How to Clean Golf Shoes

How to Clean Golf ShoesGolf is an interesting sport that allows you to stay in the fresh air and enjoy the game. It is not physically demanding, and that’s why many prefer this type of playing. Of course, the professional golf requires a lot of skills and appropriate physical condition, however, amateurs do not need all the skills if they do not want to play it professionally. Some basic requirements are still important because you cannot play golf if you do not know all the rules. As every sport, golf also requires a proper piece of equipment. If you do not have a club and an appropriate ball, you cannot play golf. There are different types of clubs.

Not all are made of the same material, and they also often have different dimensions. You can change and use appropriate ones in accordance with the type of field, distance, and type of hole, and so on. Every beginner is obligated to learn those rules in order to gain a better understanding and make advances in the game. Golfers typically use special shoes developed for the game. They are not an obligated requirement if you are just an amateur, however, they definitely improve the performance of the players and that’s the reason why professional golfers wear them during the games. The market is, of course, huge, and there are many models out there.

Some are made in accordance with the highest technical standard and of most quality materials. They can last in the long run without any problems if you take care of them properly. Designs of these golf shoes are usually different, and the situation is the same like in the case of regular shoes. All players love to have some great product on their foot, so they are choosing the prettiest models. Good quality and great design is a perfect combination, however, it is important to keep the hygiene up to the appropriate level.

That’s how you can significantly extend the life-cycle of your golf shoes. They will also look better in that way, so you should pay attention to the appearance. Golf is typically performed on big fields covered with grass, and the mud might be below if it is raining outside. That’s potentially harmful to your shoes if you do not take care of them immediately after the game finishes.

The biggest difference between regular and golf shoes are their sole. The golf shoes have specifically developed soles which prevent any types of sliding. Those soles are not completely flat of course. They have parts which fix into the ground while holding your legs in the same place. That’s very good when you play, however, such soles might be quite dirty after the game. And you will have to treat them properly in order to get the perfect surface for the next game.

Hand Washing

You can, for example, use your regular shoe brush when it comes to cleaning. The design of these items is indeed different, but they are still shoes, so nature is perfectly the same. The brush, of course, does not work without water, but the combination is great, and you can typically clean all the mud, sand, grass, and other types of dirtiness from the surface.

The important thing is to pay attention to the pressure. You do not have to push the brush too strong and hard because you can harm the materials if your touch is not sensitive enough.

Gently remove all the dirtiness from the shoes. You can start from the top while leaving soles for the end. The top is typically the purest, and there is less dirtiness above. Soles are in constant touch with the ground, so you might find a lot of mud on their surface. Keep in mind it is important to be persistent. You should not stop cleaning until you remove the last traces of the dirtiness, and that’s how you can protect your shoes. If the dirtiness stays even in small quantities, they will start applying to the material, and it will be quite harder to remove it later. So you should be careful with that because small pieces of mud might make a bad difference when they start collecting piece by piece.

You can use a clean and dry cloth to remove any traces of water from the surface when you finish with the brush. You can also do this gently. The cloth will clean the rest of dirtiness if there is any, and you will finally get perfectly clean shoes. They are ready for the new use when they reach that state. However, you will have to repeat the entire process after the new game. And the shoes will be clean again.

That’s probably the simplest way of cleaning, however, it is very efficient, and everything is in your hand from the beginning to the end. You do not need any special chemicals or tools, so the method is cost-efficient too. It is also an important fact if you play golf regularly. You have to clean your shoes more than often in that case. And the price of chemicals is not so low.

Machine Washing

There are also machines which provide shoes cleaning, and some golf clubs provide these to their members. if you are a lucky member of such a club, you can use their cleaning equipment to resolve the issue and keep your golf shoes perfectly clean. The machines usually have manuals, so you can follow the steps if you are not familiar with the work of those cleaning devices. You can also ask any established member of your golf club to explain to you how to use the cleaning machine. There are different types of those and not all use same methods, and you do not have to use the same commands.

Hopefully, this article provided you all the basic details you have to know on this matter. It is not a big deal to clean shoes, no matter if they are made for golf or not. They are all quite the same, and you can do it efficiently.