Graphite Design YS 6 Review: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Golf Club Shaft [Updated Jul 2024]

If you’re a serious golfer, you know that choosing the right equipment is essential to your game. One of the most important factors in your setup is your golf club shaft. That’s why we’re taking an in-depth look at the Graphite Design YS 6. This premium shaft delivers top-of-the-line performance and is a favorite among many golfers. In this article, we’ll explore its features and benefits, as well as what makes it stand out from the competition.

What is the Graphite Design YS 6?

The YS 6 is a golf club shaft made by Graphite Design, a company known for its innovative designs and quality materials. The YS 6 is part of Graphite Design’s YS line, which stands for “Yellow Series.” This series is known for its high launch and mid-spin performance, making it a popular choice for golfers who want to maximize their distance.

Features and Benefits

So, what sets the YS 6 apart from other golf club shafts on the market? Let’s take a closer look at its features and benefits:

Low Torque

One of the key features of the YS 6 is its low torque. Torque is a measure of the shaft’s resistance to twisting during the golf swing. A lower torque rating means less twisting, which can result in more accurate shots. The YS 6 has a torque rating of just 3.5 degrees, which is among the lowest in its class.

High Modulus

The YS 6 is made with high modulus graphite, which is a type of carbon fiber known for its strength and stiffness. This material allows Graphite Design to create a shaft that is lightweight yet durable. The high modulus also contributes to the YS 6’s low torque rating, as the stiffness of the material helps to resist twisting.


As we mentioned earlier, the YS line is known for its mid-spin performance. This means that the shaft is designed to help golfers achieve a balance between distance and control. The YS 6 delivers on this promise and is a great choice for golfers who want a high launch with moderate spin.

Multiple Flex Options

The YS 6 is available in a range of flex options, including Regular, Stiff, and X-Stiff. This allows golfers to choose the flex that best suits their swing speed and style. The YS 6 also has a range of weight options, from 55 to 75 grams, further enhancing its versatility.

Who is the YS 6 For?

The Graphite Design YS 6 is designed for golfers who want a high-performing shaft that delivers distance and accuracy. It is an excellent choice for players with moderate swing speeds who want to achieve a high launch with mid-spin. The YS 6 is particularly popular among senior golfers, who may benefit from its lightweight construction and low torque rating.

Pros and Cons

No golf club shaft is perfect, and the YS 6 is no exception. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when deciding whether it is the right choice for you:


  • Low torque for improved accuracy
  • High modulus graphite for durability and performance
  • Mid-spin for a balance between distance and control
  • Multiple flex and weight options for customization


  • May not be suitable for golfers with very high swing speeds
  • More expensive than some other shafts on the market


In our opinion, the Graphite Design YS 6 is an excellent choice for golfers who want a premium shaft with top-of-the-line performance. Its low torque, high modulus graphite construction, and mid-spin make it a standout option. While it may be priced a bit higher than some other options on the market, we think the YS 6 is worth the investment for serious golfers who want to take their game to the next level.