Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge Review: A Comprehensive Guide [Updated Jul 2024]

Are you looking for a reliable and high-performing wedge for your golf games? Look no further than the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge! This top-rated product has been designed to offer golfers of all skill levels with exceptional performance, superior feel, and unmatched control on the greens.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a closer look at the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge and its key features, benefits, and drawbacks. We’ll also provide you with some useful tips on how to choose the right wedge for your needs and how to get the most out of your game with this impressive wedge.

What is the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge?

The Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge is a high-quality and durable wedge that has been designed and engineered to provide golfers with exceptional performance on the greens. It features a Dual Sole Grind (DSG) design, which is a patented technology that combines two different sole grinds into one versatile wedge.

The DSG technology allows the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge to offer golfers with superior control and feel on a wide range of shots and conditions. Whether you’re looking to hit high, soft shots or low, spinning pitches, this wedge has got you covered.

Key Features and Benefits

So, what makes the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge stand out from the competition? Here are some of its key features and benefits:

1. Dual Sole Grind (DSG) Technology

As mentioned, the DSG technology is one of the key features of the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge. This design allows golfers to choose from two different sole grinds, depending on the shot and conditions they’re facing. The first grind is the ‘C-Pro’ sole, which is ideal for full shots and bunker play. The second is the ‘Low Bounce W’ sole, which is perfect for open-face shots and chips.

2. Tour Zip Grooves

The Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge also features Tour Zip Grooves, which are deeper and narrower than traditional grooves. This technology allows for more spin and control on all types of shots, especially those from difficult lies and conditions.

3. Laser Milled Face

The Laser Milled Face is another unique feature of the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge. This technology creates a rougher surface texture on the clubface, which enhances friction and spin on the ball. This feature ensures that golfers get more control and accuracy on every shot, regardless of the conditions.

4. Precision-Weighting Technology

Finally, the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge also boasts Precision-Weighting Technology, which places more weight in the clubhead’s sole for superior feel and balance. This technology also ensures that the clubhead is more stable and consistent through impact, which results in more accurate and consistent shots.

Pros and Cons

Like any golf club, the Cleveland 588 DSG Wedge has its fair share of pros and cons. Here are some of the things we like and don’t like about this impressive wedge:


  • Exceptional control and feel on a wide range of shots
  • DSG technology for versatile and adaptive performance
  • Tour Zip Grooves for more spin and control
  • Laser Milled Face for enhanced friction and spin
  • Precision-Weighting Technology for superior balance and stability


  • Slightly heavier than other wedges
  • More expensive than some of its competitors

How to Choose the Right Wedge for Your Game

Choosing the right wedge for your golf game can be daunting, especially with so many options available on the market. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a wedge:

  • Loft: The loft of the wedge determines its angle, which affects the ball’s height, distance, and spin. Look for wedges with loft angles that complement your irons and offer you versatility on the course.
  • Bounce: The bounce of the wedge relates to the angle between the leading edge and the sole. It affects how easily the wedge will glide through the turf, especially on softer or wetter surfaces.
  • Grind: The grind of the wedge refers to the shaping of the sole and how it interacts with the turf. Wedges with more heel and toe relief are better for players who like to open the face on chips and pitches.
  • Feel: The feel of the wedge is an extremely personal and subjective factor. It refers to the feedback you get from the clubhead when you strike the ball, and how it feels in your hands.