Cut Blue Golf Ball Review [Updated Dec 2023]

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

When we talk about choosing the perfect golf ball, there are many choices to choose from. Certainly, each ball cannot provide you the experiences and benefits like ProV. Nonetheless, many golf balls available in the market are pretty affordable and efficient as well.

Cut Blue Golf Ball is one of the highly sought golf balls among golfers these days. The ball is created for presenting top-notch distance with woods and irons. Many other factors make this ball unique and special. That’s why we will present you with a comprehensive Cut Blue Golf Ball review and see if it’s the best ball made for you or it’s better to go for other options.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Introducing Cut Golf Ball

Did you know that Cut Blue Balls are created for maximum distance and considered one of the most reasonable golf balls? It can compete efficiently with all its nearest rivals, such as Bridgestone and Srixon. The spinning feature of this ball is extremely amazing.

Cut Blue has a four-piece construction, 314 dimple pattern, and urethane cover. It features a compression rating of ninety and is accessible in white color only. The Cut Blue Golf Ball has been designed to offer golf players a somewhat lower launch and ball flight.

The golf ball was initially released on February 8, 2021. The brand’s goal is to give answers to the frustrations of buying costly golf balls. The company understood there had to be a more cost-efficient way to play a tour-quality golf ball. Hence, they continue to save players money with their golf balls without compromising the performance of quality.

Who is This Product For?

Cut Blue Golf Balls are four-piece, ideal for professional golfers and even veterans. The outer cover is thin and soft, made of urethane that enables for more distance cover.

We believe this golf ball is mainly created for average golfers due to its affordability, but the control is just awesome. However, bear in mind that this golf ball is not like other softballs accessible in the market. You’d surely feel the impact every time you hit the ball hard.

Still, that does not suggest the ball is not worth it. It’s still the perfect pick for both beginner and intermediate golf players.

Further, these golf balls offer a lowered performance during colder seasons. Hitting with wedges during the cold months could cause the balls to get damaged a bit. Those are more suitable to short games. These balls should be handled delicately as well to avoid damages or cuts.

This golf ball is not suitable for people searching for a golf ball that adds a powerful distance. But if you like something firm and provides lots of spins, then go for the Cut Blue. The golf ball can provide awesome sound even if you’re on soft surfaces or wet course.

What’s Included

You will receive a box of Cut Blue Golf Balls. Nothing else is provided. Check out this unboxing video here.

Overview of Features

You will find numerous features you will receive from the Cut Blue Golf Ball. However, this golf ball is an all-time favorite for many players because of certain reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • 314 Dimple Pattern

The golf ball features a 314 Dimple pattern along with a compression rate of 90. The fine outer surface of the urethane layer offers a soft feel and enhanced greenside abilities. It’s also delicately created to provide a strong ball flight with a lower launch.

  • Top-notch performance

Cut Golf utilizes the best technology to offer an unmatched game performance. The ball can cover a maximum distance with your driver and irons. It will not compromise your greenside spin or control, offering a strong performance throughout the course.

  • Design

The product has much resemblance to its costly counterparts. Nevertheless, the Cut Blue Golf Balls lack somewhere in the aesthetics. You see, it offers an improved white paint opacity compared to your standard tour balls. Further, the dull white color is often picked over brighter balls as the latter could restrict the player’s vision.

The only drawback of this Cut Blue’s design is the brand’s logos and names. All Cut Golf Ball versions have logos, making it difficult to identify them.

  • Tour quality

Cut Blue Golf Ball provides a fantastic performance considering its low price. The brand’s claim about presenting a great performance seems to be real. Beginners in the golf field could accomplish a decent launch along with these golf balls. It offers the best tour ball level performance for every player, which is quite amazing.

However, the balls span 900rpm only, producing the lowest spin of all four balls with wedges and irons. That will result in a reduction in control on approach shots that good players wouldn’t like.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Cut Blue Golf Balls are 4-piece balls. They can generate a low initial speed and are sought for their precision. It’s an excellent choice for high-speed players and swingers who have been at the game for quite a long time.

When you look inside this ball, you will find an additional layer, which is not typically seen on a golf ball. That extra layer is the middle cover, helping make extra distance if you’re driving from the tee. The ball is also finished off along with an outer urethane layer, offering the ball an added soft feel.


As mentioned earlier, Cut Blue Golf Balls span 900rpm only. A good alternative to that is the Titleist Pro V1. This product has been a household name in golf for nearly twenty years and have constantly enhanced the performance and design since they first became accessible.

Its urethane elastomer cover generates excellent greenside spin while staying durable throughout the round.


To sum up, suppose you are in the market for a reasonable golf ball, then we would recommend Cut Blue Golf Balls. You can also get their trial pack and give them a try to see if they’re ideal for you. It will be awesome to opt for a premium ball if you want good distance, forgiveness, and performance. Still, Cut Blue will help offer you much control over your shots.