Diamana S 60 Review: A Game-Changing Golf Club Shaft [Updated Jun 2024]

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, you know that choosing the right club shaft is just as important as picking the right club head. A good shaft can improve your accuracy, distance, and consistency, giving you an edge on the course. And when it comes to high-quality golf shafts, few brands can match the reputation of Mitsubishi Chemical’s Diamana line.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing one of the most popular offerings from the Diamana line: the Diamana S 60 shaft. We’ll examine its key features, performance stats, pros and cons, and more, to help you decide if it’s the right shaft for your game.

What is the Diamana S 60 Shaft?

The Diamana S 60 is a golf shaft designed for players seeking a balance of control, feel, and distance. It’s built with advanced materials and construction techniques that maximize energy transfer, reduce torsion, and enhance feedback. The S 60 model has a mid-to-low launch profile with a stiff tip section, making it ideal for players with moderate-to-high swing speeds who prefer a penetrating trajectory.

Key Features

The Diamana S 60 shaft boasts several key features that set it apart from other aftermarket shafts. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Graphite Design

The Diamana S 60 uses a high-modulus graphite material in its construction, which delivers exceptional strength, durability, and responsiveness. This graphite material allows for a more consistent shaft flex and promotes a smoother swing, resulting in improved accuracy and distance.

Multi-Dimensional Interlay

Mitsubishi Chemical’s innovative Multi-Dimensional Interlay construction technique is used in the Diamana S 60 to reduce torsion and enhance feel. This technique involves layering multiple sheets of graphite in a crisscross pattern, which creates a more stable and responsive shaft that helps players maintain their intended swing path.

Low Resin Content

The S 60 has a low resin content, which enables the graphite fibers to move more freely during the swing. This feature provides better feedback and a more responsive feel at impact, giving players a greater sense of control and confidence.


So, how does the Diamana S 60 perform on the course? According to Mitsubishi Chemical, the S 60 delivers a mid-to-low launch with low spin, resulting in a penetrating trajectory that maximizes carry distance and roll. It also provides excellent stability and control, thanks to its stiff tip section and reduced torsion.

In independent tests, the Diamana S 60 has received high marks for its accuracy, consistency, and overall performance. Many players have reported seeing an improvement in their ball flight and distance after switching to the S 60. However, as with any golf shaft, results will vary depending on your swing speed, tempo, ball flight, and other factors.

Pros and Cons

Like any golf equipment, the Diamana S 60 has its pros and cons. Here are some of the most significant ones to consider:


  • Delivers a balanced combination of control, feel, and distance
  • High-quality materials and construction techniques
  • Low resin content for better feedback and responsiveness
  • Reduces torsion and enhances stability
  • Stiff tip section for added control
  • Mid-to-low launch and low spin for a penetrating trajectory
  • Improved accuracy and distance for many golfers


  • Can be expensive compared to other aftermarket shafts
  • May not be suitable for players with slower swing speeds or those who prefer a higher launch
  • Feedback may be too firm for some players
  • Limited customization options


Overall, the Diamana S 60 is a high-quality golf shaft that delivers on its promise of providing a balanced combination of control, feel, and distance. Its advanced materials and construction techniques make it a top choice among many golfers, and its performance on the course speaks for itself.

Of course, whether the Diamana S 60 is the right shaft for your game depends on various factors, including your swing speed, ball flight, and personal preferences. But if you’re in the market for a reliable and high-performing golf club shaft, the Diamana S 60 is definitely worth considering.