Golf Pride Multi Compound Grips Review: Improving Your Golf Game [Updated Jul 2024]

Golf is a game of skill, precision, and patience. To perform well, golfers need to have the right equipment, including the perfect grip on their clubs. Without a reliable grip, golfers may struggle to maintain control, impacting their performance on the field. One such popular grip is the Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips, which has caught the attention of many golfers worldwide. In this article, we’ll be reviewing this grip and tackling every aspect that makes it stand out.

What is Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips?

Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips are a blend of two materials that have revolutionized grip technology. The top layer consists of a soft, brushed cotton cord that allows for a comfortable and cushioned grip. On the other hand, the bottom layer is made of a high-performance rubber material designed to provide firm traction. The combination of these two materials makes Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips a strong and robust grip option for golfers of all levels.

Features of Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips


The Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips are made of a mixture of materials, including rubber and brushed cotton cord. This unique blend of materials gives the grip a comfortable feel while still providing excellent traction for golfers.


The tactile design of the Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips is one of its most attractive features. The combination of materials provides golfers with a grip that is both responsive and durable.

Color Options

Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips are available in an array of colors, enabling golfers to choose a color that suits their style and preferences. The different shades range from traditional black or white to vibrant colors like neon green and pink.


A grip’s primary function is to provide a golfer with reliable control of their club. The Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips deliver excellent performance, improving overall club control, and performance.

Pros of Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips

Comfortable Feel

Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips have a soft and comfortable feel. The brushed cotton cord on the top layer provides a cushioned grip, making it easy for golfers to hold their clubs for extended periods.

Moisture Control

One downside to other golf grips is that they tend to get slippery when wet or when the golfer is sweating. The Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips come with moisture-wicking technology to help with this problem. As a result, they provide a reliable grip even under wet conditions.


The Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips are durable and designed to last. The rubber bottom layer is resistant to wear and tear, while the brushed cotton cord provides additional protection against any significant damage.

Cons of Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips


Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips can be quite expensive compared to other golf grips in the market. However, their unique design and performance justify their cost.


Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips require periodic cleaning to maintain their durability and performance. Golfers need to ensure that they clean and dry their grips regularly.


In conclusion, Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips are an excellent option for golfers looking for a blend of comfort and performance. The combination of materials used to create the grip ensures that golfers have a reliable grip that will last them for many rounds. Although they come at a significant cost and require maintenance, they deliver unparalleled performance on the golf course. Grab a set of the Golf Pride Multi-Compound Grips, and take your golf game to the next level!