to enhance their striking power and durability.

However, the differences between these two clubs are significant. The Apex Pro is geared towards the experienced golfer who wants a more refined club, which allows them to manipulate their shots with precision. Meanwhile, the AP2 is designed for golfers of all skill levels looking for a more forgiving option.

The Apex Pro is better suited for golfers who enjoy adjustable features in their clubs. The progressive offset, tungsten weighting, and ball speed technology work together to ensure maximum control and distance. Conversely, the AP2 weighted in the toe, has a larger face, and a higher MOI which combined results in more forgiveness on off-center hits.

When it comes to feel, the Apex Pro provides greater feedback to the golfer due to its design. The thinner clubface and the placement of the tungsten make it more responsive for shots struck in the center. The AP2 design offers less feedback as its focus is on forgiveness over feel.


The Callaway Apex Pro and Callaway Apex 2 (AP2) are two of the most popular irons on the market. The Apex Pro is a classic forged iron with a focus on workability and control, whereas the AP2 is a cast iron with a greater focus on distance and forgiveness. Ultimately, the decision between the two will come down to personal preference and skill level. If you are an experienced golfer who wants the ultimate in precision and control, then the Apex Pro is the one for you. For the rest of the population with varying levels of skill, the AP2’s forgiveness and distance-enhancing features may prove advantageous.