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ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe Review

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

Here we will talk about specific golf shoes and their name is ECCO Biom hybrid 2. This shoes are made firstly for golf players but also can be used by people who want a pleasant walk. Ecco Biom hybrid 2 are made from wisely and carefully selected materials like company self-produced ecofriendly durable yak leather, best quality rubber and synthetics. These shoes are no ordinary shoes because Ecco Biom hybrid 2 is enhanced with new technology like Hydro-max technology and E-Dts technology, and biom anatomical shape. And beside all of that it comes in ten trendy and modern color combinations.

New technology​

Ecco is European company that has long lasting history in making golf shoes, but next to tradition they tend to evolve and progres with modern technology so they can enhance products that they sell to their lawful costumers. One of them is yak leather that is more airy and breathable then other lather which is treated with Hydro-max technology that lets shoe be dry and soft all the time. There is no hardening of surface after getting wet - because it cannot get wet. Feet in these shoes will stay nice, dry and rested for all the time, no matter of the weather on the court.

Another technology, E-DTS, used by the Ecco Company allows golf shoes to be spike less. It means that instead of ordinary spikes there, on the bottom of the shoe, is something called traction bars or traction levels, and there are 800 hundred of them. If you turn over the shoe, you can see two toned sole. Lighter part of the sole is firmer and more rugged and it provides excellent grip, which is always the biggest concern when golf shoes do not have spikes. Ecco Company spends a lot of time researching right shape of traction bars, and in Biom Hybrid 2 those are a bit longer than in earlier models. That been said, with Ecco Men's Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe there is no space for concerns about grip or stability during the swing. And not to forget, the darker part of the sole is made to make walking more comfortable and pleasant. Difference between lighter and darker part of the sole you cannot recognize by walking on the court, but walking on harder surface you will tell a slight difference.

Biom anatomical shape

In research center of Ecco company great attention is given to shape and natural characteristics of feet. How do feet usually move or stay in place was a golden question. Thousands of feet have been monitored and tested to determine what do feet need to stay rested and feel comfortable in any situation that sport requires. They got the answer and made extra comfortable and premium golf shoes.

Heel of the shoe is a bit rounder and bigger that gives that extra support and solidity.

Insole is unique by its anatomical design. You can see a lot of circles, and those are for giving you a subtle massage, unmistakable clasp and unique feel of Bio Hybrid 2 shoes both while walking and playing.

Under insole is special Biom contouring last which is made according to the natural motion philosophy and that is base to comfort.


  • Leather
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • supportive sole unit
  • cushioned collar
  • breathable perforated toe
  • Hydromax technology provides exceptional resistance to weather and perspiration
  • perfect fit for golf players

Customer reviews

On Amazon average score is 4.7 stars out of 5. It is given 77% 5 stars out of 167 reviews, with only 10 critical reviews.

Critical reviews are mostly about the size, but you need to have in mind that there is nothing wrong with the size, juste that European size run a bit larger compared with U.S size and vice versa a U.S size is a bit smaller then EU size.


Ecco Men's Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe is one of a kind shoe made in combination of tradition and new technology. Made of company self-produced yak leather with extra quality rubber sole, it owns supportive sole unit, cushioned collar and breathable perforated toe. And let’s keep in mind that Ecco Men's Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe is equipped with new groundbreaking technology like Hydro-max and E-DTS technology.

All that combined with wide range of colors make a modern, premium comfortable and durable golf shoe. Golf shoe that it is not just an ordinary shoe, but a best golf partner you ever going to have.

Nike Golf Men's FI Impact Golf Shoe Review

Nike Golf Men's FI Impact Golf Shoe

The Nike Golf Men's FI Impact Golf Shoe is a stylish shoe designed for comfort, support, and a fashionable sporty look, on or off the golf course.

Extreme Comfort: Breathable Mesh Uppers and Molded Comfort Sockliner

It's a Nike shoe. If the Nike Free last and Nike Dynamic Fit shaping work for you, then you're going to love this version of the Nike fit in a golf shoe that can be worn anywhere. This lace-up shoe has breathable mesh uppers with a strategic TPU overlay. Inside, there's a molded sockliner (remove it before washing the shoe) for super comfortable fit. Good shoes, say Nike's publicists, are the foundations for good shots.

Solid Support: Spikeless Golf Shoe Technology with Rubber Traction Pods

Nike Free "inspired" the outsoles for these innovative shoes. They'll keep your heels two inches above the greens without a single spike. Instead, flex grooves and rubber traction pods hold your feet steady. These shoes look and feel good enough to wear off the golf course, too, and they're appropriate for wearing wherever you wear casual, sporty clothes. Rubber pods are safe for tiles, carpets, rugs, decks, or even hardwood floors.

Can Women Wear It Too?

As the name suggests, this is a man's shoe. However, the difference between male and female feet is simply their average size. Women who can't find the style they want on their own side of the store may find it on the men's side, a few numbers lower than they'd buy on the women's side. A few of the customers raving about this shoe on Amazon seem to be women, suggesting that, yes, if women really want to wear a man's golf shoe, the FI Impact Golf Shoe works for them too.​

Ask the Man Who Owns Them: "Most Comfortable Golf Shoe I've Ever Had"​

More than 200 Amazon customers have reviewed these shoes. More than 90 percent (actually, at the moment of writing, it's 185 out of 203) of those customers rave. This shoe gets an average of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars. “Great fit! Great price! Great look!” “They are easy to drive in.” “Excellent golf shoe! Light and cool.” “Provides good traction, even in damp grass.” “Placed this order on a Monday night; received it Wednesday afternoon.” “Great for everyday golf rounds…very good for walking.” “Shoes fit as expected for Nike. They are very comfortable, and for the price they are fantastic.” In short, most people who like Nike sports shoes love the FI Impact Golf Shoe.​

Nothing Is Perfect: Are These Shoes the Exception?​

Actually, no. However, when people don’t totally love the FI Impact Golf Shoe, nearly all of them have the same complaint: fit. There are two main reasons for dissatisfaction with the fit of Nike shoes. One is that some people just have odd-shaped feet…but those people seem to know that they have special shoe needs. The other reason is that it can be hard to order the right size online, without being able to try the shoe on. Feet tend to spread and flatten, sometimes as much as a half size, during the day. Some golfers find that their best FI Impact Golf Shoe size is a half size bigger than they normally buy. And that takes care of 99% of the customer complaints.​

Conclusion: Great for Walking, Great for Driving​

The Nike Golf Men's FI Impact Golf Shoe is a revolution in golf shoe technology, a comfortable, supportive shoe men can enjoy wearing on or off the golf course. Guaranteed waterproof for a year, this shoe offers dry, breathable walking, secure traction during the game, and rubber soles that won’t scratch your car.​

Nike Golf Men's TW '14 Golf Shoe Review

Nike Golf Men's TW '14 Golf Shoe

The new Nike Tiger Woods TW 14 golf shoes are out. With blended buyer and media audits for the last form, the TW 13 shoes, would Nike listen to the shelled nut exhibition? Would they enhance the shoe? Nike is surely understood in the golf survey circle for taking in analysts concerns and issues and attempting to work out those issues. Nike went and made some quite required enhancements to the TW 14's and transformed them into this analysts assessment as an, absolute necessity have utilitarian golf shoe.


The Tiger Woods TW 14 shoes are motivated by the broadly prevalent Nike Free running shoe line. The moderate shoe stage offers more portability to your regular foot/strolling movements. A moderate running shoe is something hard to get used to at first for a few individuals. The curve focuses can feel uncomfortable and not offer much horizontal bolster, which the TW 13 was inadequate. Be that as it may, to enhance the TW 14 it would appear that they took in key elements from the Nike Free Trainer shoe, which offers more parallel backing and a superior acting position.


- The Tiger Woods TW 14 included more sidelong adding so as to back a lower leg/heel backing to the back of the shoe.

- The Tiger Woods TW 14 shoes might look wide and platypus like, yet the extensive driving edges around the external parts of your feet make a pleasant steadiness and hostile to move capacity.

- The additional two-tone shading to the elastic base of the shoe makes it look less like a medical caretaker’s shoe.

- The additional trim fly wire are completely practical and make a steadier and support feel required in moderate stage shoes to make more solidness.

- A shorter tongue was a tremendously required overhaul and they did it. Presently it doesn't rub and rub up against your leg.

- Added air vents to the highest point of the foot territory improves it look a considerable measure.

- The evacuation of the "inward sock" lining from the TW 13 was an extraordinary update that thing was not happy.

- The inward sole of the shoe is intended to make full swing security


- Great full swing strength

- Full foot scope of movement

- Light


- Can be no picnic for the feet while acclimating to the inward sole structure.

- Regardless they look entertaining and wide around the toe territory.

- Ankle is excessively tight contrasted with the toe zone.

- The material gets wrinkles truly quick.

Final Verdict​

I have a ton of golf shoes, I have a considerable measure of Nike Golf shoes in any case, in the wake of wearing these then setting off to the extent in different shoes... Alternate shoes are just shoes. These new Tiger Woods TW 14's are an extraordinary working golf shoe in the bolster territory. They really have something to offer other than spikes and cowhide. They have ruined me with golf shoes starting now and into the foreseeable future. Everything else feels like a tap moving shoe and not a full athletic golf shoe. They hurt my feet for a couple rounds, basically in the heel and lower leg zone yet, I balanced my strolling to them and softened them up now everything is incredible. I have 4 sets of golf shoes in my trunk alone and have just been getting the TW14's. The outside steadiness parts of the shoe truly keep me adjusted and keeps my foot from moving over in my swing. They likewise have spike or stubs on the inward toe zone for footing on your finish. They really considered it all. The cost is somewhat steep for individuals taking a gander at them such as whatever other golf shoe, I know the contemplations, you ponder what they look like and gage the cost on that. Try not to judge the cost by the looks, they are not that extraordinary looking, but rather fill a higher need in the golf shoe coliseum. The fit is valid.​

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